Mad Pajama Party

Because galacticvegetable reminded me that I made footie pj sketches a year ago and forgot about them. Thank. The original sketches had been inspired by all the JohnLock in animal pj’s going around at the time.

Does anyone else remember that one time when Jukebox Hatter was starting up Merry Unbirthday and said it was everybody’s unbirthday except March Kit’s, so when they got to the “to yous” the fans sang “not you!” and pointed at Kit and he blushed himself into a puddle

Does anyone else remember this

Can anyone tell me/give me a sense of how tall the members of Mad T Party are? I’m writing a fanfic and it’s important.
Specifically I need the heights of:
March Kit
Mad March
Ladybug Hatter
Dimples Hatter
Amazing Alice
Cupcake Alice
Evil Kitty
Idol Mouse
El Dormouse

Again, even an educated guess is appreciated.

It’s March, you know what that means… ;)

WIP of a series I’m hoping to restart. I first did this last year and Alice was the first one. I never published them just because I had to focus on other things at the time. Just wanted to make it known to the MTP fandom that I’m still here (and that I still really really love the idea of March what is happening I LVOE IT)

Mad T Party to Return on May 22 at Disney California Adventure Park

Mad T Party to Return on May 22 at Disney California Adventure Park

Mad T Party fans, Disney Parks Blog has announced that on May 22, the Rabbit Hole will once again reopen! Just in time for the Disneyland Diamond Celebration, it will be back with “a new, dazzling experience.”

This is just one of the many new entertainment options that have been announced for the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration.

Stay tuned to DAPs Magic for further updates on Disneyland’s…

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