Do you ever just want to go back?

I miss it. The feels..


Pretty sure I never shared this here since it was exclusively debuted on the Remembering Wonderland page and then I got super busy with production and distribution of the DVDs.
It’s One of Dan’s songs off the Live like a Dream project album. We asked him to preform it at our baby shower and I never posted the video since he hadn’t released the album yet. Well months later T had ended and this song kept reminding me of it so I made this video.


Remembering Wonderland.
Wonderland by Mike Hilll featuring Sheena Loza.
Produced & mixed by David Kidd.
Written by K. Bard/B. Elliott/J. Flanagan/K. Youngs.
Video editing Nick Turchen

Marchmouse - Prompt answer

Anon: How much would your Marchmouse stories have changed if Thackery been a woman and the age gap was the other way around (young Thackery, old Mally)?


It’s been YEARS since I wrote anything for MTP… but that was a nice prompt. I didn’t intend this to be as long as it ended up being, but I decided I wanted to write a few little scenes with them :) Hope you enjoy it. 

Also, casual reminder that the Marchmouse kits are property of @imakethingsigrowthings - they are not my characters. I just occasionally borrow them and play nice with them :) 


“So what do you know about her?” Mallymkun Loir was sitting in front of the vanity, applying his eyeliner.

“What do you mean?” Chesshur glanced up and over at the blonde-haired man. They were both sitting backstage at Disneyland, preparing for their first, soft open show. “You mean Thackery?”

“Well, yeah.” Mally turned on the chair to look at Chesshur. “She’s a replacement, isn’t she?”

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