It’s only been the first episode of Stranger Things 2 and:

1) I would voluntarily die if it meant that Will Byers gets a good nights sleep without nightmares and strange visions of the upside down

2) Mike has entered his teenage angst™ stage due to Eleven’s absense and I just want to give him a hug and shower him with love and affection

3) Jonathan is now labeled #1 brother of all time with that beautiful speech

4) Dustin’s purring added 10 years to my life

5) Did ya’ll catch that look Lucas gave Dustin when talking about saving the princess like is this some foreshadowing or whaaaa??

6) My girl Nancy rockin that snipped hair

7) Mad Max‘s note for the boys had me cackling what a cool gal

8) Steve and his fried chicken. Good shit.


Advice to Residents: On finding your first job

Do you have any advice for a Family Med R3 looking for their first job? Any questions you wished you asked? Any tips to figure out if a place is toxic? -arianrhodswheel

Yeah! This post is a good place to start

Things to ask about:

  • daily schedule - Is there a way to work your schedule so that you can work 4 days a week? Can you work extended hours one or two days to benefit both the clinic and yourself?
  • how are appointments arranged on the schedule? Is it totally random or is there a method to the madness? Note: some places will schedule 2 chronic visits followed by an acute visit to help even the schedule. Or they schedule extra time for physicals or new patient visits. Is there a limit to how many physicals you will have to do in a day?
  • Extenders - how will you be compensated for supervising a PA or NP if you are not in a state where they are autonomous? (or will you be compensated at all? My hospital doesn’t, so my office doesn’t have them.) 
  • time off - is time off accrued or is it a set number of days? Does it increase over time? What sort of time off do you have for CME?
  • CME - how much does the practice pay for CME? What is included in that?
  • Benefits package - are there penalties or incentives built into your compensation package? Is your pay a flat rate or is it productivity based? Is the insurance decent?
  • bonus incentives - does your employer cover things like your cell phone bill or a tablet? Is a gym membership included or discounted? Do they offer a signing bonus and adequate moving expense reimbursement? Do they have loan repayment options? There are lots of little benefits you can negotiate into your contract 
  • call schedule - do you get paid extra to take hospital call or to pick up extra urgent care shifts? How often do you get called on home phone-only call? Does your new practice have a policy on after-hours prescriptions?
  • Patient demographics - what is the payor source division in your practice? Is your practice heavier in a certain age group or type of diagnosis? 
  • EMR - is the system decent? Does it make your job harder or easier? 
  • Area resources - how are the surrounding hospitals? Is there a problem with availability of specialist care? 
  • privileges - will you be required to do any inpatient care? What about nursing homes or hospice? 
  • Moonlighting - can you pick up outside work if you want it? What is available to you? Is there a noncompete clause? 
  • Your pet peeves - does your office manage a lot of chronic pain? Do they have a policy on after hours prescriptions,  appointment no-shows, walk-in appointments, or calling in antibiotics without being seen?
  • Standard of care - are the other doctors following the same guidelines and standards you are? Will they back up your decisions? Can you feel comfortable backing theirs?
  • Personalities - will the other doctors be supportive of you since you’re a new kid on the block? Will they be available for hallway consults or lunch break pep talks? Are they workaholics or do they value time at home? What do they do for fun? Are they friends or just co-workers?
  • culture of the office - do the staff genuinely seem to like their jobs? How is employee turnover? Will there be enough staff to support adding a new physician? Is the office manager available and helpful (you’d be surprised how much this will matter to you)?
  • DOES IT SOUND TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE? If yes, it is. They may promise you the world, but it’s because something is seriously lacking. 
  • As for figuring out if a place is toxic, I think if you ask a lot of these questions and you observe people’s personalities, you’ll pick up on it pretty easily. If the other docs look tired and burned out and they don’t seem to love their jobs, beware!

Finally, remember that YOUR FIRST JOB DOESN’T HAVE TO BE YOUR LAST JOB. It is 100% ok to leave and find something better. Don’t dive in head first with a long commitment before you really understand what you want in a job.

The Very Comprehensive Deadpool Masterpost

The aim of this post is to introduce new fans to Deadpool’s comics and help you identify which collections, trade paperbacks and omnibus books Deadpool’s individual stories, issues and runs can be found in as well as which order to read them. 

I will not be providing links to any pirated copies and would rather not recommend websites as prices will vary across the dozens of sites comics can be purchased from.

I have read every single issue on this list so if you have any questions or need any help please do feel free to ask me.

Created: 5th March 2017
Updated: 31st July 2017

Main Deadpool Continuity & Reading Order

This is the bulk of the masterlist. Each of Deadpool’s main books and stories are listed below in the order which they should be read from the very beginning all the way up to, and including, his current shenanigans.
I have marked a few recommended starting points so if you do not wish to tackle the entire list there should be a starting point which suits you.

Deadpool: The Circle Chase (1993) #1 - #4
This is Deadpool’s first ever solo miniseries. It introduces Weasel, Vanessa and themes which crop up throughout the rest of Deadpool’s runs.
-Collected in; Deadpool Classic Vol. 1
or Deadpool: Beginnings Omnibus
or Deadpool The Adamantium Collection
or Deadpool & X-Force Omnibus

Deadpool: Sins of the Past (1994) #1 - #4
Deadpool’s second miniseries explores Deadpool’s relationship with his past and teases his origins.
-Collected in; Deadpool Classic Vol. 1
or Deadpool: Beginnings Omnibus
or Deadpool & X-Force Omnibus

Deadpool (1997) #-1 - #69 [A Recommended Starting Point]
This was Deadpool’s first ongoing and it ran from 1997 to 2002. Plot elements from his first and second miniseries are picked up and expanded upon here. Several writers contributed to this series, most notably Joe Kelly, Jimmy Palmiotti, and Gail Simone.
-Collected in; Deadpool Classic Vol. 1 - Vol. 9
or Deadpool by Joe Kelly Omnibus & Deadpool Classic Omnibus Vol. 1 

Agent X (2002) #1 - #15
After Deadpool (1997) ended his book was replaced by a new, similar character who shares Deadpool’s supporting cast from his last 5 issues. Deadpool returns in the final 3 issues of this series.
-Collected in; Deadpool Classic Vol. 9 & Vol. 10
or Deadpool Classic Omnibus Vol. 1

Cable & Deadpool (2004) #1 - #50 [A Recommended Starting Point]
Characters from Agent X (2002) make an appearance throughout this series which is written by Deadpool’s co-creator Fabian Nicieza. Deadpool’s relationship with Cable is one of the most loved in comics and Cable is scheduled to appear in Deadpool 2. This is a big, thematic book exploring heroism and the bigger picture.
-Collected in; Cable & Deadpool: If Looks Could Kill, The Burnt Offering, The Human Race, Bosom Buddies, Living Legends, Paved With Good Intentions, Separation Anxiety & Deadpool vs. The Marvel Universe 
or 3 Deadpool & Cable Ultimate Collection books 
or the Deadpool & Cable Omnibus

Deadpool Annual (2013) #1
Although this was released in 2013 the first half of the story explains the origin of the white caption box which makes its appearance throughout Deadpool (2008). The second half of the story leads into Deadpool (2012) so it may be worth revisiting this issue before you start that series.
-Collected in; Deadpool: The Wedding of Deadpool
or Deadpool: The Ones With Deadpool
or Deadpool Classic Vol. 18: Deadpool vs. Marvel

Deadpool (2008) #1 - #63
This is the book which was being published when Deadpool exploded into the phenomenon he is today. All 63 issues were written by Daniel Way and you can see the zany fingerprints he left on the character present in the fandom, the video game and all the ongoing books and miniseries from 2009 to 2012.
-Collected in; Deadpool: Secret Invasion, Dark Reign, X Marks The Spot, Monkey Business, What Happens In Vegas, I Rule You Suck, Space Oddity, Operation Annihilation, Institutionalized, Evil Deadpool & Dead 
or 4 Deadpool: The Complete Collection by Daniel Way books
or Deadpool by Daniel Way Omnibus Vol. 1

Uncanny X-Force (2010) #1 - #35
Running alongside Daniel Way’s Deadpool from 2010 onwards, this book was written by Rick Remender and features a more grounded Deadpool working in a team setting.
-Collected in; Uncanny X-Force: The Apocalypse Solution, Deathlok Nation, The Dark Angel Saga Book 1, The Dark Angel Saga Book 2, Otherworld & Final Execution
or two Uncanny X-Force by Rick Remender: The Complete Collection books
or the Uncanny X-Force Omnibus by Rick Remender
also see: Uncanny X-Force: Fear Itself #1 - #3 collected in; Fear Itself: Uncanny X-Force / The Deep

Deadpool vs. Thanos (2015) #1 - #4
Although this was released in 2015 its events occur before Deadpool (2012). This is a cosmic roadtrip taken by two people who hate one another.
-Collected in; Deadpool vs Thanos
or Deadpool Classic Vol. 18: Deadpool vs. Marvel

Thunderbolts (2012) #1 - #32
Daniel Way initially writes this series before Charles Soule and then Ben Acker & Ben Blacker take over. It’s Deadpool in a team setting which is less bloody than Uncanny X-Force but not as clean cut as the Avengers.
-Collected in; Thunderbolts: No Quarter, Red ScareInfinity, No Mercy, Punisher vs. The Thunderbolts
notes: Can be read alongside Deadpool (2012) although there is very little crossover. The series ends before Deadpool (2012) Original Sin.
Hawkeye vs Deadpool (2014) should be read after this series as it references its cancellation.

Deadpool (2012) #1 - #45 & Deadpool: Dracula’s Gauntlet #1 - #13  [A Recommended Starting Point]
This is the beginning of the Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn era of Deadpool which is currently ongoing, the two comedians have left an impression on Deadpool and introduced a strong supporting cast which will be felt for years to come.
-Collected in; Deadpool: Dead Presidents, Soul Hunter, The Good, The Bad & The Ugly, Deadpool vs. S.H.I.E.L.D, Deadpool: Dracula’s Gauntlet, The Wedding of DeadpoolOriginal SinAxis & All Good Things 
or 4 Deadpool by Duggan & Posehn hardcovers
or the Deadpool by Duggan & Posehn Omnibus
notes: Deadpool: The Gauntlet was initially released digitally on ComiXology and was built for digital reading
Annuals & one-shots are collected in; Deadpool: The Ones With Deadpool
Flashback issues are collected in chronological order in; Deadpool: Flashbacks

Mrs Deadpool and the Howling Commandos (2015) #1 - #4
A book set during Marvel’s world-ending ’Secret Wars’ series where the Marvel multiverses smashed together and created a patchwork planet called ‘Battleworld’, this book follows our Deadpool on a journey through an altered reality which he can’t interact with.
-Collected in; Mrs Deadpool and the Howling Commandos
or Deadpool Classic Vol. 19: Make War, Not Love

Deadpool & Cable: Split Second (2016) #1 - #6
Written by Cable & Deadpool writer and Deadpool co-creator Fabian Nicieza, this book lays the groundwork for some Deadpool (2015) and Uncanny Avengers (2015) stories while also standing perfectly on its own.
-Collected in; Deadpool & Cable: Split Second

Uncanny Avengers (2015) #1 - ongoing [A Recommended Starting Point]
Deadpool? In an Avengers book? That’s not a mistake. Gerry Duggan pens this series and again spotlights Deadpool in a blockbuster-level team setting.
-Currently collected in; Uncanny Avengers Unity: Vol. 1 Lost Future, Vol. 2 The Man Who Fell to Earth, Vol. 3 Civil War II,  Vol. 4 Red Skull
notes: Issues #7 & #8 crossover with All-New All-Different Avengers #7 & #8 and the full story is collected in Avengers: Standoff. Deadpool leaves the book after Vol. 4.

Deadpool (2015) #1 - ongoing

The Merc With A Mouth is more popular than ever before and this series, written solo by Gerry Duggan, reflects the reality and forces the Marvel Universe to take notice. This is the main ongoing Deadpool book and it shows no signs of stopping.
-Currently collected in; Deadpool World’s Greatest: Vol. 1 Millionaire With A Mouth, Vol. 2 End of an Error, Vol 3. Deadpool vs. Sabretooth, Vol. 4 Temporary Insanitation, Vol. 5 Civil War II, Vol. 6 Patience: Zero, Vol. 7 Deadpool Does Shakespeare
or 2 Deadpool World’s Greatest hardcover volumes
awaiting release: Deadpool World’s Greatest: Vol. 8 ‘Til Death Do Us…, Deadpool 2099, Deadpool World’s Greatest: Vol 9 Deadpool in Space, World’s Greatest HC Vol. 3, Deadpool World’s Greatest: Vol 10 Secret Empire

Peripheral Deadpool Books

These books run alongside Deadpool (2015) loosely fitting into the continuity and are all ongoing unless specified.

Deadpool & the Mercs for Money (2016) #1 - #5 [Miniseries]
Written by Cullen Bunn, who penned almost every Deadpool miniseries from 2012, this is a short 'pilot series’ featuring Deadpool leading his own team. It goes as well as you’d expect.
-Collected in; Deadpool & The Mercs for Money: Vol. 0 Merc Madness
notes: Should be read before Deadpool (2015) World’s Greatest: Vol. 5 Civil War II

Spider-Man/Deadpool (2016) #1 - ongoing
The internet made this book happen, there is no denying that. The book features a lot of fanservice and some absolutely surreal storylines. Primarily written by Joe Kelly with other writers doing filler issues this is a series which threatens to unseat Cable and Deadpool as comics’ most adored pair.
-Currently collected in; Spider-Man/Deadpool: Vol. 1 Isn’t It Bromantic?,  Vol. 2 Side Pieces
awaiting release: Spider-Man/Deadpool: Vol. 3 Itsy Bitsy

Deadpool & The Mercs for Money (2016) #1 - #10
Cullen Bunn returns for Deadpool’s adventures with his team as things go south for our favourite merc real fast.
-Currently collected in; Deadpool & The Mercs for Money: Vol. 1 Mo’ Mercs, Mo’ Monkeys, Vol. 2 IvX , Deadpool World’s Greatest Vol 8: ‘Til Death Do Us…
notes: Should be read after Deadpool (2015) World’s Greatest: Vol. 5 Civil War II

Modern Miniseries (2012 - present)

These books were released alongside the other Deadpool ongoings and are free from continuity, they can be picked up and read anytime and are listed in release order below.

Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe (2012) #1 - #4
Part one of the ’Deadpool Killogy’ by Cullen Bunn, this book does what it says on the cover.
-Collected in; Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe
or Deadpool Minibus
or Deadpool Classic Vol. 16: Killogy 

Deadpool Killustrated (2013) #1 - #4
Part two of the ’Deadpool Killogy’, Cullen Bunn dives deeper into the meta and it gets bloody.
-Collected in; Deadpool Killustrated
or Deadpool Minibus
or Deadpool Classic Vol. 16: Killogy

Deadpool Kills Deadpool (2013) #1 - #4
The conclusion of the ’Deadpool Killogy’ finds our main Deadpool fighting the protagonist of the previous two chapters.
-Collected in; Deadpool Kills Deadpool
or Deadpool Minibus
or Deadpool Classic Vol. 16: Killogy 

Deadpool vs. Carnage (2014) issues #1 - #4
Cullen Bunn pits merc against maniac in a bloody brawl.
-Collected in; Deadpool vs Carnage
or Deadpool Minibus
or Deadpool Classic Vol. 18: Deadpool vs. Marvel   

Deadpool vs. X-Force (2014) issues #1 - #4
Technically this retcons events so that this becomes Deadpool’s 'first’ appearance but reading it before anything else would be confusing. It’s a fun throwback to the 90s with lots of violence and Deadpool in an antagonistic role.
-Collected in; Deadpool vs. X-Force
or Deadpool Minibus 2
or Deadpool Classic Vol. 18: Deadpool vs. Marvel

Hawkeye vs Deadpool (2014) #0 - #5
Gerry Duggan provides equal amounts of love for both Hawkeye and Deadpool in this fun book which begins with a murder on Halloween.
-Collected in; Hawkeye vs Deadpool
or Deadpool Minibus 2
or Deadpool Classic Vol. 18: Deadpool vs. Marvel
notes: should be read after Deadpool (2012) Original Sin but before Deadpool (2012) Axis

Deadpool’s Art of War (2014) #1 - #4
Deadpool wants to write a bestseller and he’s willing to start a war to do it in this miniseries by Peter David.
-Collected in; Deadpool’s Art of War
or Deadpool Minibus 2
or Deadpool Classic Vol. 19: Make War, Not Love

Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars (2015) #1 - #4

Cullen Bunn pens a love letter to Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars and retcons our favourite merc into events.
-Collected in; Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars
or Deadpool Minibus 2 
or Deadpool Classic Vol. 19: Make War, Not Love

Deadpool v. Gambit (2016) #1 - #5
Deadpool and Gambit end up in deep trouble during a job that drops them in way over their heads.
-Collected in; Deadpool v. Gambit: The V is for 'Vs’

Deadpool: Back in Black (2016) #1 - #5
A sequel to Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars, Cullen Bunn gives Deadpool the Venom symbiote for 5 issues.
-Collected in; Deadpool: Back in Black

Deadpool: Too Soon? (2016) #1 - #8
A murder mystery with Marvel’s self-proclaimed funniest characters, and the Punisher is there too.
-Collected in; Deadpool: Too Soon?
notes: Deadpool: Too Soon? was initially released digitally on ComiXology and was built for digital reading 

Deadpool the Duck (2017) #1 - #5
Deadpool and Howard the Duck merge in a situation not unlike The Fly and have a zany adventure in the process of trying to get their own bodies back.
-Collected in; Deadpool the Duck

Deadpool vs. The Punisher (2017) #1 - #5
Wade and Frank have crossed paths before; these two have fought both against one another and alongside one another. This minsieries sees them doing a bit of both. 
-Currently uncollected
awaiting release: Deadpool vs. The Punisher

Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Again (2017) #1 - #5
Cullen Bunn and Dalibor Talajic return in June 2017 to unleash Deadpool upon the Marvel Universe yet again.
-Currently uncollected
awaiting release: Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Again

Deadpool vs. Old Man Logan (2017) #1 - #5
Declan Shalvey and Mike Henderson pit Wade and Logan against one another as Wade tries to one-up the elderly Wolverine on a job he does not want Deadpool to be a part of.
-Currently uncollected, debuts in October 2017

Even More Deadpool (2009 - 2012)

These books are from the time when Deadpool was absolutely everywhere, he was drawing in new fans and at one time had four ongoings published at once. As with the modern miniseries above, these books are relatively continuity free and can be picked up and read anytime.

Deadpool: Game$ of Death (2009) #1
A one-shot featuring Deadpool in a fatal reality TV show.
-Collected in; Deadpool: Suicide Kings
or Deadpool Classic Vol. 14: Suicide Kings 

Deadpool: Suicide Kings (2009) #1 - #5
A team-up between Deadpool, Spider-Man, Daredevil, and the Punisher which works on almost every level.
-Collected in; Deadpool: Suicide Kings 
or Deadpool Classic Vol. 14: Suicide Kings 

Deadpool Team-Up (2009) #899 - 883
Each issue counts down instead of up and features a new writer and artist telling a story of a different character teaming up with Deadpool each issue.
-Collected in; Deadpool Team Up: Good BuddiesSpecial Relationships & BFFs 
or Deadpool Classic Vol. 13: Deadpool Team-Up 
or the Deadpool & Co. Omnibus

Deadpool: Merc With A Mouth (2009) #1 - #13
This is a universe-hopping adventure with Deadpool attempting to return his zombified head to its own dimension.
-Collected in; Deadpool: Merc With A Mouth: Head Trip 
or Deadpool Classic Vol. 11: Merc With A Mouth 
or the Deadpool & Co. Omnibus

Prelude to Deadpool Corps (2010) #1 - #5 
A whole team of Deadpools is just around the corner and each of the 5 issues spotlights a member of the team and their home univserse before they are recruited.
-Collected in; Deadpool Corps Prelude 
or Deadpool Classic Vol. 12: Deadpool Corps
or the Deadpool & Co. Omnibus

Deadpool Corps (2010) #1 - #12
Primarily drawn by Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld, this series was shortlived and featured the team of Deadpools flying around the galaxy doing various missions.
-Collected in; Deadpool Corps: Poolpocalypse Now & You Say You Want A Revolution 
or Deadpool Classic Vol. 12: Deadpool Corps
or the Deadpool & Co. Omnibus

Deadpool (2009) #900
An oversized issue with various short stories by different writers and artists.
-Collected in; Deadpool: Dead Head Redemption 
or Deadpool Classic Vol. 14: Suicide Kings

Deadpool (2010) #1000
An oversized issue with various short stories by different writers and artists.
-Collected in; Deadpool: Dead Head Redemption 
or Deadpool Classic Vol. 14: Suicide Kings 

Deadpool: Wade Wilson’s War (2010) #1 - #4
This Marvel Knights book plays fast and loose with continuity and delivers a twisting, sprawling tale.
-Collected in; Deadpool: Wade Wilson’s War
or Deadpool Classic Vol. 17: Headcanon

Deadpool and Cable (2010) #25
Set just before Cable jumped into the future in his own book, this was Deadpool’s last true team-up with him until 2016.
-Collected in; Deadpool: All In The Family
or Deadpool Classic Vol. 15: All The Rest

Deadpool and Cable (2011) #26
Deadpool seeks to continue Cable’s legacy now the world is without him.
-Collected in; Deadpool: All In The Family
or Deadpool Classic Vol. 15: All The Rest

Deadpool Annual (2011) #1
One part of a crossover with Spider-Man and Hulk.
-Collected in; Deadpool/Amazing Spider-Man/Incredible Hulk: Identity Wars
or Deadpool Classic Vol. 15: All The Rest

 Wolverine/Deadpool: The Decoy (2011) #1
A short story featuring Deadpool, Wolverine, and Jean Grey’s costume.
-Collected in; Deadpool Team Up: BFFs 
or Deadpool Classic Vol. 14: Suicide Kings

Deadpool Family (2011) #1
Some short stories featuring the Deadpool Corps.
-Collected in; Deadpool: All In The Family
or Deadpool Classic Vol. 12: Deadpool Corps

Fear Itself: Deadpool (2011) #1 - #3
Magic hammers are falling from the skies and Deadpool seeks to make himself out as a hero. Things take a turn for the unexpected.
-Collected in; Fear Itself: Deadpool / Fearsome Four
or Deadpool Classic Vol. 15: All The Rest

Alternate Universe Stories 

Captain America: Who Won’t Wield The Shield? (2010) #1
A bizarre story featuring a gas-masked Deadpool post-World War I who happens to be the nephew of Woodrow Wilson.
-Collected in; Deadpool: Dead Head Redemption
or Deadpool Classic Vol. 15: All The Rest 

Lady Deadpool (2010) #1
Set in her own universe, this one-shot sheds some light on Lady Deadpool’s typical day.
-Collected in; Deadpool Classic Vol. 11: Merc With A Mouth 

X-Men Origins: Deadpool (2010) #1
Deadpool sells Hollywood a version of his origin which isn’t quite as accurate as it should be.
-Collected in; X-Men Origins II 
or Deadpool Classic Vol. 14: Suicide Kings

Deadpool Pulp (2010) #1 - #4
This is set during the Cold War in the 1950s and is a unique spin on the Deadpool mythos.
-Collected in; Deadpool Pulp
or Deadpool Classic Vol. 17: Headcanon

Deadpool Max (2010) #1 - #12
This book is rude, crude, and violent. It’s like an exploitation movie but not quite as clever.
-Collected in; Deadpool Max: Nutjob & Involuntary Armageddon

 Deadpool Max 2 (2011) #1 - #6
A sequel to Deadpool Max, this book follows directly on from the last and is more of the same.
-Collected in; Deadpool Max: Second Cut

 5 Ronin (2011) #1 - #5
This series is a unique look at Marvel’s heroes through the lens of 17th Century Japan. Deadpool has his own tale in issue #5.
-Collected in; 5 Ronin

Night of the Living Deadpool (2014) #1 - #4
Zombies? Everywhere. Heroes? Nowhere. Deadpool? All alone. A stylish book where red is the only colour in a sea of monochrome.
-Collected in; Night of the Living Deadpool 
or Deadpool Minibus
or Deadpool Classic Vol. 17: Headcanon

Return of the Living Deadpool (2015) #1 - #4
The sequel to Night of the Living Deadpool builds on the foundation of the first book and keeps the unique visual style.
-Collected in; Return of the Living Deadpool
or Deadpool Minibus 2
or Deadpool Classic Vol. 17: Headcanon


Mad Men fans, take note: The Krabby Patty is about to get into the ad industry with a little help from Don Grouper (voiced by Jon Hamm). Toon in on Monday, February 20th at 7pm ET/PT and get more details at EW. It’ll be outta sight.

Don’t be square and miss out - get hep with SquarePants. 

comic-khan  asked:

leyla..... greaser!tom..... u got any headcanons ?

zoe pls you know i have so many thoughts about this like the outsiders????? stay gold ponyboy????  fuck me the fuck up!!!!!!

  • yall meet at the drive in
  • you’ve definitely heard of him bc like who hasn’t he’s the most notorious and infamous kid at your school
  • and not to say that you’re the Good Girl™ but you’re like the complete opposite of him
  • the soc
  • skirts passed your knees. curfew at 10. family radio nights and dinners together where your dad rants about how this generation has no sense of value bc they didn’t have to suffer in the war
  • anyways
  • you’re at the drive in with your friends and you’re at the snack bar getting popcorn
  • tom bumps into you (on purpose)
  • and spills your entire bag of popcorn and drink (not on purpose)
  • listen you’re v v aware that tom is cute but that popcorn and drink cost a whole 75 cents so you’re a little chapped
  • and tom for all his smoothness and bad boy image is like. slightly horrified that this attempt at flirting has gone so wrong
  • he makes it up to you tho bc an hour later you’re behind the building with a whole new kind of snack as rebel without a cause plays in the distance
  • the entire student body is confused and shook™ by the fact that someone like you and someone like tom were going steady
  • he picks you up every morning in his 1948 convertible 
  • much to the distaste of your father
  • you’re not allowed out on school nights but on fridays tom picks you up and you go for milkshakes at the local diner then to the drive in
  • and make out a bit
  • your dad is always waiting in his arm chair when tom drops you off
  • “you can’t date someone like him, young lady, i forbid it”
  • “someone like who?”
  • “someone from the wrong side of the tracks”
  • “but daddy i love him!!!!!”
  • the trope of bad boy for everyone else but heart of gold for you
  • “are you cold, baby? here, take my jacket”
  • (you steal the jacket. it smells like leather and gasoline and boy in the best way)
  • after a few months he gives you his ring to wear
  • he sneaks into your bedroom so you can clean him up after fights
  • you don’t approve of the fighting and always try to convince him to stop
  • (secretly you think he looks good with a shiner but you would never let him know that bc “tom seriously you’re going to get yourself killed”)
  • “baby i have a reputation i can’t have someone start something and not finish it myself”
  • then he kisses you and you kinda forget what you were mad at him for
  • side note: works in a mechanic shop and looks amazing in the jumpsuit
  • top tied around his waist. white tank on. covered in grease and sweat
  • did i have a point to this??? i had a point

anyways. just. greaser!tom.

i need a shower

anonymous asked:

Aaron and alex totally meet because alex is doing something weird and Aaron is like "what the hell". Like it's probably midnight and they're both in a grocery store (Aaron cause he was craving ice cream and Alexander because he promised Lafayette that he would buy butter and he forgot until now) so they're both checking out and only one line is open because it's midnight and all Aaron can think is how weird the person in front of him is because he's buying 10 packs of butter

This is great

Like imagine Laf having told Alex over and over again that they’re out of butter and Alex keeps promising he’ll get some, but he always forgets. So one day Laf just puts hundreds of sticky-notes around the apartment that just say “BUTTER” and Alex just gets so mad cause the sticky-notes are legit everywhere. Plus Laf probably pulls some asshole move where he drinks all the coffee, knowing it will piss Alex off enough to go buy the butter.

So, being the annoying little shit that he is, Alex goes to the grocery and buys like 20 things of butter to fill the refrigerator with. And the person at the register is giving him the weirdest looks and Alex is just like, whatever, but then he turns to see this guy clutching two things of ice cream to his chest, also giving him a weird look, and Alex asks what he’s staring at.

And Aaron, who really had just wanted to quickly buy some ice cream, is just thinking to himself, why did I have to get stuck behind this crazy butter man? He does his best to just casually say that he’s never seen someone buy so much butter, and the guy shrugs, saying that Aaron has no right to talk, since he’s the one buying two tubs of ice cream at midnight.

And of course Aaron gets offended by that, cause who is this guy? What does he know about Aaron’s life? It had been a long week, and Aaron just really wanted some ice cream, and fuck this guy for making him feel guilty. So Aaron argues that it’s normal for people to buy ice cream, and it’s much less normal for someone to buy twenty sticks of butter. 

Then, without either of them realizing it, they both start laughing, cause wow, it’s midnight in a practically empty grocery store and they are having what is probably the most ridiculous argument to ever occur in a grocery store.

They both finish checking out, and then Alex is telling the whole story about the sticky-notes and the coffee to Aaron, who laughs the whole time, and Alex can’t help but think that the guy has a nice laugh. Before he can stop himself, Alex is asking Aaron if they could do this again sometime.

And Aaron is really confused at first. Alex wants to meet at a grocery store and argue with each other? But then Alex is laughing, saying that he meant could they meet up and talk. He gives Aaron a smile and says that he’ll even take Aaron out for ice cream if he wants to. Aaron says yes, and they exchange numbers.

So Alex goes home, smiling to himself as he puts all 20 sticks of butter into the fridge. Half the reason he’s smiling is because he scored a date with a pretty great guy, but the other reason is knowing that it will be hilarious to wake up to the sound of Laf screaming in frustration when he opens the fridge in the morning.  


 Just so you all know–Boston is the best place on earth.

In the light of the sun / is there anyone? / Oh, it has begun / Oh dear, you look so lost / your eyes are red and tears are shed / this world you must’ve crossed / you said…

Harry kept staring at the magazine article and his Twitter feed and watched the influx of DMs from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and even his own text messages as people read the bogus article. His heart was heavy. For so long Harry had been trying and done everything he could think of to be successful. It all lead to this moment somehow and while he tried to be liked and tried to appeal to everyone, this is what happened.

He really should have known this would have happened. To Harry, it was as if he was golden and nothing could hurt him; sure, he was famous, but people adored him and could never say a bad thing about him.

But they did.

And it hurt.

His mum called him to tell him she loved him. It helped. Barely.

All he wanted to do was cry.

Rubbing his face with his hand he stood up from the chair on the patio and ripped the magazine in half with a huff. His body was shaking and he was breathing heavily. His eyes were red with no seep and tears that managed to leak out. He was tired of fame. It wouldn’t sleep and he just wanted to go away.

When he picked up the pages of his discarded magazine (he would never litter no matter how mad he was) he noted a tiny little piece had the nicest colors of leaves on it. He managed to place all the matching pieces he destroyed together—at least a few of them to get the big idea.

After the pieces were together he felt a little better and had his answer.

You don’t know me / and you don’t even care / oh yeah / and you said / you don’t know me / and you don’t wear my chains / oh yeah

“I know Mum, I will. As soon as I’m settled,” he murmured as he entered the quiet airport at an ungodly hour in the morning. He figured it was for the best to come at this time because if he came when it was busy he would get trampled and his heart would break again.

And still, he wore a hoodie and track pants. Anything to be comfy and hide himself from the world. No one appeared to notice him because it was two in the morning and who went halfway across the country at two in the morning?

Well, aside from Harry, the girl in front of him sipping on coffee as she waited to board the plane at the same gate as him. She was practically dancing as she stood in line, Harry wasn’t sure if it was the lack of sleep, the coffee she was drinking or just her personality, but she was adorable. With all the ache in his chest weighing him down, he felt utterly pleased by the cute girl in front of him. It made his brain and heart forget about the pain—even if it was only for a few minutes.

“Miss, you’ll have to throw that out before you board,” the person at the help desk said.

She nodded. “No worries, I’ll be done before the third person in line is seated,” she smirked. The attendant chuckled and Harry was enraptured as she sucked down the caffeine.

“Can you do that with beer?” The gentleman behind her wondered with a smirk.

Smiling the most brightly lit smile, she shook her head. “No, I’ve never tried it with beer, probably won’t.” She grinned. “But when you need caffeine,” she shrugged as she tossed the empty cup into the garbage. Harry felt a wave of adoration fall over himself. He wanted to chat her up—but she was just the right age to have heard all the rumors and probably hate his guts as much as he hated his own.

For the time he boarded, as much he found himself adoring the cute girl, he wallowed in pity of how sad and angry he was.

Of course, that only lasted another ten or so minutes, because as he boarded the plane, he found that life had a funny way of kicking you while you were down. His first-class seat was right next to the cute girl. Grinning up at him she gave patted his seat. “Hi, I saved it for you,” she winked cutely. Smirking, Harry stowed his bag above his head and plopped down next to her.

She introduced herself and Harry cleared his throat because first and foremost he had manners and regardless of how much the world hated him, he had to be polite to the cute girl. “Harry,” he murmured. His throat was scratchy from not speaking for a while, early morning, and crying for a very long time.

“Hi Harry,” she chirped and she settled into her seat with her legs crossed and she draped a blanket over herself. “I get crazy cold on airplanes,” she said. “Do you wanna share my blanket? It’s pretty big for just me.”

How on earth was he supposed to say no to that. So she pushed some of the blanket toward him and she leaned back a bit in her seat. “Just to warn you, I snore a bit and drool so if I start cuddling you—I’m a cuddler too, I apologize.”

For the first time in maybe a month, Harry laughed. He laughed from the bottom of his chest and it practically echoed through the whole plane. For a moment, he forgot who he was because it was as if she didn’t know who he was. Or if she did, she didn’t care.

Harry was really starting to like this girl.


He said I think I’ll go to Boston / I think I’ll start a new life / I think I’ll start it over / where no one knows my name

There was still two hours left of the flight when she finally asked the question Harry had been dreading. “So what’s got you going to Boston?” She whispered so as not to bother the other passengers. Most were dead to the world, but she and Harry were not rude people.

“Erm…just…starting over,” he shrugged casually. “Change of scenery and just…don’t want anyone to know my name.”

Tilting your head at him, Harry felt scrutinized, suddenly very aware of how you were looking through him and seeing into his soul. “Well that’s always good,” you said with a shrug. “New beginnings are good,” you murmured and you rested your head on his shoulder with a yawn. “I have to sleep for a bit or I’ll be cranky,” you told him and settled immediately into his soft shirt that smelled like clean cotton. Harry smirked gently combing his fingers through your hair so you would sleep quickly and he gently laid his head to rest against yours until he was asleep too.


When the plane was landing, Harry woke up the groggy girl on her shoulder. Her lips and eyes were puffy with sleep and she pouted cutely as her eyes adjusted to the light of the sun peeking through the window. Harry couldn’t help but adore and smile at her. “Hi Sleeping Beauty,” he whispered.

“There’s nothing beauty when I wake up.”

He chuckled pushing some of her hair back that was sticking up. “You’re adorable,” he whispered. Blushing brightly, you rubbed your eye and sighed as you leaned back against the seat. “Can I get your phone number?” He asked. “I don’t know anyone here and…it would be nice to have a friend.”

“Of course, Harry…but that defeats your whole, ‘no one knows my name,’ thing you got going on,” you said plucking his phone out of his hands to program your number with a smile.

“Something tells me I want you to know my name,” Harry murmured as he looked at the ten most perfect digits.

I’ll get out of California / I’m tired of the weather / I think I’ll get a lover / and fly him out to Spain

The first thing he noticed about Boston was that it was tens of degrees cooler than California. At first, he hated it and wanted to spend all day inside but then one day, he braved the “cold” and walked through the park. He noted how all the leaves were changing, deep reds, bright yellows, and flaming oranges like he hadn’t seen since he left England. At once the air was no longer cold, but crisp. The hot cider he drank warmed his hands and he swore the air was always filled with a smoky sent that made his heart warm enough to forget all about the cold.

And of course, the warm hand in his helped a bit too.

“We have to go apple picking!” You shouted suddenly. People who were running by and walking with their dogs and kids all whipped their heads toward your outbursts. Chuckling, Harry squeezed your hand. “Whatever you wanna do, love,” he promised. When Harry told his mum about you, she was a bit skeptical.

“Harry, I have no doubt she’s lovely…but I’m just worried you’re upset and clinging to the first nice thing you can find…I find it impossible she hasn’t a clue who you are.”

“Well she doesn’t, Mum,” he grumbled bitterly. He was totally smitten and he wanted his mum to be happy for him. He was happy again, barely anyone recognized him out here. Harry did tell you he accumulated a bit of fame out in California—he never said how much but you didn’t pay any mind to it and he loved you more for such.

Truth be told, when Harry needed you most, you appeared before him drinking coffee faster than anyone could dream and falling asleep on his shoulder.

“There’s so much you haven’t done. Fall out here is honestly the best place on earth. And we have to do a hayride and go pumpkin picking and carve them! And I’ll have to take you to get Halloween decora—” you hiccupped in all the excitement and Harry couldn’t believe how adorable you were and you flushed as the hiccups kept coming. He kissed the top of your head. “Easy love,” he whispered. “Make a list and every weekend we’ll do something fun, yeah?”

He was blessed that the record label would let him work from anywhere in the country—not that he needed to work, but he couldn’t just sit around. Majority of the work week you could be at home, reading and editing sending in tens of manuscripts by Friday to your publishing company. The weekends were then spent with Harry. Either cuddling on the couch to a rom-com that he suggested (you were still in shock he was even real), going out for a drink or two dancing until your feet hurt (he didn’t even care that you looked silly when you danced), or something like this—a walk in the park with a hot apple cider in hand.

“That’s a good idea!” You hiccupped again. “And then I’ll make a winter list—and a spring one!”

“Don’t forget about summer, darling.”

She wrinkled her nose. “I don’t like summer much. It’s too hot and stifling.”

He smirked. “Well…I’ll take you somewhere then—maybe Spain. It’s not as hot.”

Now, planning winter was bold. Spring was a step too far as soon as you said it. But for Harry to plan your summer together nearly ten months away, well…you continued to hiccup nonetheless.

Oh yeah and I think I’ll go to Boston / I think that I was tired / I think I need a new town to leave this all behind

It was one day when Harry was recognized, loudly, by someone when he was getting coffee for you. He was in awe that someone would yell at him in public like that. But she made a good point—he was a role model—and what he had done is not something a role model should do.

So, he sulked to your apartment his sunglasses low on his nose as he tried to hide the tears that threatened to fall. They were red, he was sure and when you opened your apartment door, Harry simply held your drink out to you.

“Hey, what’s the matter?” You asked.

The plan today was to do the last thing on the fall bucket list—a Halloween haunted hay ride. But right now, Harry didn’t look like he was in any condition to do such. He shook his head as he kicked off his suede boots and plopped down on your soft sofa. He pulled the sunglasses off, pinched between his eyes and took a deep breath. “It’s nothing…”

You bit your lip, knowing better than to press on so you stood there curiously wondering how you could help. You glanced at the kitchen. “I think I’ve got some cookie mix,” you said. All things considered, you knew Harry used to be a baker and cookies always made him feel at home.

“What about the hay ride?” He wondered.

You shrugged. “We should probably leave something for us to do next year,” you said. And you looked so cute, a huge sweater hung over your body and you were wearing a lovely fall scarf with little leaves on it. You had boots that matched Harry’s and he felt really bad cancelling your plans like that.

“Kitten, you look so pretty. I don’t want to cancel just because I’m sulky,” he said.

You shook your head. “No, you won’t have any fun if you’re sad, it’s better we just make cookies and watch a movie. We can make smores in the fire place,” you smiled at him.

“Well…can we at least go out for a walk around the city tonight?”

Sure, Harry was falling in love with Boston, but the city life always made him feel a little bit more at home when he was sad like this. “Of course, baby,” you cooed and kissed his forehead. “I’ll go get the aprons.”


As it got closer to Thanksgiving, Harry had never had experienced the proper holiday and so you brought him back to your house to meet your parents and enjoy turkey and gravy. “Promise me you won’t leave me after meeting them,” you said worriedly as you carried in the apple pie.

“Angel, nothing could keep me away from you,” he said seriously.

Blushing, he picked up the other desserts you two brought and headed inside. Immediately, your mother gave him a hug, and your dad shook his hand. Everyone appeared to be getting along perfectly and you were honestly in shock. The dinner went smoothly, Harry (who you were not worried about at all) charmed your parents and cousins and other relatives.

“Did you tell him?” Your mom asked when you guys were in the kitchen doing dishes.

“Oh God no,” you shook your head. Peering through the doorway, you watched your dad tell him some story about you in school and Harry’s face was alight with awe and adoration. You were too lucky to tell him some silly, trivial piece of gossip.

I think I need a sunrise / I’m tired of the sunset / I hear it’s nice in the summer / some snow would be nice.

You were reading one of the manuscripts to Harry while he rubbed your feet and he scribbled in his journal. The snow was falling hard out the window and it was chilly in your apartment even with the heat blasting and blankets draped over both of you. He had to say, there was nothing like the Christmas lights in the snow. While he adored Christmas, he’d never seen anyone like yourself enjoy every aspect of the holiday. You had routines he couldn’t imagine, from hot chocolate, from going on a train ride to look at lights to sipping hot chocolate in silence while looking at the Christmas tree all lit up in the dark apartment with Christmas music.

“You really like snow?” He interrupted.

You nodded. “It’s the most peaceful sound in the world,” you told him as you scribbled something in the margin. Harry pulled on your toe so you would look up at him. “Yes?” You asked.

“I love you,” he said.

Blushing you looked down at your lap with a smile and you looked back up at him shyly. “I love you too,” you whispered.

Grinning, he leaned toward you and his breath was minty as he whispered in your face, “I hope you don’t mind. I don’t have any mistletoe on me,” he said quietly. His voice was raspy and deep and made you shiver a bit.

“I don’t mind at all,” you breathed as he leaned and pressed his plump lips against yours. Your heart soared as it always did and you couldn’t believe how wonderful he tasted after the hundreds of kisses you shared. Each kiss felt new and you wondered if that was because you were so in love or if because he was just a really good kisser.

The kiss lengthened and while you knew Harry was a sweet guy from the start, you couldn’t believe there was no pressure for a physical relationship once. You found it odd, Harry, a beautiful soul and person all around and girls flocked around him and you had been to the club with him—you heard the things they begged him to do. He never once asked but now the kiss was deepening and he pulled back a little to sprinkle little kisses over your face. “Do you think I could take your shirt off?” He whispered.

You nodded and tugged at his.

The kissing continued and moved to more and soon you were cuddled against his warm chest, your body curled around his frame and he kissed your cheek whispering how much he loved you in your ear.


Christmas, New Year’s, and Valentine’s Day all came and went. By now you had met Harry’s family and they adored you as much as he adored you. With spring just around the corner, you had a whole new list of things to do with Harry. You had to go to the zoo, swing in the park, and go for a walk in the blooming flowers (no matter how much it made your pollen allergies escalate).

Harry didn’t mind at all though—you had a very cute sneeze. His hand was twined with yours and he wondered when on earth you would figure him all out. He couldn’t believe how easy and quick this new beginning, this new year, was going and not once had you mentioned anything about his fame or mis-fame.

You chattered on about your friends all of whom did not know Harry either. Harry’s friends had visited multiple times with their babies and all to see the girl that captured his heart and other than Harry wanting to have a million babies with you immediately, he wanted to know if you really knew nothing about him.

At least he figured it didn’t matter to you.

By now, his name was lost in the crowd, no one paid any mind to him when he went out in public and it was the most relieving experience he could have.


When summer rolled around, you made Harry get up at the same ungodly hour he first met you. Why anyone would drive two hours to a beach was beyond him, but you were driving in the dark with the sleepy love beside you. “This is silly, we should be asleep,” he grumbled against the window. You patted his knee.

“It’s worth it, Har-bear.” He wanted to know your secret to your chipper personality during the wee hours of the morning.

While you had never steered him wrong, Harry was tired. And no matter how pretty you looked in your sundress and sweater, he wanted to go back to sleep and cuddle. “Is this punishment for not going to Spain?” He wondered.

You giggled. “No, silly. I promise, you’re gonna love this.”

So, he slept a little while longer until you were at your destination. Near a bridge, you coaxed him out of the car and went for a small walk with a blanket in hand. You dragged him along behind you and you were quiet in the early hours while most of the world was asleep.

Spreading the blanket out, he laid down immediately. “C’mon you lump, you’re gonna wanna see this,” you told him. “I promise.” Sitting up he sat beside you while you combed through his messy curls. The sleepy thing was tired you could tell from what you were a little unsure. He’d seemed really off lately and you thought this little adventure would make him smile.

“You okay, honey?” You whispered softly. He nodded against you even if he didn’t believe it himself. “Okay…” you murmured and rubbed his back. After a few moments of silence Harry finally asked why you had brought him here. “I thought of something I love about summer,” you shrugged.

He peeled opened his eyes and gazed at the sight before him in awe. A sunrise. Hues of bright pink, yellow, blue, and purple. His breath was caught in his throat as he looked at it. He’d not seen a sunrise since leaving England. There were only sunsets in California and not one sunset compared to this sunrise. Everything he had been bottling up for so long was bubbling at the surface, his heart aching and feeling just like that first night he met you. Maybe you were a distraction—that made him feel worse, but he knew that it wasn’t true. He did adore and love you. He was just sad.

So, he started to cry and they were noisy broken sobs that broke your heart. “Oh, love, I’m so sorry,” you said kissing his head and rubbing his back.

He shook his head sniffling as he attempted to pull himself together. Everything hurt all at once and sure this was a new beginning for him, but it didn’t make him hurt any less. “Do you really not know who I am?” He wondered quietly.

Biting your lip, you sighed. “Of course, I do, baby. But…when I met you…I knew what happened, and I didn’t want to make a six-hour flight worse for you just because I’m obsessed with your music and everything else about you. I went back to my apartment and took all your posters down and deleted your music off my phone,” you told him. “You were so sad and those were such awful rumors, I didn’t want you to think I thought of you any differently than you wanted me to know.”

With a shaky inhale of breath Harry tried to calm himself down, his eyes red and his face blotchy as you looked him over. “You knew who I was all this time?” He wondered.

“I thought I did…but Har-bear, you’re so much more,” you promised rubbing his cheek. He leaned into your hand and pressed a kiss to the center of your palm. “I’m sorry I lied to you,” you whispered. “But if you didn’t want anyone to know your name then I wasn’t going to break your heart and tell you I knew it.”

He bit his lip. “I know I say it a lot, but I love you a ton, kitten,” he whispered.

You smiled kindly at him and looked through his eyes and peered into his soul just like that night on the airplane. You cuddled him—a not so total stranger, knowing only that the papers had lied—or so you hoped and you still trusted him.

Harry was starting to believe Boston was the best place on earth. Whether everyone or no one or just you, knew his name.

Boston / where no one knows my name.

Do I really want to rewatch all of Hannibal in order to take notes on Mads’ costumes so that I can properly make a ridiculously long meta post about what Hannibal is wearing and how it affects the audience’s perception of the character and relates to the character’s emotional development?   

Like…is that really how I want to spend the next month of my life?

Morning Vibes

Requested: Yes [@alone-in-madness]
Note: I haven’t been motivated to write lately, so I’m sorry to the person who requested this one.

The light shone through the window, semi-blinding you as you stretched out your arms that were stiff from sleeping on them all night. You rubbed your eyes before looking over at Shawn who was still asleep. You never knew how something as simple as a person could make you feel the way you did with Shawn. It was no surprise that you loved him.

You lightly ran your fingers through his hair and normally this would be enough to wake him, but recently Shawn has been staying up late and working hard on his new album. Even though you were his girlfriend, he hasn’t played you any songs or shown you any new lyrics. You had only heard bits and pieces if he was working in his office.

You smiled down at the sleeping boy, knowing that he was probably going to be out for at least another half an hour or so. You reached over to your phone, unplugged it from the charger and got up and out of bed. Thoughts ran through your head as you walked downstairs. Would you and Shawn be together in the future? Will he still love you when you’re old and fading away? You didn’t want to lose him. You were convinced that Shawn is the best thing in your life and you weren’t mistaken.

You smiled as you checked the time on your phone and a picture of Shawn popped up on your home screen. He was just about to leave for tour and you didn’t want him to go, but you knew that you couldn’t stop him.

“Give me your phone” He whispered as you were lying in bed that night.

“Why?” You laughed slightly, your voice barely above a whisper. Butterflies appeared in your stomach as he spoke to you. After all these years together he could still make your heart race.

“You’ll see” He grinned, sitting up. His torso looking more defined than usual. He had been in the gym more frequently trying to build up the small amount of stamina he lost while on his break with his family over Christmas.

You shook your head slightly, passing him your phone. You got out of bed and headed downstairs to grab a glass of water before you went to bed. When you went back upstairs, Shawn was practically already asleep. You smiled lovingly at him as you picked up your phone to see what he had done. He had taken a picture of himself with toothpaste around his mouth and the end of his toothbrush hanging out of his mouth. You laughed slightly, trying your best not to wake him.

An even bigger smile on your face arrived as you thought over the memory. That smile disappeared as a notification popped up on your phone from your best friend Jess asking if you were still on for studying today. You hesitantly sent her back a text telling her yes and then began to get things out to cook breakfast for Shawn, since you’ll probably get something at the café you and Jess always meet at.

“Smells good,” A gravelly voice came from the stairway around ten minutes later.

“Well, that’s because you’re not cooking,” You joked. Shawn was actually a phenomenal cook when he wanted to be.

“Did you hear my heart break?” He asked. You only laughed at his joke, before turning your attention back to the stovetop.

“Studying today?” Shawn asked.

“Yeah, how’d you know?” You asked in confusion.

“It’s Sunday and you study with Jess every Sunday,” He said as if it was nothing. To you, it was something though.

“Awe, you know my schedule. That’s adorable” You looked over your shoulder at him.

“No boyfriends, right?” His eyebrows raised.

“None that you know of,” You shrugged. It took a moment for your comment to register in Shawn’s head, but it eventually clicked.


Morgan Rielly- You’re the hot neighbor

Request: Can you do a Morgan Rielly imagine?? Maybe something like the first time the two of them meet?? If you can that’d be amazing!! Just something super cute and fluffy!!

Author’s note: kinda mad at myself for how short this is but like also just wanted to make it good because I’ve had this idea in mind for a few weeks now.

Warnings: a handful of colorful words?

Up next: Sidney Crosby

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The Mystery Squad + Tumblr
  • Dirk: Blog is a Mess™. Reblogs every weird aesthetic post he comes across. Long ass description that tells you nothing about him at all. The colours of his theme clash so bad but he never changes them? Has a side blog where he posts updates about his cases and writes like 20000 words with no read more. Cats everywhere.
  • Todd: Runs a moderately successful comedy blog. Appears to have his shit together but does not have his shit together at all. Answers all his asks very sarcastically, gained at least a quarter of his followers from this alone. Master of writing self-degrading text posts that get mad numbers of notes. Also has a blog about bands where he posts videos of him covering songs. No one knows about this blog. (Everyone knows about this blog).
  • Farah: Feminism and guns. She reblogs every single self-defence post. Not very active but has a loyal band of followers. Dirk worships her blog for reasons kind of unknown to everyone. Causes Amanda to have a heart attack whenever she reblogs anything remotely gay.
  • Amanda: Queen of memes. Insanely active for long periods of time, then not active at all for like 3 days. Follows a bunch of wlw blogs in an attempt to curb her crush on Farah. It doesn't work. Has the kind of blog that has no quality content but is still a quality blog. She probably made her own theme, it took days because she doesn't exactly code often. It's the Best Theme of all of them. If any of them has a secret porn blog it's probably her.

ellie-eat-world  asked:

ok so can you explain how mary came back in supernatural? bc i stopped watching it before that happened but im actually really damn interested on how she's back and what happened!!

Hello, my old friend!

I don’t recall when you stopped watching so…

Dean got the Mark of Cain to defeat Abaddon, the hottie of hell

Originally posted by nerdangel

But The Mark was making Dean all murdery though

Originally posted by blurryfandoms

Oh and Metaron killed him but he came back as a douche!Demon

Originally posted by jensenwearingbearboxers

Short term romance with Crowley, which Dean breaks off because like he’s his own demon and stuff.   Sam and Cas, intrude and save douche!demon.  Get Rowena to remove The Mark, oh wait, this is Rowena and she is like water in the Sahara

Originally posted by supernaturalpuding

She’s a witch, Crowley’s Ma, she’s ambitious and funny and forward thinking and she has no time for anyones nonsense

Anyway, removing The Mark was a big no no, because it was originally Lucifer’s tattoo of yayness (curse) after God trapped his sister for trying to like, eat the world or whatever:

Originally posted by koryuoftheriverflow

Anyway, she is a strong confident God who is like ‘bro, you betrayed me and kept me locked up for like…forever’.  And decides to END him.

Chuck doesn’t wanna, but then he sings us a song after Metatron calls him yellow and stuff and decides to fight Amara with the help of Team Free Will, the demons, heaven and this dude:

Originally posted by altrium

Oh yeah, and Lucifer totally slipped inside Castiel with Castiel’s consent because otherwise Lucifer would have slipped into Sam, because Lucifer was all ‘Dude I can help you defeat Amara and save the world’ (to Sam).   But he was full of it and mostly just wanted to wear Sam.   Sam is not okay with it (Lucifer wearing Cas), but he also sees the bigger picture and is kind of relieved it’s not him.  Also Cas has free will and has the right to choose just like Sam did

Dean is not okay with it

Originally posted by mishacollinsisntreal

That’s Lucifer, riding Cas, riding some angel

Anyway the Avengers Assemble (God, Team Free Will, Lucifer, Rowena, some other witches, angels, and demons) and lose.  Like asses handed to them.  And God is dying

But Amara wants the D from Dean (she actually wants it from Chuck but Dean has been closer this whole time and she’s still kind of mad at Chuck).   Note this wasn’t sexual but was kinda incest undertones, so much longing yayy

And some older lady explains love and stuff to Amara who has second thoughts

Maybe murdering every living thing is wrong?

Originally posted by godshipsit

Then Dean strolls up with like a death bomb inside him ready to kill them both.  But like also ‘Maybe murdering every living thing is wrong?’.   Like, I mean….copying the lady Dean, and Amara was already thinking it, but okay.  It worked.

So Chuck and Amara are like ‘fuck this universe’ and stroll off into the sunset together, but not before Amara is all ‘I’ll give you what you want most in the world dude’.

Poof, Mary

Originally posted by godshipsit

And they all lived happily ever after

But not really because Sam is getting kidnapped as Mary poofs back and Lucifer got knocked outta Castiel’s socks but he is still out there.  Which honestly, mortal enemy, brother on a suicide mission AND being kidnapped?  Poor Sam