max’s back tattoo for those interested:

Day 12045 ht 10 hands
                        180 lbs
    No Name
No lumps No Bumps Full life Clear
Two good eyes No Busted limbs
Piss OK Genitals intact
Multiple scars Heals Fast
Lone Road Warrior Rundown
on the Powder Lakes V8
No guzzoline No supplies
Keep Muzzled …




Charles Bukowski [Edition]

Notes of a Dirty Old Man (1969)

“People come to my door—too many of them really—and knock to tell me Notes of a Dirty Old Man turns them on. A bum off the road brings in a gypsy and his wife and we talk… drink half the night. A long distance operator from Newburgh, N.Y. sends me money. She wants me to give up drinking beer and to eat well. I hear from a madman who calls himself ‘King Arthur’ and lives on Vine Street in Hollywood and wants to help me write my column. A doctor comes to my door: 'I read your column and think I can help you. I used to be a psychiatrist.’ I send him away…”

Tales of Ordinary Madness (1978)

With Bukowski, the votes are still coming in. There seems to be no middle ground—people seem either to love him or hate him. Tales of his own life and doings are as wild and weird as the very stories he writes. In a sense, Bukowski was a legend in his time … a madman, a recluse, a lover … tender, vicious … never the same … these are exceptional stories that come pounding out of his violent and depraved life … horrible and holy, you cannot read them and ever come away the same again.

Confessions Of A Man Insane Enough To Live With Beasts (1973)

Everything you ever wanted to read or loved about Bukowski is found in this 21-page short story! 

Erections, Ejaculations, Exhibitions, and General Tales of Ordinary Madness (1972)

These dirty and immortal stories appeared mainly in Underground newspapers, with Open City and Nola Express leading in the publication of them. Others have appeared in Evergreen Review, Knight, Pix, Berkeley Barb, Adam, and Adam Reader.

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