• sad gay staircase ballet

The staircase ballet song isn’t entirely instrumental: they kept the hymn-like vocals from the original song, and they play during the part where the two staircases meet and the two boys look at each other lost and hopeful or whatever it is that the script says.

Well @accio-hogwarts-a-history is a genius and pointed out that those aren’t just random breathy “aaa"s and "eee"s but actual lyrics that say "hold me” and “darling please” (I’m talking about the part that starts at 2:11 here, though the lyrics might be easier to make out from the live version) and we were wondering if they kept any of this for the play.

Left channel is from the studio album version and right channel is the play version. I still think all of it sounds like assorted “aaa"s and "eee"s in both the original and the play version but who am I to argue with the lyrics so “hold me darling” it is.

max’s back tattoo for those interested:

Day 12045 ht 10 hands
                        180 lbs
    No Name
No lumps No Bumps Full life Clear
Two good eyes No Busted limbs
Piss OK Genitals intact
Multiple scars Heals Fast
Lone Road Warrior Rundown
on the Powder Lakes V8
No guzzoline No supplies
Keep Muzzled …


*sees that new “tag yourself artist addition” post*
Lol what the fuck is op’s damage literally all of those are putting artists down for their different styles except for the “badass” one and looking at op’s blog that’s the one they CLEARLY see themselves as and have stated they see themself as the only one that is actually positive

And op’s whole argument is that “I went through all these phases stop hating on me” and it’s like, well you literally put down the most cartoony style as “desperate for tumblr fame” and made fun of people for saying “please don’t steal my art” so yeah people are going to say something

Idk I’m just really pissed after seeing that post @ op go fuck yourself and stop putting down people for developing and changing their style just because “I had to go through it” CAUSE GUESS WHAT BITCH!!!! WE’RE ALL STILL GOING THROUGH IT AND U ARE TOO TAKE A SEAT