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My brother, friends.

words of encouragement from suho:  “be fanta…stick!”

for my fanta wife @minseok-tea ilyso much we’re a mess


VEGAS BABY | Stag Do Weekender

We finallyyy made it yo. Man the trials and tribulations it took to get our asses here between delayed flights and aircraft malfunctions. WE OUTCHEA.  We ain’t wasting another MF minute. Still waiting on my brother and Carlos to touch down, but they won’t be here til late this afternoon. It’s 7am RN. We got time to fuck some shit up!

My last weekend as a single man. It’s it’s bout to be LIT!

We bout to head to get some breakfast and kick by the pool for a piece. They got a big ass pool, a DJ and an open bar. Somebody put a leash on these niggas. I’m still tryna get married yo. 

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