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The Thing about GoT Parallels

I’ve been going down a rabbit hole of reading lots of metas (particularly ones that are convinced Daenerys is going to be evil) in the final season. I’m not saying it couldn’t happen though at this point I’m rather skeptical. I’m not a shipper of either of the conflicting pairings, by the way, so my post isn’t biased toward that. But I notice something about the idea of “parallels”.

These metas (on all sides of the spectrum) are big fans of drawing parallels. “The white walkers and dragons are parallels and therefore equally bad!” “Jon and Sansa are parallels of Ned and Catelyn and therefore meant to be!” “Jon and Daenerys are parallels of Lyanna and Rhaegar and therefore meant to be!”

But the thing is, you can interpret a parallel in so many different ways (especially before you know the ending of a thing). I’ll give you an example:

Tyrion is the hand of the queen to Daenerys. Coincidentally, his father was hand of the king to her father. So what could this parallel mean? On one hand we could take the negative approach. The “everything repeats itself” approach. Perhaps Tywin’s eventual falling out with Aerys means that Tyrion is going to have a falling out with Daenerys and eventually help orchestrate her downfall. Tyrion is stated in the books to be “his father’s son” and Daenerys is constantly compared to her father. Maybe they are both fated to follow in their footsteps.

On the otherhand, we could take the positive approach. That while Tyrion and Dany share characteristics with their fathers, they have learned from their mistakes and are better than them. They will ultimately overcome their darker parts and embrace goodness.

On the other hand, perhaps Tyrion will fall to the darker parts like his father and betray a good Daenerys. Or maybe a bad Daenerys will fall to her darker parts and betray a good Tyrion.

And whatever the ending of their relationship I COULD DRAW PARELLELS. No matter what. There are always parallels to be drawn. Yes, Daenerys shares lots of traits with her father. He was also extremely idealistic and sometimes made promises he couldn’t keep in his youth before the whole madness thing. And they both burn people alive. But we have no way of knowing if the show runners will have her overcome or succumb to her fate. Tyrion, like his father, is manipulative, clever and a great player of the game. But we have no way of knowing if he has overcome his father by killing him or if his father still has a grip on Tyrion’s fate.

I see lots of metas where people are CONVINCED that the parallels they’ve found are DEFINITE FORESHADOWING for the final season. And yeah, maybe. But it really is all conjecture this point, and any symbol could have many interpretations. The parallels between dragons and white walkers could be setting them up as enemies or as two equally bad forces. The parallels betwen Jonerys and Rhaegar x Lyanna could be a symbol of fated true love or a way to show that tragedy repeats itself. We won’t know until April. But whatever the case, understand that it might not go your way.