mad world

E stava andando tutto bene. Non andava perfettamente, andava bene. Ma era lo stesso bello. Poi, d'un tratto, finì tutto. Non sapevo perché, sapevo solo che era finito tutto, che la parola “fine” era stata scritta senza un'avviso, un segno, un qualcosa. Tutto finisce, tutto.

I recall some of you saying you enjoyed seeing WIPs.  This works well because what time I had today to work on art went towards working on this.  Still has a ways to go, but figured I’d share for any interested in progress shots :).  I work again tomorrow so not 100% if it’ll get finished but definitely by the end of the week.

Also, there are four of you left from my New Years giveaway thing.  If you still haven’t received yours, I have not forgotten about you!  I just got a lot more of you than expected, which is amazing, but that, plus all my family emergencies and extra work shifts, is causing it to go a bit longer than hoped.  You should see them all by the end of next week <3.  Thanks for your patience.

Oh, and again this is inspired by an image from the graphic novel Fables ;)