mad women in media

one of my favourite things about mad max was that at least two of the wives are pregnant and they’re still treated like people and not helpless fragile baby incubators that are likely to shatter into a million pieces at any second. because I’ve never actually seen that in a movie/tv show before. usually (espicially in action movies) it’s like a women is revealed to be pregnant and suddenly she needs a guy to hold her arm when she’s walking and carry all her bags around and generally treat her like an invalid but in mad max angharad literally starts going into labour in the war rig (I’m assuming that’s why she cried out when she was hiding in the hold with max but correct me of I’m wrong) and like five minutes later she’s hanging out of a movie truck using her body as a human shield for furiosa and climbing around on the rig. and the dag is running around in the desert riding motorcycles are jumping from trucks into cars and generally kicking ass and and I’m just so impressed that there’s a movie that treats pregnant women like actual people because pregnant women are hardcore as fuck and the film industry generally ignores that and treats them like porcelain dolls

mad max is breaking ridiculous stereotypes all over the place and I love it so much

stephen strange is not a poc 

stop accusing benedict cumberbatch and marvel of white washing the role when they cast a white actor for a white character but Tilda Swinton is playing the role of a Tibetan man in Doctor Strange. 

Get mad when a role for a poc is actually white washed. get mad that scarjo and natalie dormer and emma stone all took roles meant for woc, get mad that movies are made about ancient egypt with gerard butler and christian bale as leads, get mad that rooney mara played a first nation women and the media palmed it off with white feminism, get mad that photos of poc are white washed in the name of photo quality 

the problem is so much bigger than your petty dislike of benedict cumberbatch and the fact that he is white  playing a white dude - so much bigger