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So now we know the next episode is the Mad Max one, and I’m so excited. I decided to colour some Stanchez Mad Max sketches I’d done the other day before I decided what season 3, episode 2 based art I want to draw next.

Also, sorry @spinetrick but after you drew that pic for me I think your influence is starting to slowly be picked up like velcro haha. :S

Mad Max Fury Road car drawings for Perspective drawing class!

We have the Gigahorse, Nux’s Car, and the War Rig.

THESE WERE SO COMPLICATED TO DRAW, yikes. I got to reference the bits under the Gigahorse by browsing custom car model forums.

My personal fave of these 3 is the War Rig, since the horizon line seems to line up at eye level. Plus, Furiosa’s arm decal.

Of course, I drew these while blasting the soundtrack directly into my eardrums!


fellow wastelanders, im having some mad maxy feels so please check out this video on the stunt work in mmfr if u like <3

also includes a scared shitless tom hardy at the thought of doing that polecat stunt haha ;D

I have returned from my journeys through the wastes with many tales to tell of brave beauties, strong machines and enlightened souls. Several layers of skin have been shed after being pummelled by a strong cocktail of wind, sand and perspiration. My heart has been refueled with enough brotherhood and inspiration to make another trip around the sun. After a brief rest and a cleansing in the Cistern of Hope, I shall share these experiences with you.

Model: @iamablasphemousbitch


Mad Max: Fury Road- MORE Cars

The fourth installment of the Mad Max franchise, and proverbial update for the modern era, Fury Road is an R-rated filmographic treat, with all of the best parts of the mid 80′s apocalyptic vibe and world of rock and heavy metal turned into a modern film. Water and gas are all depleted, and it’s up to warriors on the road to make due for themselves. Enter Max: a reluctant hero of few words, out to survive in a world gone, well,mad. A key point of this movie and those before it is the idea of physical stunts and realistic, real SFX. Gone are CGI elements (for the most part), so real cars were built, blown up, re-built, and blown up again.