mad stick man

Hey guys, I don’t say it enough but I really do appreciate you. It’s kinda hard sometimes for blogs or artists or writers or whoever to always convey how much they appreciate followers. But I do. So I just wanna say I’m grateful for any support you’ve given me, if you enjoyed my works or my reblogs, if you’ve thought about me or sent me money, if you’ve given me any of your time or even sent me a message I hadn’t responded back to just cuz you were curious or wanted to say something nice to me.

I appreciate you guys. I hope one day I can give back enough to you that all of you have given to me

mr ed “i want you to suffer as ive suffered” nygma

sir when have you suffered in your life, ever. oh boo hoo, i killed my girlfriend then chopped her body into pieces, poor poor me. my new plot point clone girlfriend i knew for a week got killed but oh i loved her sooooooo much. pity me, i deserve soo much SYMPATHY