mad statues

The soul of humanity

“So, that should about cover it Captain.”
“That’s good Roger. I trust that you have a handle on things. It all looks good.” He tapped a few places on his data pad Before setting it down to lift a still steaming cup to his lips.
“I know I’ve been here two months, and I’ve tried not to ask, but…” He paused, looking up at the wall over the Captain’s shoulder. “Is it real?”
The captain raised his eyebrows as he swallowed, recognizing that gleam in his new first officers eyes. “Real?” He put down his cup. “Yes it’s real. That is absolutely sure. Is it the original? There’s no way to know something like that. It could have been changed out a dozen times before such things mattered.” Nathan stood and moved to the small relic hanging on an ornate plaque. “It is the oldest confirmed however. Would you like to hold it?”
“Can I?” He sat forward excitedly.
“Sure.” Nathan lifted it reverently from its place, and carefully handed it to Roger. “The problem becomes the same as the ship of theseus. How many parts can be replaced before something just isn’t the same thing anymore?”
The knife was somehow heavier than he expected. The handle had been roughly drilled out to accommodate the bolts for the brackets which had once held it in place. While obviously well cared for, and fogged with a resistant nano-coating, the blade was pitted with age. It was a standard issue kitchen knife for the time it had been issued, not special on its own in any way. He examined the point, and could see where it had been repaired and resharpened uncountable times. The point had either been rounded off or broken at some point, and ground back into piercing sharpness.
The Captain continued, “They kept ‘em running for dozens of years past any of the others of his model. Scavenged parts at first, when manufacturing stopped. Custom machined bits when those ran out. They say that some of the last silicon based micro processors in existence are on one of his motherboards in the smithsonian back on earth.” He held his hand out, and Roger carefully returned the blade. “He was a wonder. A hero.” He set the knife back on its perch. “In many ways he embodied our collective human soul.” Nathan turned back to Roger, “I saw him once myself, as a child, at a parade before the incident with the K’arneen. Saved the whole Goddamn human race by throwing himself into that reactor.”
“I’m proud to be serving here on his namesake Sir.”
“Good. I am proud to be her captain.” The emergency klaxon chimed as a red light blinked above the Captain’s ready room door. “Looks like it’s go time. Let’s show them what it means to piss off humanity.” They both passed through the door to the bridge, filled with a flurry of controlled madness. “Status helm?” Nathan said, looking up at the Imperial dreadnaut filling the forward screen. A dozen miles in length, and half as many thick. He could see energy pulses issuing from it, and being directed towards it. Explosions randomly blossomed and died across it, seemingly doing little damage.
“Battle was already in progress when we arrived. I believe we have been able to detect the main reactor core, targeting now.” The helmsman said, not looking up from her controls.
“Good. Engineering? Are we ready?”
“We are ready. Activating integrity field, and quantum string edge now.” The voice from the communication panel chimed. Energy danced out across the hardened, disk shaped, hull. An elongated prow jutted from the bow, a knife edge forged from pure neutronium, pulled from the heart of a dead star, honed until the edge was lost in the plank scale quantum foam of time-space.
“Target locked Captain.”
The Captain pressed his com for a ship wide announcement. “All hands brace for attack. Helm. Ramming Speed.”
“Aye sir.”
The E.S.S Stabby McStabface was suddenly thrust toward the dreadnaught by powerful sublight ramjump engines. The enemy was crew shocked, fully unprepared for such an insane maneuver. Their energy shields were useless, heavy armor no match for the sharpened density of high velocity neutronium. Stabby plunged full bodied into the enemy ship, cleaving through its heart before emerging unscathed on the far side. As she turned to begin another pass; a blast wave of radiation, gas, and debris rocked Stabby as the Dreadnaught came apart.
“Captain enemy vessels are beginning to move away from the area.”
“Follow them, and take them out. Target larger vessels first. Show ‘em what Stabby’s got.”
“Aye sir.” The Helmsman said, plotting the next attack vector before engaging the ramming drive.

Aang: This is a sacred temple! You can't treat it this way. I've seen it when the monks were here. I know what it's supposed to be like.

imagine Diana going back to Themyscira in the summer of 2015 and spending two weeks trying fervently to get human technology to work on the island, and all the Amazons are confused but humor her, okay sweetie, if this is important to you then we’ll help you hook up this “television” thing, and it all pays off one night when she gets them to watch Mad Max: Fury Road

Lol this is what exclusionists do. They drive away intersex people by making “intersex” feel unwelcome and unrepresented in the community, by enforcing false and arbitrary definitions of what the community is.

Intersex people belong because we’ve always been related communities. From our experiences with non conforming gender/presentation/perception etc. to our experiences of oppression from people who are mad that the status quo is not held. We have a common oppressor who hates us for similar reasons, and our activism has always been linked and advocated hand in hand.

Each community stands to suffer if divided; and I don’t say this lightly. Splitting forces, separating “intersex” from the wider community, only serves to isolate the intersex community, spread our already few and far between advocates, and remove the “obligation” for people to consider us when they otherwise wouldn’t if we weren’t considered related via being part of the larger community.

Advocacy is won through attention, through forces; community is built up through people. Scattering the allies and driving walls between, saying “you’re not allowed to associate with us as part of a bigger whole that has shared experiences,” is nothing but pure bigotry, whether or not you’re getting this through some other lens.

There is no purpose to isolate us intersex people from the only others who have had our backs, represented us, and stood side by side while we championed each other’s causes.

Overwhelming statistics of intersection between the communities aside, the only possible outcome is negative. Fucking stop it already. You’re shredding the community, building up walls, and isolating groups that need to stand together, only to make smaller, more vulnerable, more targetable, and more ignorable individual groups, and it does not help ANYONE. There’s a reason there is a wider community in the first place.


I stand by that Bodahn is the best familial figure that hawke has ok. May all parents conduct themselves less like gamlen “so which one of you’s the girl” amell and more like bodahn, dwarf dad of my heart, amen

i bet he cooks for u