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December 30th 1916: Rasputin killed

On this day in 1916, by the new style calendar, Russian mystic Grigori Rasputin was killed in St. Petersburg, aged 47. Born to a peasant family around 1869, Rasputin received little formal education, and joined a monastery before leaving to travel around Europe and the Middle East. He eventually arrived in St. Petersburg, where he cultivated a reputation as a mystic and a faith healer, and found a place in the Russian court of Tsar Nicholas II. Rasputin acted as an adviser to the tsar’s wife Alexandra, who sought help for her son Alexei’s hemophilia, which the mystic appeared to help alleviate; he thus secured a place as Alexandra’s personal adviser. As the credibility and popularity of the tsar’s rule began to wane, his critics used the position of the peasant ‘mad monk’ in the court to call for reform. While Rasputin’s influence over the Romanovs was limited, Alexandra’s defiant defence of him gave rise to rumours of impropriety and even an alleged affair between the tsarina and the mystic. On the evening of December 29th 1916, a group of conspirators invited Rasputin to the palace of Prince Felix Yusupov, who had cultivated a friendship with Rasputin, intending to kill him to save the monarchy. They fed him poison, which had no effect, then shot him, which he initially survived, and finally shot him in the head and threw his body into a river in the early hours of the morning. Rasputin’s body was found a few days later, with his hands frozen in a raised position, giving rise to rumours that he was still alive while underwater and had tried to untie the rope on his hands, only to finally die by drowning. A few months later, in March 1917, the tsar’s government was toppled by Bolshevik revolutionaries, and, the next year, Nicholas, Alexandra, and all their children were executed. The remarkable story of Rasputin’s murder is the final chapter in a peasant monk’s rise to becoming one of the most influential and notorious figures of Russian history.

100 years ago

*Me (Interacting with other players as a mad Russian Science-Mage who specializes in bears in a Mage: The Ascension game)*: Yes, have spent many yearz perfekting Bear biology. Have made great stridez in making Bear stronger, faster, more intelligent.

*Other Player (Coming out of character)*: Are you responsible for bears getting drunk off of rocket fuel?

*Me (answering without thinking)*: Vaz taking part in finding alternative fuel sources. Vodka vas tested. Had unforseen consequences.

*Players crack up for two whole minutes*

*Third Player, out of character*: “This is Russia! You can fuel your rockets with vodka, and get drunk off of rocket fuel!”

*Party loses it further*

Well, what if Russian version of the final problem was actually leaked on purpose? Remember what happened to Czechs when they showed trailer before the needed time? They were left without Sherlock at all. But how did producers of Sherlock/BBC reacted on the Russian leak of the whole final episode? They just tweeted “do not share the episode” and “#KeepMeSpoilerFree”.

John Watson

I’ve been thinking more and more on that line in the I love you trailer “what’s the worst thing…darkest secret” and I think it’s to John not Sherlock. John’s the one whose past we know nothing about and we apparently see a slip in his moral compass. Is it possible something happened in his army days? He ended up doing or covering up something messed up? What about Major Sholto who lead a team of CROWs into battle who all died? Did John have something to do with that? If so, it’s highly likely Culverton Smith was either involved or knows about it. Anyway, I think it’s definitely possible that we’re going to see John reveal his darkest secret, possibly in front of sherlock.
(This is by no means thought through, well put together, or all of my evidence, so feel free to add or dispute anything because it’s literally just my thoughts)

Dancing Men Code

Me and my friend are both russian-speaking and have already watched  the final problem. By the end of the episode Sherlock was ‘casually’ solving some cases and we saw a familiar dancing men code. 

We thought it has something to do with the plot and has some kind of hidden message in it, so we wanted to decipher it. My friend googled and found the alphabet on some of Arthur Conan Doyle’s fan site and started drawing all men on the piece of paper and working on it. Here’s the result.

When she finished she googled these words and we were a bit disappointed.

Sherlock’s just casually solving some crimes and such mad fans as us think that it has something extraordinary and must mean something/have some influence on the plot. We’re looking for signs when there’re none of them. 

“Come on, tell me about it! It can’t be that boring if you’re reading it in your free time.”

Swatting at Harry’s hands, the blond scowled. “It wouldn’t interest you.”

“How do you know that?”

“Because I kn– ” Cutting himself off from what Harry strongly suspected was an incriminatingly familiar know you, Draco shot him a distinctly disgruntled look. “Because I don’t think mad, self-destructive, Russian murderers are really your type, even if you may share a sometimes similar sense of self-righteous arrogance.”

Not having expected such a heavy subject matter, Harry blinked. “Merlin. Are you sure you’re not meant to be friends with ‘Mione? Because really, both your ideas of recreational reading are a little… intense.” He made another grab for the book nonetheless and laughed when Draco lifted it just long enough to smack the side of his head with it.

“What are you doing here?” Draco demanded as he swung the book out of reach again. “It’s not as though there’s anywhere for you to cook at Hogwarts.”

Harry ignored the victory cheers going off in his head to settle back in his seat with affected resignation. Rubbing his head where he’d been hit, he slipped a random book off the shelves to flip through idly. “Ah, no. I mean, I know the basics of how to cook in a Muggle kitchen, but it’s not something I’d call a hobby. I was just…” Letting his voice trail off for a moment, he glanced up (and up, and up) at Draco before returning his gaze to the book cover and shrugging. “I was looking for somewhere to hide for a bit.”

“Doesn’t nattering at me defeat the purpose of hiding?”

Harry grinned.

Roman von Ungern-Sternberg, the Tsar’s own “Mad Baron”. Feared for his brutal attacks on communist-occupied villages and his draconian punishments, he would take his 6000-strong force of cavalry all the way to the capital of Mongolia, Urga. Reinstating the traditional Bogd Khan ruler, he believed this would spark the second coming of Genghis Khan’s Mongol Empire. A devout Buddhist, he often planned battles with input from a court of soothsayers and fortune tellers. Also a rabid anti-Semite, he allowed his army to brutally torture, rape and murder the Jewish population of Urga and the surrounding land. Eventually his luck ran out, and in 1921 he was captured and executed by the Soviet government.

Would you believe Scarecrow was the mad scientist behind the Russian Sleep Experiment? The victims in these panels look very similar to those shown in images floating around the internet. Coincidence or…?

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