mad respect for him

if someone tells you not to touch them, don’t touch them. 

if someone tells you not to yell at them, don’t yell at them. 

if someone tells you not to tickle them, don’t tickle them. 

if someone tells you not to do something, don’t do it. 

it’s really not that complicated. respect their boundaries. they don’t have to explain why they have them. they don’t even have to be polite when they tell you not to do something. respect. people’s. boundaries. 


a series of unlikely crossovers

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Hi! Can you tell me what happened to Jaebum (the letter thing ?)? What did he do?

It’s kinda hard to tell from the video, but a fan saw that his bag was open and took advantage of the opportunity.  Instead of kindly handing the letter to him, giving him the chance to decide whether or not he wanted to accept it (or even if he could since sometimes their management discourages them from talking and accepting gifts from fans), the fan shoved the letter in his bag.  Of course, Jaebum noticed and promptly removed the letter and returned it by leaving it on a table nearby the fans.

Basically, Jaebum, savage af, showed us that if you aren’t going to respect him and his property he wasn’t going to either.  He is under no obligation to accept a person’s gifts, he is a human being before an idol, and he has the right to accept or refuse things fans try to shove at him.  This fan rudely disrespected that right, pushing their letter onto him without his permission, and Jaebum very calmly showed that he wasn’t going to just take it.  I have mad respect for him, for not letting it go and letting the fan get away with it.  It sets a bad example for other fans, who would think it’s okay to push the boundaries of personal space and privacy.  You wouldn’t shove something in a stranger’s bag just because it was open and you don’t do it just because he’s an idol.

You cant spell A.R.M.Y without RM!!


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fuck, mick is finally calling out the legends on their shit treatment and they turn on him AGAIN despite how he literally just defended them AGAINST snart when he realized his dead best friend was REAL

the only one who’s showed even a remote amount of respect for him is Amaya and she hasn’t been around as long AND she was the one so obsessed with justice and the greater good and whatever and she still saw the good he’s done


Good Lord! You bunch of whiny ass babies! Y’all losing your shit over something that hasn’t even happen yet!

Roman got a title shot at Roadblock. And? Y’all ain’t even like the title when it first came out; now it’s like the greatest thing ever. What? Speaking of titles, where is this sudden concern about the US title and especially Rusev? People cared more about Lana (and still do). If Rusev was so popular, why couldn’t the fans show him love when he was carrying the US Title?

Y’all say that Roman’s handed everything? Ok, then explain how KO got the title in the first. Triple H LITERALLY HANDED HIM THE VICTORY to get it. Were y’all even watching the match? But I guess it’s okay since it’s KO. (This ain’t a knock on KO. Mad respect for him. I’m just speaking storyline wise).

Raw needs start power for Roadblock and Roman draws. (and before you come blowing up my post, telling me I’m wrong, that’s your personal opinion. Regardless of you booing or cheering Roman, he’s still draws strong reactions. Plus numbers don’t lie. And on that, take your ass to Google and do your own research. Not my job to educate you.)

Roman should be defending his title but Creative has him playing sidekick and silent background player (AGAIN). Take that up with them instead of trying to clown Roman on his Twitter, only to have the King a-bomb your feelings.

Will Roman win the Universal title? Not sure. So what if he does? What’s the worse that could happen? Seth challenges him for a shot? Kevin Owens invokes his rematch clause? Jericho puts in a challenge? I mean…?????? Oh I know! Butthurt fans will get on social media and whine and trend #CancelWWENetwork and say that they will never watch WWE again only to come back Monday and Tuesday to see the fallout.

But hey…it’s whatever. Y’all say Roman’s predictable, but haters are just as bad. I can literally make a damn drinking game out of the shit you come up with when it comes to Roman Reigns.

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Thank you for making that internet support group post, you know a lot of people forget that Dan is very very self conscious about the videos he uploads and everyone hyped this video up so much for something they needed that they are just being kind of rude now that it wasn't what they expected. Like Dan did say the video he was going to make just didn't really fit how he was feeling at that moment. People really need to chill and be kinder.

OH god yeah. i def played into the hype bc its fun but i Always made sure to clarify it was all just fun u know?? isg is one of my favourite dan series?es? and im really happy he uploaded bc i was super sad 2day and he made me smile a lot :(( hes like a big warm hug

honestly im so proud of mark lee?? let’s not even talk about how well he did today he’s like the only one there who was placed in a low rank in the preliminary rounds and he has made it so far?? swings team guys are all made up of the top 3 and scg/giriboy’s team has #1 young b #2 yoonho and (((((#6 mark lee))))). he really proved himself to be very worthy of the praises he got along the way. he might not even win this thing but he’s already #1 to me

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it makes me rly uncomfortable a lot tbh and he gets bossy with me to like telling me what to do and im a rather shy girl and he tells me i have to change that for us to date but i cant help it. im quiet and shy like how am i supposed to change it and also when i get random dick pics all the time now its gross I DONT WANNASEE IT omgomg

Okay sis, this is really not sitting well with me. It doesn’t matter how shy you are; you have boundaries around sex/sexting and ANYONE who intimately engages with you needs to respect that. The fact that he got mad when you told him you didn’t want dick pics is evidence that your wishes (needs, really, because unwanted sexual contact is gross and borderline assault) do not matter to him. I’d recommend dumping him, because that sounds like an incredibly toxic relationship. You’ve done nothing wrong. Please try to protect yourself. This is not how sex or romance should be.

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Hit me with your best Draal HCs...

Hello Anon! Omfg i love Draal as a character in Trollhunters!!!!

Headcanons for Draal:

•He purrs when happy or satisfied.
•Loves to kick ass. (Kind of a given, but also loves training more than kicking ass.)
•He *secretly* cuddles with his s/o when he sleeps. Don’t tell him he does though! He gets mad. LOL
•Respectful af.
•I imagine whelps play with his mechanical arm every now and then. He doesn’t mind.
•I even think his s/o likes it as well. They say it gives them a more clear sense of who Draal is and his personality as well.
•His favorite food is the hottest piece of coal in the furnace. Also tacos (despite indigestion)

I hope you like these anon!!! 😁

i kind of understand why pledis only released 6 new songs and a remake of drift away… i mean after Mansae era ended, Woozi got a maximum of 5 months to make 7 songs….. and keep in mind that they also had two concert and this boy is doing it alone…. I would already be surprised if he finished 4 songs, but 7 SONGS?!!! He must be working his ass off 24/7 for 5 months. And rmb there would be an mini album in the end of this year which mean that he is woking on both project in the same time…………………… 

my brother was apparently offended that i didn’t tell him i started taking hormones

my mom was the one that told him i guess

he tried to call me while i was asleep and i guess he called my girlfriend instead and said something like that

but he like

literally didn’t make a remote effort to respect me til faye got mad at him

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Iker casillas

i have a thing for goalkeepers, i love them all, but specially Gigi and Iker. I trully respect him and admire him and im actually so mad at real madrid that they treated him that way bc he deserved so much better. he gave his life for that club. it makes me so sad.  he’s definitelly one of the greatest

thank you <3

Hey mad respect to Namjoon who’s taking on a big part of interviews now that they’re in America. I feel bad for the other members who obviously feel kinda uncomfortable, but Namjoon is being the wonderful leader he always is. It can’t be easy for him and of course he makes mistakes, but man, I have so much respect for him because giving interviews in a foreign language is not easy at all.

To all of you who think Liam’s adlibs are “annoying” and “extra”:

Have you ever actually listened to him and what he does? About 65% of the singing he does on stage every night is harmonizing. As someone who’s sung alto for more than 10 years I can confirm that’s usually a lot more difficult than singing melody as not only do you need to make your own voice sound as good as possible, you always have to be aware of what other people are doing and blend in with them. Because what you’re doing is just for the benefit of helping someone else you have to do the same thing every time so you don’t mess it up for them. You can’t really have fun with harmony which make them quite boring. His only space to shine is the one he makes for himself.

Then you can add the fact that Liam could be considered the best singer in the band. This is a controversial opinion but objectively he seems to have the most overall musical ability (harmonizing, minimal vocal strain, relaxed larynx, breath control, support, register transitions, improvisation, great use of falsetto, beat boxing, decent dancing). Can any of the other boys do the things he does?

I LOVE Louis with all my heart and he is good at emoting and projecting, but from a technical stand point his voice is quite lacking. Even after five years he STILL has problems staying on pitch. Both Niall and Zayn had that too in the beginning, but it seems mostly fixed now. Niall does his share of harmonizing as well and Zayn has his glorious adlibs but neither of them do both. Harry on the other hand has little pitch problems and does a bit of everything, but I’m seriously worried about his vocal health. He keeps pushing and straining while singing to the point that he might lose his voice when he’s older. I’m not joking.

Liam? Has he ever been notably off-key? Is he ever anything less than good, if not great? The only criticism you can have about his voice is that he rarely sings in his ideal range and sometimes strains. Well, consider the fact that everyone else in the band is a tenor and therefore noticeably have a higher voices than he does (Liam’s a high (lyrical) baritone, Harry’s a low (dramatic) tenor. FIGHT ME). Whenever they all sing together, you can tell that he’s trying very hard to match the sound of the others to the point of not having much of a vocal identity of his own. Remember his X-factor audition? That’s how he should sing, with smooth depth and proper power. Not like this weak pseudo-tenor bull crap he’s got going on. 

TL;DR My point is that Liam is an immensely talented guy who’s taken the short straw in the band musically. To keep evolving vocally, make his parts his own (the ones that belonged to Zayn most of all) and, I guess, not die of boredom doing the same thing every night it seems like he mixes up things once in a while because he can. He’s just having a bit of fun. If you don’t like him and the things he does, sure, but AT LEAST GIVE HIM THE CREDIT HE FUCKING DESERVES.

I understand that Shane Dawson is also unoriginal and offensive but the difference between Shane and Greg is that Shane makes an effort to apologize when he gets called out and he does really nice things for his fans constantly, where as Greg never apologizes and continues to be problematic daily without a care in the world. Shane is a good person who knows when he fucks up and I have mad respect for him for standing up and saying “yeah I fucked up I’m sorry.” I don’t have any respect for Greg.