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Eddsworld as interpreted by the fandom;

Tord now replaces Edd as the main character. The whole world circles around him; he is a badass and the coolest one out of the whole group. He is the overprotective edgy boyfriend and either; 1. nobody likes him because he is the ultimate outsider and very nihilistic/mildly suicidal or 2. He is an adorable smol bean who dresses up as a neko and must be protected (even though he’s a communist leader who’s killed people). Literally no other villains exist anymore. Tord is the only person outside of the main three worth mentioning. Basically he’s the Sans of Eddsworld.

Edd is the positive, naive, bubbly character who believes that everyone that can be good. He is the lovable true smol bean who can do no wrong and is too pure and good for this world. He has never sworn in his life or even thought anything outside the perimeter of angelic goodness. He is only there to be cute and a love interest for Tord or Matt.

Matt is literally the same as Edd besides the fact that he doesn’t like coke, is more vain, and is a little more stupid. The only reason people care about him is his vanity.

Tom is the only character besides Tord actually cared about and given considerable traits. He’s a full-blown alcoholic suffering with delirium and depression after Tord’s death and doesn’t care about anything or anyone except for his love/hate edgy angst relationship with Tord, and I mean he TOTALLY HAS FEELINGS FOR TORD because there’s so much subtext and they totally don’t hate eachother or anything and HOW CAN YOU NOT SEE THAT THEY’RE IN A RELATIONSHIP TOMTORD4EVAH

Patryck and Paul serve Tord and are gay. That’s it. That’s all we know and care to know about them.

Eduardo and Mark are both just assholes (Mark especially because he literally has no character.) Jon’s a little cute and sometimes he’s shipped with Eduardo but that’s about it.

To all of you who think Liam’s adlibs are “annoying” and “extra”:

Have you ever actually listened to him and what he does? About 65% of the singing he does on stage every night is harmonizing. As someone who’s sung alto for more than 10 years I can confirm that’s usually a lot more difficult than singing melody as not only do you need to make your own voice sound as good as possible, you always have to be aware of what other people are doing and blend in with them. Because what you’re doing is just for the benefit of helping someone else you have to do the same thing every time so you don’t mess it up for them. You can’t really have fun with harmony which make them quite boring. His only space to shine is the one he makes for himself.

Then you can add the fact that Liam could be considered the best singer in the band. This is a controversial opinion but objectively he seems to have the most overall musical ability (harmonizing, minimal vocal strain, relaxed larynx, breath control, support, register transitions, improvisation, great use of falsetto, beat boxing, decent dancing). Can any of the other boys do the things he does?

I LOVE Louis with all my heart and he is good at emoting and projecting, but from a technical stand point his voice is quite lacking. Even after five years he STILL has problems staying on pitch. Both Niall and Zayn had that too in the beginning, but it seems mostly fixed now. Niall does his share of harmonizing as well and Zayn has his glorious adlibs but neither of them do both. Harry on the other hand has little pitch problems and does a bit of everything, but I’m seriously worried about his vocal health. He keeps pushing and straining while singing to the point that he might lose his voice when he’s older. I’m not joking.

Liam? Has he ever been notably off-key? Is he ever anything less than good, if not great? The only criticism you can have about his voice is that he rarely sings in his ideal range and sometimes strains. Well, consider the fact that everyone else in the band is a tenor and therefore noticeably have a higher voices than he does (Liam’s a high (lyrical) baritone, Harry’s a low (dramatic) tenor. FIGHT ME). Whenever they all sing together, you can tell that he’s trying very hard to match the sound of the others to the point of not having much of a vocal identity of his own. Remember his X-factor audition? That’s how he should sing, with smooth depth and proper power. Not like this weak pseudo-tenor bull crap he’s got going on. 

TL;DR My point is that Liam is an immensely talented guy who’s taken the short straw in the band musically. To keep evolving vocally, make his parts his own (the ones that belonged to Zayn most of all) and, I guess, not die of boredom doing the same thing every night it seems like he mixes up things once in a while because he can. He’s just having a bit of fun. If you don’t like him and the things he does, sure, but AT LEAST GIVE HIM THE CREDIT HE FUCKING DESERVES.

Why Mark's "RESPECT" is Disrespectful

I was originally going to make a YTP-thing like I sometimes to with Jontron but sentence mixed with my own thoughts on the matter, but you didn’t ask for that. You all just wanted my two cents so here it is.

The entire video is about what the title implies; respect. Sounds fine and dandy, but then you look at the elephant in the room that is who the respect is intended to be directed at. Felix Whatshisname paid five bucks to poor individuals in India to write a joke that he knew there would be consequences for, (he wanted to test the boundaries of Fiverr’s system, which it does indeed have but the individuals didn’t know English very well so it’s more of a test of language barrier. If he wanted to test boundaries in English Rog Rogerson is literally next door) and he got them.

The consequences he got included getting the individuals temporarily suspended from Fiverr (until he begged them to let them back on I’ll give him that), getting people to think he’s a Nazi given the atmosphere in this hell year, Disney/Maker Studios suspending his partnership, and YouTube Red cancelling his show. How did he react to said consequences? “IT’S A FUNNY MEME,” “I’M NOT ANTISEMITIC OR WHATEVER,” “THE WALL STREET JOURNAL IS CALLING ME A NAZI!”

While there was some acknowledgement that he himself fucked up, most of it was focused on the wrong things, which is why people are still mad. So, how how did Mark react to the people still being mad at him? “RESPECT HIM, WE ARE ALL EQUAL, I DON’T CARE IF YOU’RE JEWISH OR WHATEVER YOU GOTTA TREAT OTHERS THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE TREATED.”

But what about him, Mark? He’s treating others that way and it’s fine, but if he gets treated that way it’s suddenly a moral issue? Your morality is ass backwards.

I don’t think this will make much of a difference but you said things about criticism on your blog before so @markiplier here is some criticism.

Also was the *drops mic* at the end of the video’s transcript really necessary?

im laughing cause….well @mat-murdock isn’t totally wrong (we do hate mon-el for everything he does always) but this post is so ignorant im dyin. so here are some real reasons why everyone has a beef with him just existing in general that y’all kremlins like to ignore!!! 

Mon-El: *admits he misses objectifying women, is hyper-possessive and is jealous and generally misogynistic on multiple occasions*
Karamels: OMG MY SPACE PUPPYYY!!! he’s so cute he doesn’t know any better!!! its his culture omg c h i l l y’all are reaching….look @ him defending kara…mr. mxy man get away from MON-EL’S girl!!! im glad he disobeyed her cause he did it cause he LOVES her.

Mon-El: *demeans Kara on multiple occasions, in private and in public*
Karamels: this is what she gets for being so bossy and controlling like i don’t blame him for getting mad….he deserves RESPECT bc he is SO respectful to her!!! anti’s are just mad cause blonde barbie kara isn’t kissing girls on the show!!! stay pressed!!

Mon-El: *ignores Kara’s wishes on multiple occasions, both while on the job and in a personal setting*
Karamelsshes asking WAY too much of my sweet puppy like she holds him at a higher standard than EVERYONE…i cant believe she’s so selfish and controlling…WHY IS SHE SO DEMANDING!?! he doesn’t know any better ok!!! my puppy is LEARNING its his CULTURE to blame!! she is just trying to control my handsome space blob.

Mon-El: *gets broken up with for lying about who he is and expects implicit forgiveness from kara, always*
Karamels: kara is just so…..unreasonable. so prejudiced and unforgiving. look at how hurt my space puppy is! :(:(:( he said he was sorry and that he LOVES her!! she should be forgiving him it’s not like he’s the only liar on the show. like.. mon-el only lied to her to stop ppl from thinking he’s as bad as other ppl on his planet… he totally isn’t what show r u watching where he’s terrible???

And last, but certainly not least…

Mon-El: *not only owned slaves but benefitted from/did nothing to even attempt to stop slavery on his planet despite being in a high position of power*
Karamels: ok lets be clear his FAMILY owned slaves, HE didnt!!!! like his mom put him in time out when he said he didnt like it….he’s totally doing all in his power to stop this!!! plus he said he hated it. like, im not excusing slavery im just not gonna get mad at someone over their views on slavery you know???? thats lame… 

The Novaks: The One With The Two Men At The Diner

The Novaks Masterlist

Characters: Castiel, Michael, Lucifer, Raphael, Gabriel x sister!reader

Words: 3000+

Warnings: Swearing, mean comments, hints at violence, otherwise not that bad.

A/N: Soooooo, I’ve been watching so much Shameless this past week, it’s crazy. (SPN forever though!) I said it inspired the last fic, but maybe it inspired this one as well. This is pretty different and it’s an AU! The angels are humans.

Also, I’m thinking about making more parts of this, if you like it. So if you want more, let me know - and your request is my demand. I’ll tell you more about it later, if it follows through. Also, I tagged less people in this one since I didn’t know who’d want to read this. But, I still included all of the SPN (Sisfic) Taglist since it’s not only for Winchester!sister fics. Although, feel free to ignore as always! Hopefully I didn’t bother anyone.

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Your family is just a little bit different from the average. A few more kids, and few less parents. Okay, well, no parents and six siblings. It’s a long story, but you get by surprisingly well.

Sometimes at least.

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Hi! Can you tell me what happened to Jaebum (the letter thing ?)? What did he do?

It’s kinda hard to tell from the video, but a fan saw that his bag was open and took advantage of the opportunity.  Instead of kindly handing the letter to him, giving him the chance to decide whether or not he wanted to accept it (or even if he could since sometimes their management discourages them from talking and accepting gifts from fans), the fan shoved the letter in his bag.  Of course, Jaebum noticed and promptly removed the letter and returned it by leaving it on a table nearby the fans.

Basically, Jaebum, savage af, showed us that if you aren’t going to respect him and his property he wasn’t going to either.  He is under no obligation to accept a person’s gifts, he is a human being before an idol, and he has the right to accept or refuse things fans try to shove at him.  This fan rudely disrespected that right, pushing their letter onto him without his permission, and Jaebum very calmly showed that he wasn’t going to just take it.  I have mad respect for him, for not letting it go and letting the fan get away with it.  It sets a bad example for other fans, who would think it’s okay to push the boundaries of personal space and privacy.  You wouldn’t shove something in a stranger’s bag just because it was open and you don’t do it just because he’s an idol.

Just throwing it out there, what if Tanaka is actually a demon too.

I mean we know hardly anything about him and Sebastian seems to always giving him mad respect.

Also on another note didn’t the real Ciel get murdered or something? How’s he back? Demon magic I say.

Anyway thoughts and theories? hit me

I’m so….,idek like annoyed? Mad? offended? Perturbed?
this guy I used to chat w when I lived in NYC (when i thought i was bi) just added me on snap where I post 3638 things about being a lesbian and he kEEPS ASKING ME FOR PICS ??? AND IM LIKE NAW DUDE IM GAY THNX THO !!! So he responded “ohhh no but if you’re the one sending them to me then that’s fine right?”
do straight men just not understand things? ???? Like anyTHING?????!!!!!!!!

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May I request headcanons for adult!Kacchan with his wife and child? How would he act around them? Would he be incredibly fluff or harsh? I always imagined him as the husband and father who is actually really really sweet and caring, but with everyone else he will still remain the angry "king of Explodo-kills" 😂

Bakugou Katsuki

  • Bakugou is still full of fiery passion and is still relatively loud, but he watches what he says more around you and his child. He has some sense of self-respect, though if he’s mad, don’t expect him to be quiet about it. 
  • He’s not above telling his kid to stop being a huge brat, or to not expect dinner if they keep acting up (he wouldn’t actually never feed them, it’s a threat that works best when they’re misbehaving). Generally, the minute he glares at them they know to behave or daddy’s gonna explode. 
  • He’s always thinking about the two of you, especially while he’s working. He thinks about what you might be making for dinner tonight, whether your child is actually behaving so Bakugou can buy him that new toy without feeling guilty, and what the three of you would do for fun at night when he’s finally home.