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It’s totally self-indulgent, but I kind of want to see a Steven Universe/Lilo & Stitch crossover. Mostly just to see their respective parental squads bounce off each other - I mean, the boy with four moms meets the girl with four dads?

Can you imagine?

Pearl and Pleakly engaging in synchronised fussing?

Peridot and Jumba getting into an *ahem*-measuring contest over the relative merits of mad engineering versus mad biotech?

Amethyst and Stitch trying - and failing - to gross each other out?

Garnet and Bubbles just nodding to each other like they both know the score?

(And, of course, Greg and Nani commiserating over what it’s like to be an average human sharing guardianship of one’s ward with a bunch of high-powered weirdos from outer space…)

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All of you people who hate Amy and Signe and were one of the people who told Amy to go kill herself in the livestream, unfollow me right this instant. Amy and Signe are both beautiful girls who deserve the best. So what if they’re “destroying Septiplier”? News flash: Septiplier will not happen! I know that I ship Septiplier, but at least I respect Amy & Signe for being Mark & Seán’s girlfriends! What you’re doing to them is cruel and inhuman! Imagine if you were Amy or Signe, and you had to deal with that yourself?! You’d feel terrible! Don’t bully people so your OTP will come true, alright? I get so mad at those kinds of people. Thanks for reading. Later, Eagle Feathers! ~ Cameron “Pancake” Eagleflight

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So I just wanna get this out there

I keep seeing posts about people saying how Arrow is a different interpretation of the Green Arrow mythology and that killing off Laurel wasn’t a mistake or disrespectful. As a fan of these characters before this show, I just wanna let you know, that’s not the case. I don’t think people understand how much of an important character Black Canary is. She’s not a Lois Lane or Iris West type of character (mad respect for these two awesome ladies btw). She was never just Green Arrow’s girlfriend or sidekick who cheered him on, as he saved the world. She and Oliver were equals and partners. They were both heroes before they even met each other. She was her own hero and she never became Black Canary because Oliver became Green Arrow. She did it on her own and took up her mother’s mantle. 

She is even a much better fighter than Green Arrow. She is one of the best fighters in the dc universe. She was chairwoman of the Justice League once. She had many storylines outside of Green Arrow (like the Birds of Prey). She used to train other heroes and in the “Injustice” comics she kinda kicked Superman’s ass. Killing her off is disrespectful and they should have never brought her on the show if they were gonna treat her so badly. She’s more than Green Arrow’s girlfriend. She’s an iconic character and killing her off would be like killing off Wonder Woman in a Superman or Batman show. Dinah Laurel Lance didn’t deserve to be treated like a secondary character whenever she’s not romantically involved with Oliver. She’s supposed to be his equal. And she isn’t the first female character to be treated so badly on Arrow. Don’t get me started on how they treated my poor girls Huntress and Shado. I never wanted Black Canary on the show just to see her in a relationship with Green Arrow. I wanted her to be on the show as the kickass hero she is and Arrow has been mistreating her since day one.

A Quick PSA

I mostly just enjoy scrolling and reading what others have to say here on Tumblr but I feel like I wanted/needed to write this. Tumblr has been pretty scary lately and there’s a lot of tension and raw emotion; understandable. I have seen many times people ask that negativity not to be brought to their postings. People ask that others do not bring down or alter the intended positive message/meaning of their post because they find it upsetting. I totally get that and always try to respect that. I just have to say though that goes both ways and based on what I’ve been seeing on Tumblr lately I think people forget that and it seems to be a bit of a one way street. If you want people to respect your theories and posts about what is going on then that same kindness should be offered to others that don’t agree. If someone wants to poke fun at Sam or Cait or be mad at them or whatever then that is their right and they also don’t need to be scolded on their own post or told that they are wrong or that they are being overly negative, etc. Anyway I hope to see the fun return and that we can get back to EVERYONE feeling safe to express themselves in their own space.


Hi everyone! I just came on here to say that Deranged and Mad will not be updated this week as I just got Lasik eye surgery today and am not able to write. (I’m actually going back to sleep after I write this haha). I apologize for the delay but both series will be updated on their respective days next week instead.

I also recieved many asks about the latest Mad chapter and just wanted to say thank you for all the sweet feedback. I really appreciate it and i’ll be back later to answer all of you guys.

Again, sorry for the delay but I hope you guys understand.

Much love,
-McKayla 💕

If you’re talking to someone and you decide you’re not interested anymore, tell them. It’s awkward, yes, and it may hurt depending on where you stand in a relationship, but have a little respect for another human being and instead of ignoring them, abandoning them or pulling all kinds of cards for excuses, be honest. If it’s not going anywhere, it’s not going anywhere. Own up to it and it’ll be better for both of you in the long run. 


Elena: “Ah, he’s so modest, Luca. He’s pretty much the star of the team and he won’t admit it.”

Asher: “I am not, Elena.”

Elena: “See?”

Asher: “You both need to stop or you’ll make me get a big head. It’s no big deal, I play a game for a living. I’m not out saving lives or anything.”

Luca: “You work hard at what you do, Asher. That is admirable and worthy of respect and praise. Take it while you can, son.”

Asher: “Alright, then. Thank you, both, but let’s move on to another subject. How have you two been doing in school?”

Chloe: “Good! Of course. We’re the smartest in our class.”

Ethan: “And the best at games!”

Luca: “I think you mean pranks, children. I got another call from your teacher saying you two were causing trouble.”

Asher: *laughs* “Why am I not surprised?”

The group continued to discuss what had been going on lately in each of their lives. Work, school, friends and household projects took up most of their time. So it was nice to get together and just enjoy each other’s company. ♥ 


YOU ARE UNWORTHY of these realms. you’re unworthy of your title. you’re unworthy of the loved ones you have betrayed.

In Norse mythology, the giants are set up as diametrically opposed to the gods: the evil balancing out divine moral rightness. Loki’s one wish – to be worthy – is an impossible one because he cannot honestly imagine a world where he is both worthy and fully himself, and so he doesn’t try. He conflates his Jötunn heritage and his unworthiness, convinced that all his chaos and cruelty and madness are simply in his nature. And if he can’t be Thor’s equal in this respect – if worthiness will always be out of his reach – then he will settle for watching the world burn. He will do incredible evil, because he’s a master of it. Because he can be great, even if he cannot be good.

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I'm still mad about the prom dress in pretty in pink... but wow is that a weird fit on the top of the dress in 10 things I hate about you.

yeah they’re both some kind of unholy combination of every bad fashion trend from the 80s and late 90s (respectively). I guess the Pretty in Pink one is objectively worse b/c it’s known as this iconic film costume. I remember being sooo disappointed when I first watched Pretty in Pink because everyone talks about Andi’s prom dress and like???? she cut up a cute vintage dress for t h a t?

Funny how people can pick apart mark’s character when he’s done NOTHING WRONG. Both he and Jack said they don’t condone what Felix did, but he is their friend so they believe he still deserves respect. Honestly he’s human? WE’RE ALL HUMAN.

I bet every single one of you fuckers has made mistakes in your lives, you made mistakes and people were mad. But you all moved on. Now Felix fucked up MONUMENTALLY.

What he said was WRONG, it was INAPPROPRIATE. It should not be condoned. But he’s suffering the consequences, he’s losing a lot and paying the price. The constant bombardment of hate messages and people and saying the same god damn thing over and over is fucking pointless.

That’s what Mark and Jack, essentially, are trying to say. Now everyone is attempting to rope jack and mark into FELIX’S mistake. NOT THEIRS. Stop grasping at straws, attacking their characters, and trying to discredit ever good god damn thing they’ve done just because they still respect their friend.

They’ve done so much good yet all of you are so quick to discredit the good because of this? Moronic. This is moronic. We are all human beings susceptible to making mistakes. Common human decency is a lost trait now apparently, and we all could do to learn shit from each other. Like. We’re. Supposed. To.

Felix fucked up. He’s paying for it. People are angry. He should learn from it, we should learn from it. Now let’s just fucking move on.

Apparently some people are calling Misha a bad father because of the whole lice thing, which really cracks me up because holy fuck those people obviously don’t know what a bad father is like.

Have you seen how he treats both Maison and West with respect and really pays attention to what they say? He doesn’t brush them off or give a yea/no/uh-huh answer just to get them off his back. He engages with them, teaches them about things.

He spends so much time talking and thinking about them (and Vicki!) and when he looks at them you can see the love in his eyes.

So kindly fuck off with calling him a bad father.

Cause I would kill to have a father like that.

Iron Man Sentence Starters
  • "Good god you're a woman. I honestly- I couldn't have that."
  • "Please, no gang signs."
  • "I love peace."
  • "I'd be out of a job if there was peace."
  • "Well, I'm not Tony Stark."
  • "Peace means having a bigger stick than the other guy."
  • "I'm allowed to have plans on my birthday."
  • "It's your birthday?"
  • "I'm not mad, I'm indifferent."
  • "I told you I was sorry."
  • "You don't respect yourself so I know you don't respect me."
  • "Is it better to be feared, or respected?"
  • "Is it too much to ask for both?"
  • "They say the best weapon is the one you never have to fire."
  • "I prefer the weapon you only have to fire once."
  • "Stick to the plan."
  • "I'm with the Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division."
  • "That's quite a mouthful."
  • "I know. We're working on it."
  • "Well that went well."
  • "It's just like Operation."
  • "I don't have anyone but you."
  • "Don't wait up for me honey."
  • "The more you struggle, the more this is going to hurt."
  • "Lets face it, this is not the weirdest thing you've caught me doing."
  • "Are those bullet holes?"
  • "You're all I have too you know."
  • "That's not gonna be enough."
  • "Where do you think you're going?"
  • "Your services are no longer required."
  • "This looks important!"
  • "You've become part of a bigger universe. You just don't know it yet."

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Sirius, i'm so mad at you. This ask won't show all the swearing i'm thinking for lack of space but imagine them wherever there's room for one. You know what it looks like, from the outside? It looks like you're in relationships just for the chase. Maybe you loved Rem in the beginning, I'm sure you still do, but as soon as he reciprocated you you gave him for granted. You lack respect for whomever you love. Rem, Reg, you name it. They both deserve better than this.

Sirius: I get it.  I’m horrible.  I’m useless.  I should die.  I should have been in Slytherin.  I’m no different from my family.

Sirius: I’m a selfish git.  I get it, okay?

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Hey we've actually talked about this before but it deserves repeating. I'm pretty KP positive and you're actually the only anti-KP blog I follow because you're so respectful about it. Like I have mad respect for how you're able to maintain your stance while both not shitting on the other side AND not being overwhelming. Just. Mad props, dude, you're keeping this follower even tho we disagree 💙

aw, thanks dude! i appreciate it

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could you do one where they follow one of their kids to their first date and spy on them and their kid finds them and gets mad

hope this is okay :)

Maddox’s first date is when he’s 15 years old, but for Jasmine, that’s still too young.

It was just to an Italian restaurant not far from their house with a girl from school that both Jasmine and Anthony knew, Maddox always talking about her as if she was the only person that existed. They had agreed to let him go out with her, knowing that he’d be respectful and would be home by his curfew.

Jasmine convinces Anthony to take her to dinner so they can spy, Anthony reluctantly going along with it. “I let you take me to spy on Ari for her first date, this is only fair,” She reminds him, Anthony rolling his eyes as he goes along with it. He bites his tongue when he goes to argue that she was just as worried about Aria, knowing it’s only going to cause drama.

They’re seated far enough away from Maddox and his date that they shouldn’t be able to be seen. Jasmine has a view of their table, watching her son make her laugh as they talk over the bread, their dinner eventually coming out. It had been going so well for everyone, Jasmine and Anthony eating their dinner while they both stole glances over to their son’s table not far away from theirs.

They watch as Maddox stands up from the table and walks towards the bathroom, looking around the restaurant. He meets eyes with his dad, Anthony’s eyes widening as he looks at his wife. “We’ve been spotted,” He whispers, Jasmine furrowing her eyebrows, unable to get a question out in time before Maddox is standing at their table, clearly upset with the situation.

“Are you serious?” He questions, looking between both of his parents. “You can’t even let me have one night to be with a girl without you guys spying on me?”

“We just wanted to make sure things were going well,” Jasmine argued, Maddox shaking his head.

“You would’ve never done this to Ari,” Maddox sighs, Anthony looking up at his son.

“Actually, we did do this to Ari,” Anthony points out, Maddox only rolling his eyes.

“Maddox, we’re sorry. We’re not going to spy on you. We’re just going to finish our dinner and go home,”  Jasmine promises, Maddox nodding.

“I’m still mad about this. I can’t believe you followed me here just to spy.” Maddox turn on his heels and walks back to the table where he had been with his date for the night, Jasmine and Anthony both sharing a glance.

“We messed up,” Jasmine laughs, Anthony smiling as he nods.

“Oh well, we’re just being good parents,” He argues, and it’s one that Jasmine agrees with.

The two of them finish their dinner and make their way back home, waiting for Maddox to arrive. He walks in and says a quick goodnight, making his way to his bedroom.

Jasmine and Anthony know that they shouldn’t have spied on their son, but their curious minds couldn’t help it. They learned their lesson to never spy on either of their children on dates, letting them have their privacy and space where they wouldn’t be spied on by them anymore.

Alright, everyone. Sit down, shut up, and listen.

You can feel whatever the heck you want to feel about current events, fandom related or otherwise. Please do. Let yourself be mad, disappointed, frustrated, whatever. Both the good and bad. Feel it. Name it. Recognize it. Process it.

Then, keep moving forward. Don’t stay there.

If you can do something about it, do something about it.

If you can’t: take a page out of Claire’s medical playbook and do no harm.

Post your feelings/ opinions if you want to, but don’t bash and trash those who feel differently/ disagree.

Stand up to those who are doing harm, but do it in a responsible manner.

Respect people’s boundaries, but don’t be afraid to set up your own.

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I wasn't sure if I was going to follow you or not when I saw the post about discourse. I was thinking "great, another prompt blog ruined by yet another pastel slathered tumblina." But I see you're actually logical and reasonable. Mad respect, bro.

I didn’t know there were other blogs ruined by discourse, I thought most of them just stuck to prompts.

Thanks, though. I try to remain level headed and see both sides of an argument, it’s fair that way.

- Mod Knight

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23, 29, 31!

23. Which of your ships deserve better writing?

I mentioned a few here, but I’d like to also add Robin/Ted from How I Met Your Mother. It’s been on Netflix lately, so I’ve caught up only recently. WTF @ everything they do with those two. Like, Ted is a self-involved douche, Robin can do way better, and who greenlit their endgame? It’s the most underwhelming, shoehorned romance I’ve seen in a long time.

29. Do you need to ship something to really enjoy a movie/book/tv show/comic?

Shipping isn’t necessary, no. I actually quite like stories that don’t have a romantic element to them. Take for instance Pacific Rim and Mad Max: Fury Road. I find both stories more compelling without shipping either Mako/Raleigh or Furiosa/Max, respectively, even if those ships are obviously low-hanging fruit. That being said, however, I do tend to ship quite a bit. Because it’s just fun, and the world could always use more fluffy feelings :P

31. Talk about one of your favorite headcanons for a ship you love.

Okay, so FemShep (for our purposes Alli) likes to paint Garrus’s talons and always paints the middle one on his left hand a different color from the other two. Since he always wears gloves, it’s more of a private joke and he doesn’t have to be any the wiser. Except one time he happens to take his gloves off when Samantha is around, and she’s basically like “well that’s more information than I needed to know” and high-tails it. Alli is left having to explain that she’s given him a signal used by femme queer women to communicate either availability or which finger(s) they use/what they’re into. This particular color is navy blue.

A shout out to the hnkna fandom (specially the manga readers only section)

I just want to let you guys that I have mad respect for all of you who chose to enter this confusing-as-hell fandom that has

  • no proper chronological order in the mangas (and a confusing one in the games)
  • limited access to original game content (both because of language barriers and lack of availability in shops)
  • extremely complicated lore that can’t be fully understood even by people who have played all the games
  • few and fragmented explanations of said lore by game players 
  • crazy characters with intense personalities that make you burst into tears over them one moment and want to strangle them the next (the manga adaptions having different writers does not help)

And still you all remain, piercing together an understanding of the story by connecting the dots scattered across multiple manga/games and just enjoying all the craziness with an open mind and friendly attitude! You’re all awesome and voca loves you <3