mad ratchet

Fun fact: most of them aren’t the same character.

Some days ago I thought “yay, let’s draw all the Gearlooses, what could possibly go wrong?“ …and turns out I just have to draw my fav characters with all the details even if they’re mostly obscured by other layers… but hot dog, was it fun!

Ok so the characters are (left to right):

Top row: Copernico, Fulton
Middle row: Gyro (comics), Gyro (DuckTales reboot), Mad Ducktor, Cartesio
Bottom row: Ratchet, Galileo, Newton

(To be honest most of them appear in stories I haven’t read yet but I don’t have time and access to those stories so I went mostly by first impression.)

(Also I’m fully aware each one of them is drawn in slightly different style, it wasn’t intentional but it helps tell them apart so it’s not that bad)

Pay close attention to their eyes and you might discover my headcanon >:3

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I hate it too when people yell at me. How would Megs and Ratchet react if some other bit was yelling to their bot s/o while they just stand still, crying

Megatron drags the bot away from you. He doesn’t shout at them. In fact, his voice is hushed as he holds the bot in place by the shoulder, so you can’t hear what he’s saying. After a minute he lets them go and they scurry off with spark-deep terror in their optics. Then Megatron kisses your cheek and asks if you’re alright, and how does a nice drink at Swerve’s sound?

Ratchet straight up punches them. Then he says “Ohh, that looks bad. How about you come to the medbay so I can fix you up?” They bolt. Ratchet puts an arm around you and glares at the staring Lost Light passengers as he leads you back to your habsuite. 

Two evil, space skeletons walk into a bar…

I just think these two have  A LOT in common. Like anger issues, or insecurities for example. And all of that galactic-domination thing too. I had to draw them together. :D

  • Clank: (has his back turned to Ratchet and has his arms crossed over his chest) ...
  • Ratchet: Come on pal, you can't be that mad over this! It was just a game.
  • Clank: (still angry) ...
  • Qwark: Wow, what'd you do to make Clank this mad at you?
  • Ratchet: Well, I convinced him to play this fun, go-cart racing video game with me.
  • Qwark: I don't see the problem in that.
  • Ratchet: He was in first place and I used a blue shell on him.
  • Qwark: ...
  • Qwark: Don't talk to me ever again you monster.

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GASP. DRAWING REQUEST! G1 Ratchet and Wheeljack being cuddly and laughing? I love those two together in G1, perfect Dinobot daddies. Hehe!

Perfect Dinobot Daddies is an apt summary really

@discordswonderland continued from X

It was interesting to see the draconequus make the stars explode just by pointing at them and making it happen while wrapped around his tail. Stargazing had been one of the scarce few things he had back when he was a kit. Upon being asked to pick, he gazed upon one star that shone so bright that he was reminded of a green spandex wearing moron whose smile was too shiny and bright.

“That one.” He pointed at that particularly bright star. “Reminds me too much of Qwark.”


Favorite Albums/EPs/Mixtapes of 2015 (in no particular order) (Part 2)

  • Made in the A.M. - One Direction
  • Ratchet - Shamir
  • Beauty Behind The Madness - The Weeknd
  • To Pimp A Butterfly - Kendrick Lamar
  • BADLANDS - Halsey
  • FROOT - Marina and the Diamonds
  • Reality Show - Jazmine Sullivan
  • Cry Baby - Melanie Martinez
  • Revival - Selena Gomez
  • Reflection - Fifth Harmony