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unhealthy obsession with Mad Max and all the problematic characters of the Wasteland.

ᴇᴠɪʟ ɪɴ ᴘᴀɪʀs﹕ ᴀsᴋʙᴏx ʜᴏʀʀᴏʀ ғɪʟᴍ﹣ɪɴsᴘɪʀᴇᴅ ʀᴘ ᴘʀᴏᴍᴘᴛs
ɪɴ ᴀɴ A/B ғᴏʀᴍᴀᴛ﹐ ᴛᴏ ʙᴇ ᴅᴇᴛᴇʀᴍɪɴᴇᴅ ʙʏ ᴛʜᴇ ᴀsᴋᴇʀ

  • 28 days later: A wakes from a medical coma to a desolated cityscape that is populated by rabid, living zombies. When A encounters B, they join forces to fight their way to safety.
  • american mary: A is a destitute medical student who, after interviewing with B for a job, performing an emergency surgery for B. A begins performing body modifications on clients referred to them by B, who protects their anonymity and acts as a business partner.
  • blair witch project: A & B are shooting a historical documentary on-location in an isolated woodland. after hearing strange noises in the night, finding odd stone circles outside their tent, and effigies in the trees, their malevolent mythological subject starts to seem a little too real.
  • cabin in the woods: A & B are taking a weekend vacation in a lakeside cabin in the woods. after finding a mishmash of odd trinkets in the basement, they are pursued by a horrific entity that seems a little too formulaic to be crazy happenstance.
  • drag me to hell: A is being tormented by a hellish demon after being target by a curse. they desperately implore B to help rid them of the curse before A can be dragged to hell.
  • the exorcist: A is called upon by B to exorcise a spirit from one of B’s acquaintances. things quickly take a turn for the primal as the spirit turns out to be more than they bargained for.
  • fright night: A’s new neighbor is suspiciously vampiric. after B is nearly prey to A’s neighbor, A & B set out to slay the vampire and prevent the neighborhood from being turned.
  • grave encounters: A & B produce & star in a paranormal investigation show together. during a routine overnight stay at a supposedly haunted location, their skepticism and showmanship is pushed by real, dangerous paranormal activity.
  • human centipede: A is a psychotic surgeon whose life’s ambition is to create a siamese triplet. B is the unfortunate middle piece in A’s gruesome experiment.
  • it follows: person A is being pursued by a sexually-transmitted supernatural entity that only they can see. Its relentless pursuit at a walking pace is exacerbated by allowing it to assume any humanoid form. B is desperate to trace the source of the entity and save A, even if it means taking on the burden of pursuit.
  • jennifer’s body: after B is possessed by a licentious and soul-consuming succubus, their best friend A, makes it their mission to exorcise B – while not falling victim to the demon’s charms.
  • kokkuri:  A & B elicit a spirit who is capable of answering any question, and revealing their darkest secrets. What A & B find out about each other may pit themselves against one another.
  • lost boys: A is unwillingly inducted into a pack of vampires. B desperately seeks to prevent them from turning completely before it’s too late.
  • marble hornets: A is investigating the disappearance of an old friend, a student film director, and a series of eerie videotapes that paranoid friend had made of themselves, convinced they were being stalked after coming down with a phantom sickness. A involves B, who appeared in the student film, and who is suffering from the symptoms of this same sickness.
  • needle: A inherits an eighteenth-century machine with supernatural powers. when the machine disappears and A’s loved ones start dying, A tracks down an estranged B to help them find the thief and end to killing spree.
  • oculus: A attempts to exonerate B, who was convicted of murder, by trying to prove that a mirror in A’s possession performed the murders by a supernatural phenomenon. A begins to go mad in pursuit of an uncertain truth.
  • paranromal activity: A & B live together. A has become fearful of a potential supernatural presence in their house; B decides to settle the matter once and for all by recording them during the night. Chaos ensues.
  • quarantine: A & B are journalists running a fluff story on a firehouse. They tag along with on-duty firemen responding to an emergency call, and get more than they bargained for when they are locked in an apartment complex with a rabid, infectious inhabitant that is slowly picking off the residents.
  • ring: A dooms themselves after viwewing a cursed videotape which is responsible for a series of grizzly murders. A & B work against the clock to source the videotape and break the curse before it is too late.
  • slither: a parasitic entity from another world infects a township by inducting its residents into a hivemind. A & B, as two lone survivors, attempt to evade assimilation while bringing an end to the carnage.
  • the thing: A & B are trapped in an isolated research encampment, plagued by a thing that can assume the shape of its victims.
  • urban explorer: A & B encounter a murderous psychopath while prowling the catacombs beneath a city. They attempt to navigate their way through the maze while evading an unsightly dead end.
  • van helsing: A hunts supernatural entities at the behest of the catholic church. they are dispatched to a town plagued by vampires, where B is on a mission to avenge their murdered loved ones. A and B reluctantly collaborate to free the town from vampiric subservience. also, werewolves.
  • the wicker man: person A is called to a remote island by B to investigate the disappearance of a child. suspecting cult activities to be behind the disappearance, A pressures B to reveal the truths of the township and exhume the mystery.
  • xx: A escapes to the country with B after a stressful breakup, only to discover the town in which they are staying has an ungodly fetish for dismemberment. Having been separated from one another with only a phone to stay in contact, A & B try to reunite, while keeping their limbs firmly on their bodies.
  • you’re next: when a gang of masked, axe-crazy murderers descend on a lavish gathering, hosted by A’s family, B – the guest of A – reveals some unusual, practical talents that may prove imperative to their survival.
  • zodiac: A is investigating a series of horrific murders. B, the killer, taunts A and their people through a series of cryptic messages and cyphers that they leave for A at each crime scene.

Ch. 8 Two-Faced (G/t JSE Fanfic)

Author’s note: This is the final chapter of two-faced. Thanks for reading! Sorry not sorry for the fastest, most complicated plot development of my life. Remember in the beginning when this was just a normal borrower story? oopsies! 

Prompt: Present

“We gotta go.” Jack was out of breath, rushing in to the control center. “I’m not sure how long that door will hold.”

“Alright, buckle up.” Captain Mark advised, and Mark grabbed his shirt collar tighter in fear. The ship was quickly propelled forwards, up and out of Earth’s atmosphere. A strange phenomenon was forming just between the moon and Earth.

“Woah, what the heck is a black hole doing so close to Earth?” Captain Mark frowned.

“That’s Anti’s fault.” Mark explained. “And our target. You’ve got to drive us straight into it.” Captain Mark’s eyebrows shot up into his hair as he turned to try and face Mark.

“I’m sorry, did you just tell me to pilot us into the center of a black hole?” Captain Mark clarified.

“Yes.” Jack nodded.

“Oh good, I’m glad you’re both insane.” Captain Mark shook his head disapprovingly.

“It’s the only way to stop it from growing.” Mark informed him. “If we don’t destroy Jack’s bracelet and Anti in the center of that hole, the rip in space-time will expand until every universe is consumed and destroyed.”

“You two signed me up for a suicide mission?” Captain Mark said quietly.

“I’m sorry.” Jack had the decency to look guilty. “We didn’t have another choice.” There was a long moment of silence.

“Well, it’s been a pleasure knowing you guys.” Captain Mark’s mouth was set in a firm line as he turned the ship to face the black hole.

“Thank you.” Jack breathed a sigh of relief.

“Let’s all pretend I had something heroic and cool to say.” Captain Mark joked, turning on the external thrusters.

“Of course.” Mark nodded. The black hole grew ever closer. Anti’s screams could be heard from down below, but from the sound of things he hadn’t managed to escape. Yet.

“Does anyone here know what happens in a black hole?” Jack asked, trying to distract from Anti’s screams.

“Nope, no one’s ever come back to tell the tale.” Captain Mark explained. “Although there’s many theories. We could just get ripped limb from limb at a speed faster than light.”

“…oh.” Jack gulped. “Pleasant.”

“Of course, there’s a few other ideas.” Captain Mark continued. “A colleague of mine was studying the possibility of black holes containing a sort of wormhole through time.”

“Like a time machine?” Mark asked.

“Not exactly.” Captain Mark shrugged. “Black holes affect both space AND time. A time machine would move you through time. Your dimensional hopper there-” He pointed to Jack’s wrist. “-clearly moves you through space. But a black hole could transport you to a different dimension and time simultaneously. You wouldn’t know where you would end up, because there’s no way of controlling that amount of raw energy. Of course, that’s only a theory.”

“Yeah.” Mark was quiet a moment. The black hole was right in front of them now. Mark gulped. “Do you guys all want to hold hands or something?”

“Seriously?” Jack raised an eyebrow.

“I don’t know, it just felt right.” Mark shrugged. The three looked around at each other’s faces, registering their fear and determination. Jack gently picked up Mark in a comforting gesture, putting the other one on Captain Mark’s shoulder.

“Goodbye, world.” Captain Mark said, pushing forwards on the throttle.


“C’mon, ye stupid door!” Anti screamed, spitting on the door in spots to turn it to black goo and simply clawing at others to try and make a dent. Suddenly Anti was knocked to the floor as the ship jolted forwards, entering the black hole.

“What the hell?” Anti groaned, clutching at his head. The excess energy was causing his brain to feel fuzzy. This fuzzy feeling grew until it felt like his brain was on fire. Anti’s hands began to shake, little bolts of electricity jumping sporadically between his fingers.

It hurt, god it hurt. Anti tried to stand, but his feet refused to work. In vain Anti began to pound his skull against the wall in the hopes that he could wake himself from this nightmare. This only caused some of his own black goo to drip into his eyes, causing a new wave of torture. Anti screeched, attempting to claw out his own eyes as the goo began to dissolve.

Anti felt like he was being tugged apart, as if his arms were being ripped from his sockets. He couldn’t help but remember how he always feared being caught by humans and torn apart when he was still a borrower. He cried, regretting what he had become as his new body began to destroy itself from the inside.

A sudden burst of energy entered Anti’s body, and the human parts of him couldn’t take it. The circuit boards were fried and Anti fell to the side in a lifeless pile, face still displaying the agony of his final moments. With that, Anti was no more.


“Woah!” Captain Mark yelled, ship being thrown into darkness and confusion the second they were tugged into the black hole. Jack felt the captain slip away from him in the darkness.

“Captain Mark!” Jack yelled when he could no longer feel the shoulder under his hand. Mark began to slip away as well, but Jack clutched him tightly to his chest to protect him. Jack tried to feel around in the darkness, but he couldn’t find the captain. In fact, suddenly it felt like he was floating. A whirling wind whooshed past his ears, making it hard to focus on anything.

“What’s happening?!” Mark yelled, but his tiny voice was lost in the chaos. With a particularly strong gust, Mark was suddenly ripped from Jack’s grip.

“NO!” Jack yelled, but it was too late as Mark disappeared. Jack groaned. Everything was happening so fast. He didn’t know what to do.

Jack suddenly let out an unmanly scream, feeling as if his arm was being ripped from its socket. Looking down, it seemed that the wind was trying to take the whole bracelet arm off.

“Just take the darned thing!” Jack yelled, trying to pull back his arm and let the bracelet be taken. With a few failed attempts, the device finally released its grip on Jack’s wrist and flew off into the darkness. His arm stopped feeling like it was being tugged into the next dimension. Jack gave a triumphant shout before the whirling stopped. The next thing he knew was silence.


Anti… A voice seemed to call to to the lost spirit in the darkness. What had happened? Looking around, he saw a bright white light.

Anti…. No longer in pain, he approached it. The light grew bigger and brighter, until it blocked his entire vision. He winced, holding up a hand to his eyes.

“Hello, Anti.” The old borrower quickly woke up with a pounding headache to hear a familiar voice. He groaned, sitting up to look at Dr. Iplier. The two were in a completely white room.

“Hello, Dr. Iplier.” Sean greeted, giving him a shy wave. “I, uh, don’t think I have the right to call myself Anti anymore.”

“I agree, Sean.” Dr. Iplier nodded. “You know, you’ve caused everyone a lot of trouble.”

“I know.” Sean sighed.

“You also killed me.” Dr. Iplier reminded him. “That was rude.”

“I know.” Sean winced. “Sorry about that.” Sean looked around, taking in the gleaming white walls. “Does that mean I’m dead too?”

“Indeed it does.” The doctor smiled. “So, I suppose we’re even.”

“I didn’t want to kill you.” Sean admitted. “Or Mark. I was just annoyed and fed up with being the little guy, you know?” Sean let out an unconscious shudder. “But then after I melded, I started hearing these voices. And I knew they were wrong, but I wasn’t myself anymore. I couldn’t…I lost control.”

“I don’t think either of us can act innocent.” Dr. Iplier interrupted him. “We both are guilty of pursuing power. We both failed.”

“I was weak.” Sean sighed, tucking his knees to his chest. “I let the voices turn me into a monster.” The doctor looked at him.

“Sean, for what it’s worth, I apologize for putting you through this.” Dr. Iplier said. “Being dead has really caused me to see the error in my ways. I suppose the apology is less sincere when I’m only saying that because you killed me and destroyed my life’s work, but you were a victim of my mad pursuit of science just like Jack.”

“Jack!” Sean looked up at the doctor. “What happened to Jack and Mark?”

“The black hole transported them all to a new life, with no previous knowledge of their adventures.” Dr. Iplier explained. “That forgetting bit was a little gift from myself. One perk of being dead is you get a few supernatural powers. With the dimensional hoppers destroyed, they will be stuck there. I figured it’d be easiest if they didn’t remember their former lives.”

“But where are they now?” Anti frowned, looking at him.

“Well, see for yourself.” Dr. Iplier waved an arm and an image appeared on the far wall. 


Mark gasped, bolting upright in the middle of the night. He had just had the strangest dream, about being in a jar and space and other nonsense. For some reason, he felt like he had lost something in the end. He rubbed at his eyes, waking up.

“Just a dream.” Mark muttered, climbing out of his matchbox bed. He remembered this was his bed, but now it felt unfamiliar. The dream had felt so real that it made Mark’s reality seem…wrong.

Mark decided a glass of water would calm his nerves. He shuffled through his passageways down to the leaky pipe in the floors beneath the kitchen. Taking a thimble, he held it underneath the steady drip until his cup was full. Even though Mark could remember doing this a million times, the idea of using a thimble for a cup felt like a bizarre concept. Mark shook his head, sighing. He took a few sips, feeling the liquid cool his dry throat.

Knowing there would be no sleep now, Mark grabbed his borrowing bag and decided to go up above to look for a few items. Checking to make sure the coast was clear, Mark entered the human hallway through an entrance hidden by an electrical outlet. Mark began to walk past the bedroom door, hoping to get a bit of soap while the human was still asleep.

Mark froze, slowly facing the bedroom door. Parts of his dream last night came rushing back to him. He vaguely remembered the human bean was in his dream. For some reason, Mark kind of remembered being a human too. Mark walked a few steps closer, even going so far to press his hand up against the door. Why did it feel like Mark was supposed to be the one peacefully sleeping on the other side of this door?

Mark quickly retracted his hand. This was stupid, he was going to get himself killed. What kind of a borrower was he? Mark ran down the hall, making up for lost time in his quest to get soap.


Jack woke up in the morning with a pounding headache. He groaned, stretching his arms above his head.

“I am never drinking that much again.” Jack sighed. Alcohol always gave him the strangest dreams. Now he was waking up convinced that he had met a tiny man the size of his hand. Weird. He couldn’t help but feel oddly huge and clumsy as he got out of bed, even going so far as to check the floor for tiny people before stepping onto the ground.

“Now ‘yer being ridiculous, Jack.” Jack scoffed at himself. “There are no tiny guys living in your house.” Mark. The name of the tiny man came rushing back to him.

Jack scratched at the scruff on his chin as he walked down the hall to the bathroom, feeling nature’s call. Jack tried to remember more parts of the dream as he used the toilet, but the details were fuzzy. Something about a doctor? An evil clone of himself? And jars, lots of jars. Jack sighed, finishing up and going to wash his hands. This was all too weird for him to deal with before his morning coffee. He picked up the bar of soap, only to stop and stare at it.

Why was a little chunk carefully carved out of the back?

shadowyrose  asked:


✿ oh my god.

Yoosung is terrified by your power. You are a demonically good shot, and once you have someone in you sights, it is G A M E O V E R.  Luckily, you like Yoosung, the list of people you’d knife for him consists of most of the world’s population, so he cowers behind a barricade made of hay bales while you defend your position with violent gusto. He listens to your maniacal cackling as you peg Seven with a pink splotch, and he realizes that, wow. Is this what it feels like to be carried?

Zen is also terrified by your power, but that’s because he’s directly up against you. This is your chance to get back at this fucking jerk for being so distractingly and annoyingly handsome and you’re not missing a second of it. Though… honestly, you do sort of go easy on him, but that’s partially because you’d never forgive yourself if you hit him in the face.

Ah, you and Jaehee… You team up with her in a heartbeat and make everyone else suffer. Jaehee is amazing at analysis and tactics, and you’re pretty good at the actual “inflicting massive amounts of pigment-based damage” part. Your primary target is, obviously, Jumin, though you give everyone else a run for their money in the mad pursuit of victory. You’re like Jaehee’s attack dog… not that she needed one, really. She’s a scary woman.

Jumin! You protect Mister Trust-Fund Kid with your life, because isn’t that what a good bodyguard does? You take a number of shots for him, proving a.) his inability to dodge and b.) your loyalty and dedication in the art of self-sacrifice. You end up covered in paint, and he frets over your bruises at the end of the day… but you’re satisfied. You feel like you proved your worth.

It’s a damn good thing 707 knows how to run, because you are hunting this kid down like an axe-murderer in a bad horror flick. This is recompense for every trick he’s played on you - for every time he had you fooled! - and it’s also just a general response to his personality. Like, yeah, you mack on the dude and he’s your bestie, but you put your mates through the grill if it entertains you. 

And this does. Oh yes, there’s nothing like hearing the paint splatter as you vault over a barricade!

No one is mean enough to even point a paint-ball gun in V’s direction except for Yoosung who is mainly powered by salt. So, instead, you sit on the sidelines with him, a microphone in hand… and pretend you’re Caesar Flickerman hosting the RFA Hunger Games. Seriously, you put some flair and pizzazz into your commentary, and V is just laughing up a storm.

You and Saeran are the paintball team-up equivalent of fair-weather friends. Like, at the drop of a hat you’ll spin on each other and stab each other in the back, but nobody can trust you not to pair up and pummel someone into the dirt. You had to teach Saeran how to aim, and you don’t really regret doing so. Even when he shoots you, it’s hilarious seeing him leave a trail of destruction like a projectile-based impressionist. 

And finally, Vanderwood. You’re sort of teamed up, except that Vanderwood does a lot of screaming, running, and swearing while you laugh like an idiot and shoot while sprinting backwards. Vanderwood warns you when you’re about to run into a tree, and you keep the pursuit off your back. At one point, you distract 707 with a villainous monologue while Vanderwood sneaks up behind him and shoots him directly in the back.

It is basically the culmination of all of Vanderwood’s hopes and dreams.

bust your kneecaps  // a harley quinn mix ❖  // L I S T E N

01. two of a crime - perma / 02. bust your kneecaps - pomplamoose / 03. stitch me up - fun. / 04. mad pursuit - junkie xl / 05. to catch a thief - lovage / 06. kinda outta luck - lana del rey / 07. lie lie lie - metric / 08. walkin after midnight - girl in a coma / 09. sleep awake - mother mother / 10. if your kisses can’t hold the man you love - rasputina / 11. smile - lily allen

cover art

🐞The Beetle Graphite and Digital 2017

Drawn in response to the following true story:

Colonel Pierre François Marie Auguste Dejean liked beetles so much that everyone knew it. Even his enemies would send him specimens out of respect for his scientific work. In 1809 he collected a beetle just before charging into battle. His helmet was shot off by a fragment of cannon shot but he and the beetle survived intact. (I mean the beetle was already dead but it wasn’t blown to bits)

I read this story in The Species Seekers: Heroes, Fools, and the Mad Pursuit of Life on Earth by Richard Conniff.

Repose, leisure, peace, belong among the elements of happiness. If we have not escaped from harried rush, from mad pursuit, from unrest, from the necessity of care, we are not happy. And what of contemplation? Its very premise is freedom from the fetters of workaday busyness. Moreover, it itself actualizes this freedom by virtue of being intuition.

— Josef Pieper