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shit university students wear that movies do not prepare you for
  • plaid for days
  • pajamas that somehow manage to be A Look
    • somehow it’s the shoes that do it
  • pajamas that have absolutely no intention of being a look
  • obscure club merchandise
  • occasional weebs
  • unconventional hijab fabrics
    • seriously im 90% sure ive seen a girl wearing a snood. mad props bro
  • the Classic Engineering Student Look of jeans and runners
  • truly original international student fashion
  • bizarrely put-together outfits
    • looking at you, law students
  • the hoodie + hijab combo of greatness
  • shoes that are 10000% impractical for university
  • literally anything worn by an art student
Sith Tattoos

One distinct practice that’s seen within the Sith Order is the adornment of Sith tattoos. Although the designs and placements of these tattoos vary between species, as well as individuals, the tradition itself can be traced back to the days of the Ancients.

The original Sith “tattoos” were not tattoos at all but temporary, decorative marks. These markings have their roots in an old tale regarding a goddess and a long extinct animal of Korriban.

Stories of the Great Mother are considered to be the most well known source of “origin myths” of the Sith people. The story states the very first Sith being began life as a mowhef, a fierce, predatory animal native to Korriban. But through one final wager the mowhef found herself blessed, was given a name (Marserha) and became a Sith. When she turned into a Sith, she also retained the stripes on her arms and legs.

Even though she was the mother of all Sith, none of her children inherited the stripes.

Initially, the lack of stripes was a non-issue for the Sith. But over many generations, her children (which mostly refer to the Kissai caste) began to adopt and decorate the Mother’s Marks onto their own arms and legs.

The markings were painted on with a paste made from a native plant that would stain the skin but were temporary and faded with time. These markings were seen as way to honor their Mother and ask the gods for blessings.

Surviving records show that the marks were only ever worn on the arms and legs (and by extension, the hands and feet). This was an obvious link to both Marserha and the connection to the mowhef, but it may also have some basis in the saying: arms wield weapons and legs carry you into battle.

Over time the Six Pointed Star of Ahmurn was added to the marks since he was considered to be the father of all Sith. The marriage of the star and stripes also symbolized the union between Ahmurn and Marserha.

While the simple designs were the norm for a while, eventually the stripes began to morph into more and more intricate, artistic designs.

By the time the Exiles had arrived on Korriban, the Sith markings came in countless variations, patterns, and designs but still only worn on the arms and legs.

In the present day, some Sith purebloods have adopted tattoos but most continue the tradition of decorating their limbs the way their people have throughout the ages. Since the old gods, including the Great Mother herself, are no longer worshiped the marking are usually considered as a way of honoring the ancestors and Sith heritage.

Most of the the detailed and time consuming designs are worn during special occasions in one’s life, such as: becoming an apprentice/Lord/Darth, getting married, anticipating the arrival of a new child, in preparations for a major battle, and anything else that may be considered personally important to a Sith. There are smaller, simpler designs that are also worn, but these are mainly for decorative purposes.

Aside from the purebloods in the Sith Order, the human Sith have their own marks.

Unlike their pureblood counterparts, most human Sith have actual tattoos that are worn on the face and red in color. Both human Sith and Imperial scholars are unsure of the “when and why” this has happened. But the most accepted reason behind the tattoos seems to be that they signify traceable Sith blood within that person’s family line.

In recent times, the Sith Order has allowed aliens to join their ranks. Some of these aliens, such as Zabraks and Mirialans, have their own cultural traditions regarding the tattoos they wear and should not be confused with Sith tattoos or markings.

Others, like certain Twi’leks, come from varying backgrounds or simply do not have a significant cultural identity of their own due to personal circumstances in their lives. Some of these aliens, particular red-skinned ones, seem to cover their whole body in black tattoos. This adoption of “Sith tattoos” among the aliens are seen as a bastardization of old customs by some purebloods while others do not seem to mind one way or another.

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taeyong deserves the applause, and taeyong deserves the career in which he stands humbly. taeyong deserves to taste and see of the sweetest of loves. where his heart becomes free and his shame is undone. taeyong deserves his redemption, and apologies from all who hurt him. he deserves it, so grant it.

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He has said multiple times that he hates that ppl associate him as the "good looking" musician and wants to be known for his music instead. He was saying he even wanted to shave off all of his hair bc that's all ppl were looking at. I'm thankful he just didn't shave it off bald bc he got REALLY close to doing it a few weeks ago. This is why he cut his hair. Some fans have already "left" him because he isn't as attractive anymore... but that was the whole point. He didn't want fans like that.

Wow! That’s actually a really good and powerful reason! I get it. And, honestly, I have to commend him for doing it, because it makes a shit load of sense, actually. Thanks for that explanation though, because I was just thinkin’ he’d gone off the deep end! Haha!

-admin a


My dudes, I need to talk about how fucking on point the atmosphere and symbolism was in today’s EP real quick.

Pokeani isn’t really known for handling mature themes with a lot of grace or finesse, so when I saw this episode it actually really impressed me. Stoutland dying could’ve easily flopped as a intended emotional punch to the viewer but the way it was handled was very well done. Whats especially of note is how they portray that through just visuals and not just words.

The moment Litten wakes up to find Stoutland gone, all the colors in the world are muted, lots of dull, grey tones, a muddy overcast day, probably visual shorthand for Litten’s own feelings and how he’s dealing with the loss. The rain starts pouring when Litten gives into his anguish. And finally my favorite shot in the episode, just showing Litten’s silhouette separated from Ash and Kukui’s by a black void, really says to me it’s meant to portray how alone Litten feels, and possibly how powerless Ash and Kukui feel because nothing they can say would help.

Also the tree representing something of a “countdown” to Stoutland’s death might be a little on the nose, but once again, I appreciate Pokeani dabbling with these kinds of hidden meanings is very welcome, it’s showing me how they don’t always need to treat their audience like idiots and have everything spelt out for them and it just simply makes for a more visually engaging experience, so I just have to give them mad props for how well they handled this episode’s subject matter

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Harry basically just confirmed haylor was a thing soooo... Idk how to respond


Oh lord. 

Okay I’ve literally not looked at social media for most of the day because I’m working somewhere where I deal with sensitive information and therefore cannot have my phone at my desk. 

So I have no idea what anyone thinks of that article aside from @vocabularryonthemind , @mellygrant and @nautilarrie who I text on the reg during my breaks to be like, “VASS HAPPENIN SELENE???” But today was an exception because I was trying to Focus™ and thus I really have no concept of anyone’s reaction to this article. 

I read it in my uber to work and almost threw my phone out the window because, being the darkest fucking Larrie possible, I live in Laurel/Larry Canyon and this diner he speaks of is where Choe ( @vocabularryonthemind) and I go to write when we don’t want to upset my housemates with our witch cackling writing sessions. And THE COUNTRY STORE IS WHERE I GO TO GET MY UK NECESSITIES EW HARRY LET ME LIVE. I can literally throw a rock off my balcony and hit the Country Store so I was all kinds of, “WHAT FUCKING SORCERY IS THIS???” when I read that article. I moved to LA and had naht a clue about what was what and just chose this place randomly and honestly after having a job across the street from where Liam lived in London I never thought shit could get weird like that again but here I am. Destined to be forever fuckin reminded of what trash I am for 1D because they’re literally in my goddamn face.  

Actual footage of me trying to leave the 1D fandom:

What the hell were we talking about? Never underestimate my ADHD and ego’s ability to literally make anything about me. 

Oh yeah! Haylno. 

Look mad props to Tay Tay for her successful career and such, but Harry couldn’t have swerved that question harder than if he literally went for a wee and never came back. This was probably him on that super long wee break:

“Uhhhh Jeff what should I say?…Yeah I’m not gonna say that, bye.” *click* … “Lou they’re asking about her…” And Louis was all

Just kidding…this guy was never just going to like flamboyantly jump into the spotlight all

Omg jk again because lol

Harry be like 

I’m sorry, but Harry didn’t get the fuckin bee for you to be a weak Larrie. 

This “confession”…

As Michael McIntyre said, “They are media. Trained. Super stars!”

Harry might be bangin on the closet door but he can hardly just casually mention that the most heavily manufactured and public relationship he’s ever had was fake. I mean, I try to take everything Harry says literally but the man actually dresses up teddy bears to send coded messages and the irony of his cheery, “I’ve been completely honest with you *WINK*!” parting words weren’t lost on me. 

So you’re telling me that for 20 months, when we have actual proof (FROM LOUIS AND HARRY VIA THEIR OWN MOUTHS AND TWITTERS) that Louis and Harry were living together, Harry slept on a mattress on the floor in Ben Winston’s attic? 

I mean they’ve been trying to rewrite that part of history for ages, and who knows why? Not me. 

I don’t doubt he was a regular guest, but I hardly believe that he was this hobo that the Winstons make him out to be. 

Anyway, I’ve been saying it for awhile, but “Style” is about John Mayer, not Harry. (x

Harry continues to be classy about how he approaches this issue, which is WAY more than anyone can say about Taylor Swift. It was almost F I V E  Y E A R S ago and she still allows everyone to speculate that every song she writes was about a one-month bearding stint, whereas Harry has talked about it literally once, and probably as a necessity in toeing the line in this new solo venture. 

What better way to keep his aggressively private life private than by vaguely acknowledging a four week “relationship”…if you’re trying to tell me that an entire album was forged from that then maybe you should be talking to a Taylor Swift blog because I don’t believe that shit for a second. 

Harry did mention that the entire album was for a “she”. He also said…


…am I the only one who thought he was talking about Anne?

Anyway, I saw this as a very significant step away from the “lothario” and “womanising” image that was created around him throughout the entirety of the first few years of One Direction. I thought the article was honest and served its purpose. And proved once again that Harry is more of a show than tell kind of guy. 

And that he is one




(ARMY sounds like the French word “ami for friend)

Rin Okumura Tumblr Moodboard 

@thiscityneedsyounow sent in a request for the AoEx Casts’ Tumblrs - and I had an idea to do moodboards - but I had no idea that moodboards took so long. 


Since @thiscityneedsyounow didn’t directly request moodboards - I’m not gonna do the request in moodboards now. I did finish this one - and I am posting this one - but I’m not gonna count it towards the request ^^ 

Don’t get me wrong! I enjoyed making this - it was super cool and super fun - but thinking about having to make like… 14 of these in a row - I don’t think I could do it. 

But if you guys do like the moodboard, or you have an idea for a specific moodboard (like a specific color or theme or something?) that you feel would suite a certain character - hmu. I’ll give it my best shot cause this was kinda cool

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Do you have any slow burn fic recs?

oh boy oh boy oh boy i love slow burn; the problem is i don’t have the time to read through every single gorgeously long slow burn story out there! rip me

so here’s five of my favourite slow burn fics for viktuuri!

  • turn it, leave it, stop, format it by @ebenroot (rated E) look, i know it’s a oneshot, but the development of the relationship in this is slow and sweet like most of shar’s works, ok. by that same token, never tasted rubies is another good one as the entire fic is a leadup to a first meeting so yea
  • the Even Ice Gods Can Melt series by @the-jedi (rated T+) a really sweet, slow look at the development of their relationship mostly from viktor’s pov! canon compliant and really lovely.
  • Make It Good, Make It Better by @savour-y (rated M) i think by now you’d have to be living under a rock to not have heard of kaz’s rival series, but this fic is another very good rivals fic with its own little twists and turns! i will warn that the writer does seem to insert a little homophobia into the later chapters, but i think they warn for the chapters in which they appear.
  • the Florist and Wedding Planner series by @ingthing (rated G) which also might not fall under your usual parametres of slow burn but are, in my opinion, very much something slow and sweet and fluffy. also, very well-researched (in my opinion) with a lovely rendition of new york as simultaneously intimate and bustling.
  • Fatum ad Momentum by @skatinggays (rated T) i’ll admit, i’m still working through it (like i’m also working through several other fics rip me) but i’m a sucker for seeing the series through viktor’s eyes, okay. i like that it’s diving in between scenes, teasing out canon-compilant moments without devolving into fluff even before established moments in canon so yeaa mad props. also i love luc’s writing soooo

there’s a ton more slow burns sitting in my history waiting for me to read them (i have had @adreamingsongbird‘s arranged marriage au sitting in chrome on my phone for like the past three weeks orz) but yea here’s a couple. hope you enjoy!!

  • me: there are no stupid questions!!!
  • me: except that one. that one is a stupid fucking question. never open your mouth again.