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Okay so Experimentation is my favorite Bechloe fic at the moment, and I just gotta let yOU knOW why. Besides the obvious mad writing skills youre sporting, you just really really know how to specifically write for the PP fandom??? Like, you write a perfect Beca Mitchell??? I dont think Ive read many fics that really capture her as well as you do. I honestly wouldnt be surprised if Canon hired you to write a few bits of the PP3 script.

Really, it’s mostly just….

No, wait. Wait, wait. You’ve made me nervous with your compliments.

This is just… So nice! Obviously, as many writers are, I’m a whore for hearing WHY people like my stuff (seriously, just ask my beta). And like… whenever someone tells me I’ve done a good job writing a character, that really makes my day? Every single time? Because, for me anyway, that’s one thing that really makes me nervous. Finding the character’s voice (or in this case, like 8 of them) and trying to write them realistically (which can be hard, case in point; Lilly. Or Fat Amy. Or Flo. Fuck, no, all of them. Every single one) because they can say some random-ass shit, and then that’s wall we get from them in the movies. So, while it’s fun to try and flesh them out, it’s also super daunting.

I appear to have gone off on a small tirade.

Sorry. I really just wanted to say thank you and i love you for taking the time to stop by my ask and say SUCH. NICE. THINGS.

But i can promise you no one has asked me to write anything for the PP3 script. Sorry. ;)

  • you: mary's death is important!!! it is important so sherlock stops being arrogant!! and it is important the show has conflict!!! john and sherlock need conflict or the show is stagnant!!!!
  • me, an intellectual: in episode 5.8 of elementary, Jonny Lee Miller's Sherlock Holmes decides that he is far too clever to continue attending recovery meetings. Joan "played by Lucy Lui whose character is not a cheating hypocritical white male" Watson points out to Sherlock that addicts who continue going to meetings maintain their recovery better than those who don't. After some crime solving and self reflection, Sherlock takes Joan's advice and returns to regularly attending meetings wherein he acknowledges his arrogance and starts on the path of unlearning his arrogance. This happens as a result of mutual honesty and respect between him and his best friend/equal partner Joan "played by Lucy Lui whose character is not a cheating hypocritical white male" Watson and Sherlock's disposition for self-reflection and the best part??????? No women were killed to make male characters more interesting because Elementary is not written by misogynistic wankers who openly admit to not reading valid critiques of their show, but is written by decent humans that care about their audience AND the sensitivity of their content.
  • P.S. If you are anti!elementary, or a tjlc person pretending your fetishistic misogyny is lgbt representation, this post is not for you so please kindly don't interact with it.

After read this I’m sure Maleo is gonna happen and I’m not happy sns

Destiel doesn’t exist
—  Jensen Ackles trying to hide his homosexuality by refusing to see that he and Misha created two characters who are deeply in love with each other

I keep imagining the Marauders in the afterlife watching Album and Scorpius and Sirius going freaky mad about their obvious gayness…

Sirius: James! James, do you see this. Do you see this. Those kids managed to get of the fuCKING HOGWARTS EXPRESS.


James: Calm down Pads. My grandson isn’t gay. Not that it’s a problem. But come on no. And for a Malfoy?!? Never!

Remus: That Malfoy is actually quite cool. And his puns are exquisite.

James: And he’s also head over heels for Rose Weasley!

Sirius: Prongs, you are so blind. They are GAY FOR EACH OTHER.
And a little premature interest in women didn’t stop Moony and me. *winks at Remus*

James sighs, resting his head in his heads. A hand appears on his shoulder.

Lily: He’s our wonderful grandson James. He’s young and silly. And so gay. Hogwarts hasn’t seen so much queernes since those two left.

Remus and Sirius laugh uncontrollably, while James sighs heavily trying g to reconcile the idea of his grandson falling for a Malfoy.


The look Alec gives Magnus and how he goes to him whenever he needs to talk about his feelings shows how much he likes Magnus, and i know once they fall in love, they will do anything for each other, no matter what. 

And the fact they are not an official couple yet makes me really mad, CAUSE IT IS OBVIOUS HOW MUCH THEY FEEL FOR EACH OTHER IN SUCH A SHORT TIME. 


I just finished watching Evangelion and I’m so mad.

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Hi. Louis didnt "cheat" on Elk with Bianca, they "met" in February and hung out as "friends" but they "hooked up" in May, so they can still spin this as Louis was just friends with Breep then broke up with Elk and "hooked up" with B two months later. Also, they can say "Louis and Danielle felt like their relationship didnt work anymore and they fell out of it so Louis rekindled with Eleanor after the break up and Danielle hooked up with a guy on NYE" (D hooked up with a guy faster than Louis so)

But you’re forgetting that this is not the narrative they’re going with. They keep saying he and B were a thing back in Jan and that’s a way of making it more believable that he hasn’t asked for a pat test (because he trusted her) and D posted a pic on December 24 calling him “my love” and was rumored to be in his family house on Christmas, so when exactly did E came in? Like she got back with him a week after he broke up with E? Makes no sense, The timelines don’t match. For us it makes sense because it’s all fake, but if you follow this story and believes in it, he cheated twice and she got back with him 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Soooo e is a homewrecker if antis believe this is all true

Yeah like lol it looks like she just took advantage of his situation because his mom had just passed and sneaked in like a snake to end his relationship with D so she could be his gf again 


♪ Arata Uduki & Aoi Satsuki ♪「Six Gravity ☆ Middle Pair」|| Episode 4


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Yurio’s exhibition

Okay, but why is no one talking about the fact, that Yurio’s exhibition is called WELCOME TO MADNESS. Like, it’s obvious that Yuuri (in duet with Victor) will probably skate a program to show their love to the world because that’s what defined his season and it’s the most important thing for him right now. And then we have Yurio and guess what? He’s just mad. That’s what describes his season and the point in which he is with his life. This season was madness. Trying to perform programs so difficult was a madness. Having to watch Victor going to Japan and training Yuuri was making him mad. I don’t know if I should cry or laugh bc tbh it is hilarious that our angry small ice tiger will perform to the program about being mad, which he is like 99% of this anime but on the other hand, poor boy. I hope he won’t be devasted by the results.

People commenting on legitimate concerns with ‘you’re just mad your party lost’ always makes me mad. Apart from the obvious oversight that not every person concerned about their safety is a Democrat, or even voted for Hillary- its so damn belittling. 

“I am concerned that the social climate created by this election has made it difficult for me to survive as a minority” is not ‘sour grapes.’