mad monk urouge


When we saw Urouge on a Sky Island, injured, was that after he defeated one of Big Mom’s commanders? Regardless, Mad Monk is a fucking TANK Not Bege, not Apoo or even Kidd could go toe-to-toe, but Urouge did AND LIVED!!

New found respect for the dark horse of the Worst Generation, Mad Monk Urouge!

Captain of the Drake Pirates - “Red Flag” X Drake 
222 Million Berry Bounty

Captain of the Fallen Monk Pirates - “Mad Monk” Urouge 
180 Million Berry Bounty

Combat Crewman for the Kid Pirates - “Massacre Soldier” Killer 
162 Million Berry Bounty

English dub. Episode 392

Bonney - Capone - Hawkins - Apoo - Kid - Drake - Urouge - Killer - Law