mad monk urouge

Captain of the Drake Pirates - “Red Flag” X Drake 
222 Million Berry Bounty

Captain of the Fallen Monk Pirates - “Mad Monk” Urouge 
180 Million Berry Bounty

Combat Crewman for the Kid Pirates - “Massacre Soldier” Killer 
162 Million Berry Bounty

English dub. Episode 392

Bonney - Capone - Hawkins - Apoo - Kid - Drake - Urouge - Killer - Law


When we saw Urouge on a Sky Island, injured, was that after he defeated one of Big Mom’s commanders? Regardless, Mad Monk is a fucking TANK Not Bege, not Apoo or even Kidd could go toe-to-toe, but Urouge did AND LIVED!!

New found respect for the dark horse of the Worst Generation, Mad Monk Urouge!

In case anyone wants to search specific One Piece characters on my blog here are the ones that I tag:

Jinbei: JinBAE
X Drake: XXX Drake
Basil Hawkins: The Strawman Fallacy
Nico Robin: Nico Robin Some Banks Like A Bad Bitch
Eustass Kidd: Useless Kidd
Killer: Killer Babe
Heat: Can’t Handle The Heat? Then Get Out Of The Kitchen.
Wire: Wire You Dressed Like That?
Scratchmen Apoo: All About That Bass (No Treble)
Paulie: That’s Kinky
Shirahoshi: Crybaby-hoshi
Smoker: No Smoker Zone
Portgas D Ace: Hottie McHotterson
Marco: Rise Like A Phoenix
CP9: CP9? More Like CP10/10 Would Bang
Trafalgar Law: ​Laying Down The Trafalgar Law
Kaido: Jumbo Size Spicy Big Dad
Donquixote Doflamingo: Horrible Disgusting Trash King
Perona: Scary Goddaughter
Jean Bart: Jean Bart More Like I Love You
Bellamy: For Whom The Bellamy Tolls
Izo: Izo Iz In Da House
Crocodile: The Bananagator Hunter
Enel/Eneru: It’s Tough To Be A God
Urouge: Mad Monk: Fury Road
Bartolomeo: Bananibal the Cannibal
Fukaboshi: Fuck-Yeah-Boshi
Nami: Tangerine Queen
Brook: Foxy Grandpa
The Admirals: The Slutty Old Man Squad
Jewelry Bonney: My Bonney Sailed Over the Ocean
Capone Bege: 1 Tall Capone Bege With Soy And No Whip Please
Tsuru: What’s a Mob to a King? A King to a God? A God to a Nonbeliever? A Nonbeliver to Granny Tsuru?
Wanda: The Fairly Odd Furry
Carrot: 14 Carrot Gold
Camie: She Camie. She saw. She conquered (my heart)
Tashigi: Sword BAE
Nekomamushi: Anime Garfield
Jack the Drought: Jack And The Beanstalk
Ideo: What A Great Ideo
Blue Silly: Glue Philly
Coby: Puberty Success Story
Helmeppo: Hell-Yeah-Meppo
Blackbeard: ✨🌸😩👌😜DADDY😜👌😩🌸✨
Gin: Baby Come Back
Rebecca: Buff Sunflower Princess
Magellan: Toxic by Brittany Spears
Suleiman: Mr Resting Bitch Face
Cavendish: Cabbage
Kyros: Man What A DILF
Yonji Vinsmoke: Memeji Vapesmoke
Boa Hancock: ​Boa Constrict My Heart

I’ll probably add more as I fall in love with more characters but for these are it