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Yeah this is the girl who wore heels and has perfectly coiffed hair and designer duds coming out of the GYM. Seriously​ the girl used to look like she was the stand-in for January Jones character on Mad Men. It's obvious he has just screwed her silly and said "Let's take a walk darling" and she was so delerious that she threw on that hideous outfit. That's what happened and no one else can convince me otherwise 😉


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relationship status: taken 
favorite color: green
lipstick or chapstick: both? either? neither? depends…
last song i listened to: “It Don’t Rain in Beverly Hills” by Dean & Britta (oh, it’s so good)
last movie i watched: Inside Llewyn Davis
top 3 tv shows: Peaky Blinders, Mad Men, The Thick of It
top 3 characters: Vince Noir, Jeremy Brett’s Sherlock Holmes, Edina Monsoon
top 3 ships: Tommy and Grace (fucking sue me); Ada with a kimono, a jam tart, a big mug of tea and a signed copy of Marx; Finn with a plot ;)
books i’m currently reading: A frightening number - a huge pile of half-reads next to the bed taunt me.

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