mad men the final season

Dancing Men Code

Me and my friend are both russian-speaking and have already watched  the final problem. By the end of the episode Sherlock was ‘casually’ solving some cases and we saw a familiar dancing men code. 

We thought it has something to do with the plot and has some kind of hidden message in it, so we wanted to decipher it. My friend googled and found the alphabet on some of Arthur Conan Doyle’s fan site and started drawing all men on the piece of paper and working on it. Here’s the result.

When she finished she googled these words and we were a bit disappointed.

Sherlock’s just casually solving some crimes and such mad fans as us think that it has something extraordinary and must mean something/have some influence on the plot. We’re looking for signs when there’re none of them. 

  • Me: Mom, were there any black folks in your [Upper Darby, PA private Catholic school] in the 60s (she graduated in 1968)?
  • Mom: There were a few. But most black people went to [another private Catholic school in another Philly suburb]. They had lots. Why?
  • Me: Cause I am trying to figure out how the hell Mad Men thinks there were NO black folks in NYC in the 50s and 60s. Like the creators think they just sprung into existence in the 80s??