mad men the final season

Dancing Men Code

Me and my friend are both russian-speaking and have already watched  the final problem. By the end of the episode Sherlock was ‘casually’ solving some cases and we saw a familiar dancing men code. 

We thought it has something to do with the plot and has some kind of hidden message in it, so we wanted to decipher it. My friend googled and found the alphabet on some of Arthur Conan Doyle’s fan site and started drawing all men on the piece of paper and working on it. Here’s the result.

When she finished she googled these words and we were a bit disappointed.

Sherlock’s just casually solving some crimes and such mad fans as us think that it has something extraordinary and must mean something/have some influence on the plot. We’re looking for signs when there’re none of them. 

The final season of Mad Men begins tonight. Artist Alex Katz presented himself as a Madison Avenue-style suit in this large self-portrait influenced by Pop art and advertising. What do you make of this depiction, from his expression to choice of dress? 

[Alex Katz. Passing. 1962-63. Oil on canvas. 71 ¾ x 6’ 7 5/8" (182.2 x 202.2 cm). The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Gift of the Louis and Bessie Adler Foundation, Inc., Seymour M. Klein, President © 2015 Alex Katz]

Breaking Bad had Better Call Saul.

Mad Men should have a Sally Draper spin-off that explores her life in college in the 70s. 

It would show a portrait of a young woman navigating the tumultuous period of youth, hippies, free love, the Vietnam War, and women’s liberation, while trying to find her identity and purpose in life. A girl trying to become her own woman, separate from the lives her parents led.

They could call it:

Don’t Listen to Jane Fonda Here


Mad Men (6.13)

In Care Of

The final scene of the season sees Don showing his old home, now dilapidated, to his children. Bobby and Gene are there. So is Sally. It was being caught in the act by his only daughter that sent Don on his most destructive jag and now he wants, in his own reserved way, to try to start explaining why that happened. They stand outside the house and Sally turns towards her father with a combined look of puzzlement and disgust. He looks back at her and as she turns away, you can see the cogs start to whir. There’s hope for them both yet. (x)