mad men screencaps

Being a secretary is hard work. You’re stuck doing menial office tasks beneath your intelligence and get little to no respect. I once worked for a place that was similar in many ways to the atmosphere on Mad Men except there wasn’t liquor in the office and we didn’t get to wear cool costumes. Oh yeah, and it was the year 2010. Talk about a time warp.

Secretaries (nowadays the p.c. term is “administrative assistant”) really are the oil that runs the engine. I’ve created this post both as a homage to those in this shitty economy (myself included) stuck in demeaning jobs, and to the secretaries of the past. American women pre second-wave feminism weren’t allowed to be strong in the ways we recognize women to be strong today. Here are all (or almost all) the actresses who have played secretaries at some point during Mad Men’s 5 season run. Ladies, we salute you.