mad men moment

When she slaps Helen bishop in the grocery store by the bananas

“My people are Nordic”

When she goes to the model casting in that huge dress

Bambina Betty in Rome

When she finally confronts Don about the box

“I’m not stupid I speak Italian”

When she sets up that fake threesome brunch between her the stable hottie and her friend with not intentions of going and then the day of the brunch she picks up the phone so it doesn’t ring and bakes cookies or cake or whatever the fuck with her kids and waits as the seeds of drama she plants grow

Her letter to Sally!!!! 😢

Anytime she drags Don after they get divorced

When she hooks up with some random in a bar bathroom and then the bartender asks what were you doing and she gives him a looks that says we’ve been fuckin

Eating bugles on the couch

The list is endless

Pretty sure Ben Medelsohn has confirmed that I have some level of a daddy kink and attraction to men who are twice my age. Even got to the point where someone followed me on Instagram and my first thought was “he’s daddy af”

Putting the blame on @ben-mendelsohn-trash and @daddyorsonkrennic for writing that table fic. It’s everything I never knew I needed.

This episode’s moments of portentousness, its dreams and its in-jokes, made me feel a little exhausted, not just with ‘Mad Men’ and the weightiness it likes to cloak itself in—like a naked woman under a fur coat, perhaps—but with our fixation on TV generally, and the importance we attach to this show and others.
—  Sarah Larson on last night’s episode.

Mad Men Season 7 Returns

If you’re a Mad Men fanatic like myself, you’ll be both looking forward to, and dreading, the final upcoming Season 7 episodes. 

So many amazing moments have happened over the running of the show - Don’s Kodak presentation, learning the lesson of never introducing a sit on mower to an office party, Roger - but my favourite moment was when Peggy told Pete she’d had his baby, and gave it away. I’m an unashamed Pete Campbell lover, and Peggy is the woman we should all aspire to be if we consider ourselves ambitious and professional. 

Question is though: What is your favourite Mad Men moment/episode?