mad men jokes

anonymous asked:

Oh no! I might have printed one of your arts and posted it on a telephone pole outside my house! Now my neighbors are telling me to "Tear down that Gay Agenda™ crap" and "find Jesus." I also may have photoshopped them to be extra NSFW is that reposting??? 😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏

Yes. It is… kinda. I also think it’s not very appropriate to pin a nsfw print to a telephone pole. 
Like hell, you may not need to find jesus because of them being gay but not everyone wants to see nsfw.

what is wrong with people?

charolettes-angel  asked:

Do you have a problem with straight males? Because to me that sounds very sexist lol k bye

Thank you for asking me this because I want to clear this up before anyone assumes things about me or puts words in my mouth.

Straight men can choke.