mad men joan harris

Mad Men 2016

Paul Kinsey is disappointed when his self-insert Star Trek fanfic gets zero kudos and only one review(from a spam bot).

Stan keeps complaining about the Ghostbusters remake. He goes to see it with Peggy so that he can gloat about how terrible it is. He ends up liking it more than the original(not that he’d ever admit it).

Harry campaigns for Trump. He spitefully breaks Pete’s Hillary mug. They get into a flame war on the Sterling Cooper intranet message board.

Joan (much to her dissatisfaction) manages the Sterling Cooper Twitter account, which mostly consists of her blocking Abe, who keeps making new accounts to bitterly tweet at them about the evils of advertising. 

Sally finds Sylvia’s nudes on Don’s phone.

Betty attempts to revive her modeling career via Instagram.

Mewtwo spawns in the Sterling Cooper office and Roger uses it lure the 24 year old CEO of a multi-million dollar tech startup in for a meeting.