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The Marvel fandom hates women.
  • They want a Black Widow movie..but will put down other women for the sake of keeping Nat high.
  • They want to Agent Carter renewed…but erase her from Steve’s life as if she never existed to him
  • They don’t want Bruce paired with Natasha…but also forget Betty Ross literally exists and nobody seems to even care for her because she would be “irrelevant”.
  • They want Daisy Johnson and Jessica Jones to live happy…but ship them with Grant Ward and Kilgrave
  • They want Steve and Bucky to be the first canonically gay MCU ship…but trash the hell out of Sharon Carter because she…”gets in the way of their white male gay ship.” (but they won’t hate Natatsha no?)
  • They want Marvel women to be more appreciated and loved, but will tear down others in the process and diminish them to nothing.

This fandom is so FULL of hypocrisy it’s embarrassing, we are NOT progressive, we do NOT practice what we preach to others, we are full of misogynistic trash.

We don’t really care for Marvel women, it’s all just a joke to make us look better.

Maybe we don’t deserve a Black Widow movie or a Captain Marvel movie or Jessica Jones or Agent Carter- because all I see is endless mistreatment of women in the universe.

EDIT : I’ve had few replies saying that this is generalizing the entire fandom, I am well aware that this should not be a reflection of everybody, but as of late it HAS become more apparent, the fandom has become SO divisive since AOU, characters that shouldn’t be trashed are, ship wars are getting out of fucking control, and this fandom is about ready to finally crash and burn. And shit needs to be called out because now it is just NOT okay. I’m also aware that part of this is on Marvel for not treating the female characters with proper respect, I will not deny that- but this post is calling out the FANS who are further contributing to this problem.

There’s a difference between having legitimate criticisms over a character and just trashing a character because she’s just a bitch and needs to die for no good reason. We should not pretend women like Pepper Potts, and Peggy Carter don’t exists (there have been fics that have been said to erase these women from characters lives, something that is also not okay). How are we supporting women by shipping them with men who abuse them and rape them?

Those who are doing know who they are, and they should just stop because they’re not needed.

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//WAIT WHAT YES PLEASE TELL US MORE ABOUT YOUR LOVE/HATE RELATIONSHIP WITH PEG (whispers don't mind me i shouldn't be sending shit on my mostly unrelated rp blog but here we are)

Hello, hello! Glad you asked! So, because Maggie writes characters that I can’t ever hate completely (STOP MAKING THEM SO REAL AND FLAWED AND HUMAN MAGGIE!!!), I have SO MANY mixed feelings about Peg. I’ll probably fail miserably at keeping this short and coherent, but oh well, you asked for it! ;)

Even before Maggie revealed the affair backstory, I struggled with Peg, largely because she often gave really bad advice. It wasn’t bad advice for her time period, but it was bad advice for Puck and I’m glad Puck didn’t listen. I don’t fault Peg her internalized sexism, because I think she mostly did life on her own terms within the patriarchy, which is really admirable for the time, but I would hate for Puck to turn out too much like her? There are, of course, many things Peg deserves praise for: she’s fierce and independent and respected. She’s perceptive. She flouts many conventions of her time. She’s solid. She’s clever. She’s friendly. She gives tough love. 

But there are other things about her that don’t seem so healthy. For one, she never struck me as a particularly happy person. She works, she has a family, a home, she doesn’t cook (shocking!), she’s prominent in the community, and yet she often appears to just be going through the motions, because that’s what’s expected of her. Thisby can grind a person down, unless one chooses their own happiness, and Peg seems more comfortable with the appearance of happiness than actually being happy. She doesn’t really let you see past her mask.

I also think, on some level, Peg resented what Puck was trying to do, as so often happens when different generations of women have attempted to rise above their circumstances with wildly different tactics. (If you’ve seen the show Mad Men, then you’ll recognize a similar struggle between Joan Holloway and Peggy Olson). Peg Gratton, like so many women of that period, learned that they could use or overemphasize their sexuality and gender to manipulate men (see the “a mountain they have to climb” quote). Peg’s brand of mysterious femininity is not exactly mainstream (she’s not that conventionally attractive), but you can bet she has very carefully cultivated her image as a woman who could cut your heart out neat. 

Puck, on the other hand, instinctively knew that she shouldn’t have to change who she is to suit or impress anybody; her fierceness isn’t a mask. Peg knew how to work the system, but Puck already acted like the system didn’t exist, which some could perceive to be more dangerous because the system did still exist and one false move could’ve resulted in the loss of whatever amount of control women found within it. Peg might have had a good grip on reality, but Puck knew herself and what she was capable of. Her risk paid off because sometimes breaking small, unspoken rules (riding in the races) and changing your lot in life can be just as important as breaking the big, spoken ones (the suffrage movement) that technically affect everybody. If you’re “all for women,” like Peg claimed to be, that has to mean all, for all and in all, in big ways and small (trademark Dr. Seuss, probably).

Ultimately, I think Peg accepted what Puck was trying to do and supported her in it, as shown with the symbolic gesture of (literally) passing the (bird) mantle to her right before the race. Peg represents the past, women like her may have paved the way for Puck to get where she is, but Puck is the future of the island and the world. 

But then there’s the elephant in the room: the affair. In this post, @wickedwinterwillow​ does an excellent job of showing why Peg engaging in an affair with Gabriel is so predatory and loathsome. I really don’t want to comprehend the reasons behind the affair, but because I have a terrible need to try to understand everything no matter what, all I can think of is that after years of familiarity, Tom saw her as a teacup, and everyone else saw her as a mountain, and maybe (???) Gabe just saw her as herself (???). Anyway, that’s enough of that because CREEPY and EWW and NOOOO.

It’s so hard to interpret Peg and Puck’s interactions in light of the affair. I cannot fathom how or why Peg could attempt any sort of normal relationship with Puck while all that was going on, but I guess to her credit, Peg always seemed sort of pained. I almost think that maybe Gabe convinced Peg to check in on Puck in his place because that seems like just the sort of cowardly yet brotherly yet wildly inappropriate thing he’d do. Also, the whole scene at the Gratton’s house (where I believe we get a better glimpse at the “real” Peg) is AWKWARD AS HELL. Puck says, “The only time Peg Gratton addresses me is to tell me that I’m welcome to give Dove more hay if she needs it before the end of the night, before the storm gets bad.” She’s not exactly going out of her way to build a relationship with Puck because things suddenly just got TOO REAL under HER OWN DAMN ROOF.

So I almost get the sense that Peg didn’t ask to be a mother figure to Puck, but ultimately she ends up doing a fairly decent job of it (Puck draws out the best in people), minus the dubious life advice. I mostly respect Peg (if we pretend the affair didn’t happen), but she’s not without nuance, both good and bad. That’s just my interpretation of her character, so if anyone is a full-on Peg stan, I want to hear about everything I’ve missed! :)


Oh. My. God. I could watch this. Every day. FOREVER.

beaverskingdom I’m sorry but drool.
Dancing Men Code

Me and my friend are both russian-speaking and have already watched  the final problem. By the end of the episode Sherlock was ‘casually’ solving some cases and we saw a familiar dancing men code. 

We thought it has something to do with the plot and has some kind of hidden message in it, so we wanted to decipher it. My friend googled and found the alphabet on some of Arthur Conan Doyle’s fan site and started drawing all men on the piece of paper and working on it. Here’s the result.

When she finished she googled these words and we were a bit disappointed.

Sherlock’s just casually solving some crimes and such mad fans as us think that it has something extraordinary and must mean something/have some influence on the plot. We’re looking for signs when there’re none of them. 

You know what I’ll miss most when ‘Mad Men’ is over? Besides the incredible stories and amazing cast? That the fandom comes back every week for the show. I love that there are no ship wars, I love that we can smartly discuss the episodes, I love that we get all giddy after an episode is over and we try to decode every single detail looking for clues of what’s to come, I love that we can anxiously look forward to Tom and Lorenzo’s “Mad Style” every wednesday. The fandom is united, I’ve never read anyone fighting over a ship or a couple. That’s what puts me off of some other shows. I come into tumblr and search a tag and Jesus… I back away from my computer/cellphone. It gets nasty. But with ‘Mad Men’ we can freak out because Don and Betty have scenes when they reconnect, have sex in the woods or Don gives her a massage and we start screaming for them to get together, and hope they do, and the story Jon and January have created for these characters all these years and their chemistry just help highlight the moment, but deep down know that we’ll be totally cool if that doesn’t happen, because this isn’t a show about ships. It’s about people searching to find who their true selves are, it’s a show about the quest of happiness, and dissapointments. None of us will start sending Matt Weiner death threats because Don and Betty shared a beautiful moment but leave it at that, or Peggy and Stan have a heartfelt talk that ends with one of them walking out the door, or because Roger wants to protect Joan but ends up failing at his task. I love that we don’t go all “ugh, these two didn’t get together, I’m quitting this show!”. I seriously love sunday nights on twitter, and I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one whose heart is slowly breaking because the show is nearing its end. So congrats ‘Mad Men’ fandom! We’ve managed to create a healthy community where we can express our opinions in a civilized way. Group hug to everyone on this difficult time of almost goodbye. Let’s stock up on alcohol, the finale is 11 days away.

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