mad men fan art

!! Spoilers for Julian’s route in Book VI & paid scenes !!

After the update, I wanted to try touching a little bit on Jules’s predilections. ;D It’s not nsfw or anything, so don’t get too excited lol.  And it’s not too spoiler-y, but just in case.

1300 words, Julian/Apprentice, teen by AO3


“Julian,” Xan hissed.

His closed eyelids scrunched up, and he made an unhappy sound.  Leaning on her elbow over him, she reached out to squeeze his shoulder.  ‘Leaning over him’ was a bit of a misnomer, though; the little twin bed had her practically sprawled over his chest.  This had had its benefits and its detriments in the couple of hours she’d drifted asleep, and if he weren’t so exhausted from the vampire eel bite she’d suspect the ‘benefits and detriments’ would have increased tenfold.


“I’m– I’m up, I’m up,” he squinted at her, at the dark still pressing against the cottage’s little window. “What is it?”

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This is a commission for our Mad Men-inspired Jane Foster/Loki fanfic by the amazing @electricalice! And yeah, in the full version, John, Sherlock, and a bunch of other characters make an appearance as well… :)

We’re also attaching a ficcy vignette for this under the cut with a theme that was requested by @fragile-and-useless. The theme was “We should do this again next year.” Hope you enjoy!

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Still trying to imagine costumes for nbchannibal Season 3. Here’s a hypothetical outfit for Dr. Lecter in Italy. A light suit, and a fishing lure boutonnière in memory of Will.


Peggy & Sansa vs. the World 2014

Concept: Peggy Olson from Mad Men and Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones meet by way of an interdimensional time machine or portal, bond over their shared suppressed anger toward the world and everyone in it, and set out to wreak bloody havoc throughout time and space.

I was getting tired of watching these two be the punching bags of their respective shows. I’m assuming they’re tired of it too.