mad men 6x13

Last night’s episode of Mad Men was amazing, if not unsatisfying.

  • We all knew Ted and Peggy together were too good to be true.  First of all, Ted is a petty cry-baby who hinds behind this facade of virtue and morality.  Yes, he is doing the “right” thing by staying with his family, but what he did to Peggy? Dick move.  Any man that says “I’m gonna leave my wife for you” is full of shit. At least now Peggy is free to get involved with (her one and only true love) Stan! Seriously, the writers have been alluding to it for the past three seasons. And now Peggy will be in charge in New York, Stan will still be in the NY office, they’re already best friends and have been flirting for years - the timing is perfect!
  • I literally screamed “Saboteur!” at the screen when Don messed up the Hershey’s pitch, but I’m so happy he finally talked about his Dick Whitman childhood. He just picked the worst time possible.  I actually paused the episode in disbelief when Don started showing emotion about his childhood.  All season we’ve been seeing flashbacks about his troubled youth in the whorehouse and the teenage Dick Whitman sure did seem very vulnerable, confused, and neglected.  But we never saw those emotions from Don Draper.  I think now we finally saw the beginning of the transition from Don Draper back into Dick Whitman.  Hopefully next season Don starts to shed the persona. If he stops drinking, stops sleeping around, takes a break from his Madison Avenue life - maybe he can slowly let go of Don Draper for good and focus on regaining his old self.
  • I didn’t think it was possible, but Don and Betty could actually be good parents. Perhaps their separation finally brought them closer together.
  • Megan should have left Don long, long ago.  I’m glad she finally did - and I hope it’s for good. I just can’t help feeling bad for Don because deep down I think he really does still love her.
  • I have always loved Pete and I always will. Yes, he finally is “free” of all his family and obligations but I think he’s just going to spiral downwards in California. All he ever wanted was to have a successful career and be a family man… Now he has neither.
  • WHO IN THE FUCK IS BOB BENSON? People are saying he’s not actually gay, that he’s a spy, he works for the government, he’s a serial killer… I think he looks just creepy enough to be a serial killer or some sort of McCarthy-era Communist hunter. And I also hope he’s actually gay because he’s wonderful as Joan’s gay best friend. 
  • I don’t really know what to think about Joan. I love that she’s independent and has finally started to take on bigger projects at the office and wants to raise Kevin by herself (because let’s admit it, Roger has been been and would be a horrible father).  But then I see her with Roger and Kevin together, and they seem like a cute, dysfunctional happy family.  I think Joan is really good for Roger, even if he’s not good for her, because she keeps him grounded. And I think being around Kevin would be good for him too - he could have another chance at fatherhood and really do it right this time.
  • Sally has definitely started to annoy me recently. Of course, she has every reason to be angry with her father for lying to her and cheating and basically being a horrible father in every way.  But I also hate this Queen Bee/ mini-Betty persona that she is developing.