mad max 2

Steve adopting the entire crew is not something I wanted but it’s something I NEEDED

Stranger Things kids:

*Can’t find Steve in a crowd*


*cups hands together*

We’re about to make a terrible decision, and need a male role model that’s been absent in our lives to help guide us!

Steve Harrington:

*politely pushing through the crowd with urgency while keeping his hair in place* FUCK JUST HOLD ON SHITHEADS DON’T DO ANYTHING STUPID HANG ON.

Stranger Things kids: There he is

Stranger Things 2

hopper: parenting

joyce: freaking out

eleven: bitchin

mike: depressed

will: possesed

lucas: romancing

max: zoomin

steve: babysitting

jonathan: getting laid

nancy: back on her bullshit

dustin: being adorable af and showing off his pearls fuck everyone that rejected him