mad madam mim


Uncle Scrooge #31

“Crisis at Sorcery Summit!” Can true witches win where a mortal sorceress failed? Magica De Spell wants Witch Hazel and Mad Madam Mim to help her steal Scrooge’s Number One Dime—but what’s in it for them? - $3.99

1) Uncle Scrooge — Sins of the Sorcery Summit — 15 pages (Netherland 2014)
2) Donald Duck — Halloween Shivers — 1 page (Italy 1997)
3) Magica De Spell — Belle, Book and Bungle — 10 pages (Denmark 2014)
4) Dickie Duck – Celebrity Crushed — 4 pages (Italy 2014)
So many guest stars.


This is Mim. She blepin pretty hard.

I am allergic to cats. If you count Mad Madam Mim, who is technically a stray that comes and goes as she likes 8 have 4 cats. Claritin is a good thing.