mad madam mim


Mad Madam Mim (The Sword In The Stone)

I’m not a big fan of The Sword In The Stone. It’s got a whole pile of pacing, plot, acting and character problems - and the music isn’t particularly exciting either. Most of the songs are spoken rather than sung and only serve to pad out the film’s vague plot even more. That includes the one featured here but I really don’t mind in this case, because it's Mad Madam Mim and she can do no wrong. (Or can she only do wrong? Hmmm…)

I’d say that Madam Mim is easily the most overlooked villain in Disney’s archive. She’s a real tour de force - incredibly powerful and yet so utterly insane that she’s hilarious. Her scenes are by far the best part of the film (it’s a shame that she’s just another ten minute distraction in the plot’s meandering journey towards its anti-climax) and the song introduces her perfectly. She knows she’s evil, she knows she’s crazy and she loves it.

Disney villains are always at their best when they’re enjoying themselves and nobody gets as excited about evil as Mim. She’s a complete riot.