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Hi!! If you are still doing prompts: 18 with aaron getting badly hurt (beat up?) and andrew freaking the fuck out and a "soft" moment between them? I love your writing!!! i feel like you are the only person who actually understands andrew completly

awww bud that’s so unbelievably nice :’)) I was a little looser w the ‘beating up’ thing for optimal emotional turmoil, but I think the core of it is still what you asked for!!

18: “Do you even care?”

In the end, Aaron calls Katelyn, Katelyn calls Neil, and Neil calls Andrew. It’s the most the four of them have interacted since bargains were broken like bones that had set wrong.

It’s 6 in the morning when Andrew wakes up in an empty bed, his phone crying tinnily about runaways from the bedside table. He gropes for it and flips it open just to get it to stop making noise, tossing it to the centre of the bed.

Aaron, Nicky, and Kevin had gone to Columbia without them for the first time, and the dorm is dead silent, none of the chatter or the obnoxious sounds of games (video or exy) from the TV.

“Andrew,” he hears faintly. “Hello?”

He stares at the blue of the screen, an island in the complete darkness of the room.

“Andrew,” he hears again, Neil’s voice flinty and impatient. “Aaron’s in the hospital.”

He picks up the phone before hospital can find its way out of Neil’s mouth. The sheets slither to the floor and he clutches the phone so hard that it creaks.

“Why?” he manages, forcing his feet into pant-legs then shoes and rolling his arm bands on with the phone pinned at his neck. Neil’s breathing is loud in his ear.

“Someone… put something in his drink, I don’t know. Katelyn said he’s okay enough to call her but he sounded groggy. He overdosed pretty badly.”

Andrew drops his shirt and ferociously puts his attention into Neil’s voice. “Did someone touch him?”

“No,” Neil breathes, instantly. “Nicky was with him. No one got close.”

“Where is he?” 

“Columbia, still. Katelyn’s driving up right now, and Nicky and Kevin are with him. It’s fine, Andrew.”

“It is not,” he snarls. He tries to maneuver his shirt on whilst still holding his phone and he misses twice.

“It’s not,” Neil agrees. “It will be. Alive is a good start.”

“I should have been there.” He can feel the colour in his voice and he hates it, the threadiness of it. He tries not to regret things where people can see.

“I’m almost home, go get in the car,” Neil says. “We can be in Columbia before daylight.”

Andrew hangs up and strangles his phone with his fist. He looks down at the clothes he took off of Neil the night before and he thinks about the pointless choices he made that took him away from his brother when he needed him. He thinks about Aaron in a bar with someone’s eyes on him, someone who wanted him helpless and tried to make him that way. 

He snaps his phone in half, and wishes he could snap it into smaller pieces like folding paper.

It’s his fault. He pretends that deals absolve him of responsibility when he discards them. but it doesn’t work that way with blood. Aaron is the part of him that found better, sooner. Different timing, an inch to the left, and Aaron would’ve learned the worst parts of Andrew’s past demonstrated by some animal at Eden’s Twilight last night. 

Andrew took his eyes from his brother, his reflection, and the mirror fell and shattered.

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