mad lips

How long is Forever?

by: @thegirlfromoverthepond

Rating: T

Pairing: Everlark


It all started by a rabbit, really. A white rabbit, a completely normal one. 

But the fact he was wearing a jacket.
And muttering “I’m late, I’m late, I’m late…”

On loop.

A rabbit she followed down his hole, trying to catch up with it.

Until Katniss, all raven hair, grey eyes, wearing a beautiful blue dress with an apron, socks in her varnished shoes, found herself in a small living room, a plate of cheese buns on the table with the sign that said “Eat me.”

Her hand was trembling as she grabbed one of them from the plate on the table. The taste was familiar - reminding her of something warm, sweet, and blonde, something good and loving.

But as soon as she swallowed the sweet pastry, she felt a sensation inside her belly. Like a flutter, something she had never experienced before - that spread throughout all her body in a second.

Until she realized the table seemed out of reach. And the table much bigger. And the floor much closer.

Until she realized the size of the furniture or of the things hadn’t changed - she had. 

She was now as tiny as one of the dolls her sister used to play with. Small. Diminuitive.

By her feet, a small bottle discarded on the floor, a small label on which “Drink me” was written.

She had her hand extended to grab the bottle when a deeper impulse made her look at the remnants of the cheese bun she was still holding.

One second. Or maybe it was forever.

That’s what it took, to just eat another piece of the pastry in her hand.

Like she had done already. Time and time over.

She woke up with a smile on her face.

She was ready to go down her own rabbit hole.

As she walked into the bakery, Katniss saw Peeta filling up the baskets with freshly baked bread before he turned, greeting her with his usual client smile that went a little bigger and warmer when he saw his wife was the client.

She didn’t come closer, didn’t turn around the counter, just remained where she stood, scared.

She looked at him, straight in the eye.

“I’m ready.”

It took him a second to answer, to break into the biggest smile she had ever seen on his face, before happiness lit up his eyes. 

One second during which she doubted.

How long is forever? Sometimes, just one second.

LIP March Madness: Introduction of Human Emotions in a Virtual System

Summary: There are some thing you should not mess with. Katniss should have known that before stepping inside the Dreamatorium. Now she has to run through its simulations to find her friend Beetee before he’s lost forever. Sort of. Based on Community season 3 episode 16 “Virtual Systems Analysis”.

Rated: T

A huge thank to @titaniasfics for betaing, and to the ladies at @loveinpanem for hosting this round.

I don’t own THG nor Community

The battle rages all around her. She sees the Men in White fall by the dozen, but the gray uniforms of the rebels lay on the ground, too, marred with blood and dirt.

The epic music swells in a crescendo of brass and percussion.

She uses her bow to block the shotgun-axe of a soldier, then punches him in the guts and stabs him in a soft spot of his neck with her combat knife.

The Crafter is at her side, wielding his powerful plasma spear with purpose. They need to open a path through the battlefield to get to the Reasoner and the Hunter, who have almost reached the President’s camp, leading the assault.

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so i’ve been seeing a lot of that ‘i need to find a lipstick that matches mads mikkelsen’s actual lip color’ post from @mean-cannibals today, and since i work as a makeup artist, i thought i’d give it a go

i took a bunch of different colors from a bunch of different pics and combined them to find one good lip color for him. here’s what i came up with:

so after searching around on the websites of a few brands that carry (IMO) the best lipsticks, here’s what i found:


u kno

i think is pretty appropriate

all things considered