mad is the photographer

“””developing countries””” 

“””third world countries””” 

…you mean countries that are still recovering from colonialism and other western intervention??? let’s not sugar coat the reason why their “development” was hindered and act like they are still in those stages because they are inherently inferior to western countries. the west saw their greatness and they left them in ruin on purpose. referring to these countries as developing or third world is fucking degrading terminology that takes away responsibility from countries like the UK and the US. 


A Hannibal romcom trailer, because I am trash


*on this izzy bizu mode lately. awesome sounds. trying to be as productive as possible. before the next trip in two weeks. ramen! folio should be up next week. excited for the coming weeks. oh life!


Sleeping with Sirens | End the Madness Tour 2016 Orlando, FL | Shot for RockRevolt Magazine | All photos by @savileeography |