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I watched the s4 trailer of the flash on YouTube and GOOD LORD these mofos whine abt Iris all the damn time for no good reason like have we watched the same show??? Iris is nowhere near useless or “whiney.” it’s so upsetting how much anger people have towards Iris yet these same people wanna eat Ketlinz ass??? They think Iris can’t be a leader because she’s not a “scientist” like kettle or a genius/techy like Cisco. all they did was show Carly (lookin like spoiled milk) for 5 mins and that’s all the comments were flooded with and then the fake concern for HR 🙄 like did u not see Cisco or Iris??? Do you not care abt the people CLOSEST to Barry (cause not once have I seen Catherine care for Barry like Cisco or Iris hell even cap cold cares more abt Barry than her 💀) You must not really care about plot cause I’m excited as fuck to see how this dynamic without Barry will play out and how his loved ones are dealing (esp Iris ) with him being gone. So Keep your hating racist ass comments to yourself cause we all know if the roles were reversed y'all would be saying “"Caitlin”“ is the annoying one and u wish "she were dead” instead of “your beloved” HR Who u all of a sudden care about 🐸🍵

Also one last thing: just because Iris west may not be “representation” for you doesn’t mean she’s not representation for other people
And I see most of you Iris haters/Caitlin stans worship Barry as if he’s some “smol bean” he’s a grown ass man who most of the time, fucks everything up but in your eyes he “does no wrong uwu”


american gods episode 1 : the bone orchard

We have reprogrammed reality. Language is a virus, religion an operating system, and prayers are just so much fucking spam.

Cause of Yukine’s Death

I was flicking through Volume 13 and this translation note caught my eye.

A live human buried alive near a construction site. Such as…

a bridge?

Either its coincidence or Yukine’s father thought burying his son would appease the gods and make the construction work. Then to make it worse, Yato knows that Yukine was a sacrifice to his kind.

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Well hello my favorite artist. But seriously youre truly amazing and you are also a huge inspiration. I LOVE YOU AND YOUR ART. Could you please draw Benny sort of messing with know like taking his hat. Please☺

aa thank you so much!

bennys sonny impression is a real hit with usnavi,, sonny doesn’t think it sounds anything like him

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Craig, does Tweek sometimes have bad temper?

CRAIG: He just yells a lot and then gets really quiet after.


I feel like I should be very concerned that:
1) almost all the requests ive received thus far asked for Lance in one way or another

Langst for @tobi-yo (dont u winky face me bOI I C WAT U DOIN YALL TRYNA BREAK MY HEART I C) and Anon :””””””””””””””)
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