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May I ask a question about your Jervis? Is he a pedophile like in certain incarnations, or is he just bad at rejection like in most of the others? Or is it something totally different?

With my Jervis, it’s… complicated. He’s a master at self-sabotage, while refusing to believe that it’s his behaviour that’s to blame. He’s very nervous around women and once he finds one who piques his interest, he becomes obsessed.

However, he never actually SHARES his feelings, so the women in question never know how he feels until he acts on them. Understandably, it never ends well. This has lead to repeated issues.

The worst case involves a young woman at WayneTek IT named Alice Hagen, and will explain why Edward Nygma holds Jervis in such contempt.

(This will be a series of recordings that’s in the works, so I can’t reveal too much. It will feature a younger Jervis & Edward, and a double homicide.)


Mad Hatter and Peter Pan by disneylori

Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality
—  Alice In Wonderland, Lewis Carroll

Alice in Wonderland!VoltronAu

“ It’s always tea time! ”

Lance know some secrets of wonderland, even the darkest ones, If you want to know something about a wonderland mystery, come to him, but first you have to take tea with him! (and then, understand what he is saying)

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