mad glitter

*jazz hands* relativity falls portal!Mabel

the eye doesn’t do anything it just signifies that she’s a super cool old pansexual lady with a missing eye

Also she needs a monocle probably but Grunkle Dipper can have fun trying to force that on her later

(concept: your role on the cipher wheel is set by the actions you take in life and by coming to gravity falls first she became the all-seeing-eye)

DJ Suki’s Rave Playlist

1. We Are Number One

2. We Are Number One Acoustic

3. We Are Number One Nightcore

4. We Are Number One Remix

5. We Are Number One Midi Version

6. We Are Number One EDM Version

7. What’s New Pussycat

8. It’s Not Unusual

9. Be My Bad Boy

10. Girls Like Girls

11. That one slow song that Branch always requests

anonymous asked:

i didnt like how his hair was a portal to lion that felt like an easy way out of the situation they put steven in :<<<<


A sparkly, fantastically adorable sale commission for @snowandviolets, for their book Black Magic Glitterbomb. It looks so fantastic, and I swear that the characters and the story sound absolutely WONDERFUL! I’m so excited to read it!!

If you’re interested in a commission, please feel free to follow this link for information!!

My current stim toy collection as of 4/13/17!

Top row: Hawkeye and Black Widow Tsum Tsums, a pen topped with a Captain America funko figurine, a copper bracelet that my grandfather made me, and a roll of cheap dollar store tape that I take pieces from to fiddle with

Middle row: two small glitter jars I made in light blue-green and dark blue, a plastic container of light blue-green Mad Matter which is like kinectic sand just a different brand, and a plush master ball from the Pokémon franchise

Bottom row: a plastic container of white floam, a plastic container of homemade clear slime, and a smooth black stone

( @stimtastic I don’t really want to enter today because I can’t wear rings due to rheumatoid arthritis, so spinner rings would be wasted on me. I just wanted to participate and share, I hope that’s okay? T-T)