mad gleams

World-Shaker, Storm-Bringer

Nico, kneeling in the center of the battlefield, the light reflecting off the armor of his victims, giving his eyes a mad gleam.

His sword still frosted despite the warmth of the blood of the fallen.

He can still feel the energy that raced along his bones, calling to earth, tearing it apart. Zombies and ghosts heeding their master and dragging the enemy to the gates of Hades, punishing those who had been foolish enough to have wronged the Ghost King.

Power coursing through his veins, better than any drug, and just as self-destructive.

Percy learning blood-bending in secret, practicing on the monsters in the forest until he can snap his fingers and their neck.

Percy fighting with his eyes closed, delirious with confidence, the sounds all around are more than enough to beat anything.

His fist clenching, and a tidal wave crashing into his adversary. Drowning them with it’s riptide.

His eyes glowing green with power, storms crashing inside them, reflecting his chaotic nature. It is the first thing Nico sees in the morning, and the last thing his enemies see before death.

The two of them fighting back to back. Opponents bent and twisted as Percy tortures them by breaking every bone in their body, one by one, grinning when they finally die from shock and agony. Nico laughing as his blade razes the field of adversaries, rendering their bodies no more than empty husks.

Their hands joined as they look into each other’s eyes, an earthquake to reshape the globe brewing beneath their feet. Smiles twitching at the corners of their lips, because not even the gods would dare challenge them now.