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Three masterpiece indie horror RPGs, re-imagined into an anime.”

I happened to come across this on youtube and fell in love with it immediately. It looks amazing. The detail, the art, everything. It’s a shame that I couldn’t show every scene ( Seeing as how Tumblr only allows ten pictures )

According to the video, the volume 1 DVD will be coming out April 31, 2015. Hopefully, I’ll have enough money to buy it by then! I can’t wait!

( P.S. The second volume will have Misao, Ao Oni, and April Fools ) 


Ten of my favourite free downloadable games; mostly of RPGMaker. Not in any order. They all have interesting plots, certain uniqueness and in most cases I adore the art, sound and music. It’s mostly about plot though. 

Crooked Man is the only one on the list above I didn’t get all the ends for; I couldn’t. COULDN’T do it.

5 underappreciated RPGS

I’ve noticed a lot of people complain that the OFF fandom has died but it’s sad to note that so many people were hooked to the genre that OFF was - RPGS. So what can I do? Well, try out these games of course.

Since it’s almost October I wanted to make a list of my favorite games to play around this time! With each I will include a download link and a quick summary. It should be noted that these ARE horror games and will contain violence, blood, gore, and maybe even death for some cases.

5. Ib

A game about a girl who gets trapped in an art museum. Beautiful OST, wonderful characters and great plotline. 

Overall: 9/10

4. Misao

A game about finding out the murderer of a school acquaintance which takes a turn and indulges the entire school in a spirit world. Sometimes we even question the dark main character. 

Overall: 8/10

3. Yume Nikki

A game that revolves around fan speculation. A huge world to explore as the main character, Madotsuki. Play through it and once done read through the theories or come up with your own. Epilepsy warning.

Overall: 7.5/10

2. Mad Father

A game about a shady father. All I have to say is go and play it. I sometimes even stay up at night thinking about this game because I love it so much.

Overall: 9.5/10

1. Witch’s House

From the title screen, it doesn’t look like much, but get the true ending and understand why this game is at the top of my list.

Overall: 10/10 would play again and again

Also feel free to message me what you thought about these games once you finish playing them! I’d love to hear your opinion! <3


* q*)9 gonna cosplay this girl at anijam this year, hehe.


[Start] [Continue] [Quit] A mix of RPG horror soundtracks {Listen}

Containing music from:

Re;member / Cloe’s Requiem / Corpse Party / Alice mare / Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea / Forest of Drizzling Rain / LiEat Trilogy / Mad Father / Ib / Misao / The Witch’s House / The Gray Garden / Shiro no Noroi / Lamia Nox / Yanderella / Mix Ore / You, Me, and Empty Words


there’s not enough mad father on my blog