5 underappreciated RPGS

I’ve noticed a lot of people complain that the OFF fandom has died but it’s sad to note that so many people were hooked to the genre that OFF was - RPGS. So what can I do? Well, try out these games of course.

Since it’s almost October I wanted to make a list of my favorite games to play around this time! With each I will include a download link and a quick summary. It should be noted that these ARE horror games and will contain violence, blood, gore, and maybe even death for some cases.

5. Ib

A game about a girl who gets trapped in an art museum. Beautiful OST, wonderful characters and great plotline. 

Overall: 9/10

4. Misao

A game about finding out the murderer of a school acquaintance which takes a turn and indulges the entire school in a spirit world. Sometimes we even question the dark main character. 

Overall: 8/10

3. Yume Nikki

A game that revolves around fan speculation. A huge world to explore as the main character, Madotsuki. Play through it and once done read through the theories or come up with your own. Epilepsy warning.

Overall: 7.5/10

2. Mad Father

A game about a shady father. All I have to say is go and play it. I sometimes even stay up at night thinking about this game because I love it so much.

Overall: 9.5/10

1. Witch’s House

From the title screen, it doesn’t look like much, but get the true ending and understand why this game is at the top of my list.

Overall: 10/10 would play again and again

Also feel free to message me what you thought about these games once you finish playing them! I’d love to hear your opinion! <3


Wolf RPG Editor is a Japanese Free Alternative to the RPG Maker series of Engines.  While there’s no official translation, partial fan translations can be found here & here for those who want to give it a go, with some video tutorials here.  However, it’s lacks some features later RPG Maker Engines have implemented, so it’s not the best alternative out there if you’d like to create an RPG.  If you’re interested in translating games on this engine, check out VGPerson’s post here.

Download Links

 For Mac users, I recommend RPGHUB to play these games.  Note: Bury is the only translation done without the creator’s permission.

RPG Maker 2000 | RPG Maker 2003 

[Start] [Continue] [Quit] A mix of RPG horror soundtracks {Listen}

Containing music from:

Re;member / Cloe’s Requiem / Corpse Party / Alice mare / Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea / Forest of Drizzling Rain / LiEat Trilogy / Mad Father / Ib / Misao / The Witch’s House / The Gray Garden / Shiro no Noroi / Lamia Nox / Yanderella / Mix Ore / You, Me, and Empty Words

Summarization of Rpg Maker Games
  • <p><b>Ib:</b> What the fuck Mary<p/><b>The Witch's House:</b> What the fuck Ellen<p/><b>Mad Father:</b> What the fuck Father<p/><b>Corpse Party:</b> What the fuck Naho<p/><b>Misao:</b> What the fuck Teacher<p/><b>The Crooked Man:</b> What the fuck Duke<p/><b>Paranoiac:</b> What the fuck Miki<p/><b>Akemi-Tan:</b> What the fuck Ebiko<p/><b>Mermaid Swamp:</b> What the fuck Seitaro<p/><b>ReKinder:</b> WHAT THE FUCK EVERYONE WHAT THE HELL EVEN IS THIS GAME WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCKING FUCK<p/><b>Alice Mare:</b> Actually these characters are pretty chill for the most part<p/></p>