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Just Art School Things

I love it when I get the book list for the new semester and the teacher puts down what price the book should be. They always say like $25 but then I go online and find it for $3 and with free shipping. As much as I love buying books, I ain’t buying a new 125 page book for $25 unless it’s manga or an illustration book. I’m not made of money and the reason my grades are so good is because of all the pre-written notes inside the used book. It makes life easier and it’s a money saver.

I like the whole ‘tinies as pets’ trope as much as the next G/T fan, but lately I’ve been thinking of all the various things that have potential in that situation but don’t get talked about

Like, different pricing for different tinies, obviously they wouldn’t all be the same. Would some tinies be mad at the more expensive and more 'desirable’ tinies, or would they have sympathy for those who are wanted more by giants? And sick or disabled tinies, tinies with no social skills or who are scared of giants, would they be sold for less or just not at all? Would they be discounted because they’re “”“"broken”“”“ and not the happy sociable pet giants would want?

Plus, how would having a price on them effect the tinies? Even if they tried to ignore it, someone put a number on them. Would they feel prideful at being rated as expensive, or scared at being more desirable? Would they be angry or depressed at being cheap or discounted? Some just wouldn’t care at all?

Of course it depends on each tiny’s personality, but it’s neat to think about things that aren’t really brought up in these scenarios.

ok listen

Jerome & Barbara friendship headcanons because they are besties

  • Babs told Jerome everything about her childhood and vice versa
  • Jerome likes watching Babs paint her nails; one time she just started painting his nails too and now it’s a thing: sitting together in silence and painting each others nails
  • they have cheesy nicknames for each other 
  • Jerome didn’t know many magic tricks, so he and Babs practiced together and had a lot of fun
  • they tell each other knock-knock jokes
  • every time one of them asks “how do I look?” the other one answers with “not crazy enough” and then they pull weird faces
  • they actually cuddle a lot
  • Jerome uses Babs’ perfume often and at first she always got mad because “it’s expensive, Jerome!” but she thinks it’s kinda cute
  • Jerome told her about all his crushes and they both just giggled a lot
  • they wanted to spend halloween together
  • and christmas
  • Barbara misses Jerome a lot.
Dog Days are Over (part 1)

Quick drabble based on what may or may not have happened to me once irl. There will be a pt 2, but both pt 1 and pt 2 will be able to be read as standalone stories.

Title: Dog Days are Over (part 1)

Summary: Zeref is defeated, the world is peaceful, and Natsu and Lucy are… dog-sitting? 

Rating: PG 13+ (for minor language) 

Warnings: fluff, and questionable jokes

Sometimes, letting Lucy pick their jobs wasn’t all bad. Sure, she had a tendency for avoiding all the ‘fun’ jobs (honestly, that girl had faced down the black mage Zeref and was now dating his younger brother and strongest demon; what part of ‘subdue bandits’ was she afraid of, exactly?), but lying on a deck chair and lazily petting the golden retriever curled up next to him, even Natsu had to admit that this job was by far one of the best he had been on. Whirlwind chases and fiery heroics were great, and all, but even immortal dragonslayer demons like him needed rest sometimes. 

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Metro Ref

Apparently the metro and buses are the most common methods of transportation for most people in Paris, especially teenagers (who don’t usually have cars or licenses- and taxis are mad expensive).

And we can’t forget Hector Guimard’s Métro entrance outside the school and across the street from the bakery:

(If there’s any Ladybug cosplayers in Chicago looking for a photoshoot location, you can find a replica at the Metra station on Van Buren)


In a completely obscure vintage figurine shop in Osaka I discovered by accident a whole collection of old Mad Max stuff. Look at it all!!!

Steel cut oats topped with Greek yogurt, berries, figs, honey, granola, and coconut shavings. Green smoothie with kale, apple, cucumber, and banana. Airport food is mad expensive.

Dan In $$ clothes hail Yeezus

Why do people get mad when Dan wears expensive clothes like is its practical to buy a $3,000 shirt no but Dan deserves it and he can do what he wants with that money like yes Danny you buy that expensive shit you buy a tshirt that is worth more than all of my prized possessions you pull off that shit