mad englishman

mizjoely  asked:

Made-up Fic title for Sherlolly: Happiness Is A Warm Gun (OK, maybe that's more Warstan? Your choice!)

Dark!Sherlolly Western AU.

The townspeople thought it was the Englishman made mad by the desert, challenging the black-hatted gunslinger with the chestnut brown hair and dark eyes in the way he did. Others thought Sherlock Holmes had finally become the hero the town needed. A duel, in two weeks time. Hidden in the shadows, I watched. I listened. And I waited. Because it wasn’t heroism, nor was it madness. It was a collision, a one long time coming. And neither my Mama or my Papa were one for throwing down their gun.

In that old town, they still speak of that duel to this day.

send me a made-up fic title and I’ll tell you what I would write to go with it