mad drips

Day 36 of #100DaysofERIS is … number 11, Searching.

Name: Chiara Belli
Age: 13
Nationality: Italian
Gender: Female (she/her)?
MAD: Dripping Canvas (the ability to represent through painting hers or other’s emotions)

Il Contemplatore, 1976, G. De Chirico

The first time I saw her wasn’t the kind of thing that you would see in the movies. It was simple. It was nice. It was ordinary. It was everything she wasn’t. Later, I’d come to know how her eyes lit up like fires when she was mad. How her voice dripped like honey, and left her words lingering in the air long after she was gone. Sometimes I can still hear her speak to me. I hope she can hear me too, if only when I say ‘I love you.’
—  thepandapal