mad day out cavendish avenue 28 july 1968

Paul & Francie Schwartz, in the Mad Day Out (July 28,1968)

Francie Schwartz is an American scriptwriter, girlfriend, during the late 1960s, of Paul McCartney, who referred to her as “Franny”.
While Jane Asher was away on holiday(1968), Schwartz lived with McCartney. Schwartz says they had nicknames for one another: he was “Mr. Plump” and she was “Clancy”. According to most accounts, Asher returned to find them in bed together.
One of the fans who used to hang around McCartney’s house at 7 Cavendish Avenue in St Johns Wood, London, says that “…Paul brought this American girl home…[and a little while later]…another car turned into Cavendish Avenue — it was Jane. She’d come back…earlier than she was supposed to. Jane went into the house.
A bit later on she came storming out again and drove away.” Later on, Jane’s mother arrived to retrieve Jane’s things.
Schwartz says that McCartney and Asher had broken up before the affair, but she did not deny that Asher saw them in bed together. She insists that Asher “knocked” on the bedroom door first. In 1972 Schwartz wrote an account of these events in her “early autobiography”, Body Count.