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can people please stop posting others art/photography without crediting the artist or removing credit. 

creators work really hard and it sucks to see so many amazing posts going around that don’t give the artist the recognition they deserve.


I'm going to be honest

The eddsworld fandom does not deserve new episodes.

Y'all had one warning from Tom, yet your peers still didn’t get the memo. You know why people are so mad?!

The creators don’t want to look up their names and see nsfw gay art with THEIR REAL NAMES on it!

That can cost them their jobs, their social life, their own personal relationships!

You ever thought of that?

We do not deserve new episodes for how the fandom has been acting. It may not been you, but if a handful of people do something, it ruins for the rest of us.

Sorry but that’s the harsh truth and if something doesn’t change RIGHT NOW, eddsworld might as well be on its last line.

Wake up. Your “gay ship” isn’t more important than someone’s life.

smollvivi  asked:

Hello! Despite the things you've said, I don't wish you any ill will. While Diesel's Tribetale may not be "politically correct", it is not racist (look up the definition of racist). If anything, it is showing the beauty of a culture that it admires but in its own way. It is similar to drawing fanart of an original art. As for ship wars, these characters are not real. To fuss about them, well, "don't you have anything better to do"?

Hello. Okay like, racism isn’t always a malicious active hatred, it can also just be Pure Ignorance, you know?
Also the ship thing, its gross my dude… Shipping a child and adult is gross and wrong and for ppl like me it can be especially upsetting. So having that added to the equation makes it 100% more insensitive?
Idk the AU is just bad. Its racist and bad, and I wouldn’t be so mad at the original creator if they had just admired their wrong doings and just studied the cultures you know? I’d even have helped!
I just hate being demonized for having a reasonable reaction.

anonymous asked:

(LNK) I want to see Gwen tell Pokeri how she feels about Morning Star in front of Nem.


Honestly, I’m so mad at the creators for never including a scene like this. It’s like… Guys… The potential… Why don’t you see the potential. It’s not as bad as Zestellise baiting, but still annoying.
Like, we could even have awesome foreshadowing here? Before the whole drama happens, maybe Pokeri is still in a coma, Gwen hasn’t talked about Morning Star in forever, but just? Has to? Talk about her? So in order to talk about her crush with someone (Sabine doesn’t want to talk about magical girls for whatever reason lmao) she’s like. Let’s just talk to someone I don’t even know. Maybe even in detention. I can imagine both Nem and Gwen frequently being in detention. So Gwen would just be like. Dude, you like stars right?? You wanna know who’s a real star??? Morning Star, she’s a magical girl and she’s super cool and- And she will go on and on and won’t just shut up. So whether he wants to or not, that boy is gonna have extensive knowledge about this Morning Star girl.
The foreshadowing would probably be really subtle and show up in one of the “filler episodes” though. Or in the time travel arc (which should happen before the StormyKnight Arc for reasons I forgot) which would include future visions of, idk, maybe just Gwen and Nem having a jolly good time, carrying around some stuff for a school festivity, or something, what I’m getting is they better not show her left arm lmao. So when you rewatch it you’ll be like… hECK THEY DID THAT.
Also it could include Gwen talking non-stop about, this time, Pokeri. At first you’ll just think, yeah, of course, Pokeri was a really good friend after all, it would only make sense that in the future Gwen would maybe realize that she was thinking of it as more than Gals Being Pals and switch from talking about Morning Star to talking about Pokeri. Or maybe both. She’s just hella gay. But in reality, of course, it’s because now she knows!! And boy, am I ready to hear about events that happen AFTER the StormyKnight Arc in the Time Travel Arc that takes place EVEN LATER AFTER the StormyKnight Arc, but is released BEFORE the StormyKnight Arc. And then we’ll rewatch it and be like… Right, Gwen, sweetie, that did happen, but, I think that maybe, you might be over-exaggerating Pokeri’s importance in this situation.

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I don't want to mess star cause' I already did that and I feel a little guilty So venom (I love mess with him, hehehe) what would happen if I tell your crush that you drink alcohol like a baby, sorry if you get mad, ask to your creator~

venom starts to sweat and blush like crazy “p-please dont tell her!”

Mad no.4, April-May 1953

This memorable cover was the first issue of Mad that creator Harvey Kurtzman signed; using his distinctive H. Kurtz-plus-stickman symbol.