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tbh though, on being presented with a framed record, my first response would probably be to pretend to eat it too x’D


Vehicle combat and exploration are two of the most important pillars of design in Mad Max, and the car upgrade system greatly reinforces this. Because parts and boosters can be scavenged from downed enemy vehicles, the core gameplay loop of fighting/exploring with vehicles is supported even when it’s not the focus of play. 

13 Days till Halloween! Game requested by @deathturret

Moffat Appreciation Day Countdown, November 14: Favourite Friendship

Sherlock Holmes and DI Greg Lestrade from Sherlock

Sherlock’s and Lestrade’s friendship is special in the way that it is underplayed - I doubt that Lestrade would believe that he was one of the three people Sherlock jumped off the roof for.

In the stories, Holmes constantly belittles Lestrade and yet continues to work with him; Watson states that the moment in “The Adventure of the Six Napoleons” when Lestrade expresses his honest admiration of Holmes, was one of the few times he ever saw Holmes genuinely touched; and much of this is left in the series. Despite throwing insults left and right, he will come when Lestrade calls.

In the very first episode, Lestrade not only thanks Sherlock for coming to the crime scene, but accepts John’s presence; and the “drug’s bust”, while Sherlock considers it an invasion of his privacy, is in a way a compliment - Lestrade states that he was sure Sherlock would find the suitcase. After Sherlock leaves with the cab driver, Lestrade is not angry, but worried - demonstrated in his question to John why he would take off like that - and he explains that, in his opinion, Sherlock Holmes is a great man with the potential to become a good one. After John shot the cab driver, we see him at the site of crime, teasing Sherlock about his shock blanket not only in a good-natured, but decidedly fond way; he lets him go because he wants to, and his smile at the end hints that he might suspect what took place, but is more than ready to turn a blind eye. 

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Here’s the complete set of my contributions for the Countdown to Wrath. (With some of them already edited from their debut)

In chronological order in their respective songs, from left to right, top to bottom:
- Lust ([Cherubim] Sateriasis Venomania)
- Gluttony (Banica Conchita)
- Pride (Rilliane Lucifen d'Autriche)
- Sloth (Margarita Blankenheim)
- Envy (Kayo Sudou)
- Greed (Gallerian Marlon)
- Wrath (Nemesis Sudou)

Moffat Appreciation Day Countdown,

November, 11

Favourite main character: Lynda Day (Press Gang)

When I was eight years old, Press Gang first aired on TV. I remember watching it and I remember falling in love for the very first time, and it was with this girl.

When someone says “strong female character” Lynda is still where my mind goes. She is tough. No she’s not physically superhuman, but she is running a newspaper at sixteen, and fighting against opposition at every turn from her mentor, her teachers, the council, members of the community. And she is absolutely ruthless with it. She’s not going to bat her eyelashes to get her own way, she’s going to do exactly as she likes and if you disagree with her you’ll get trampled. Her job is her life. She’s not terribly interested in boys or dating. Certainly not at the expense of getting where she wants to be with her career. As much as I love Lynda/Spike, I think it was very important to show young girls like me that sure you can have a boyfriend, but no that doesn’t have to be the biggest factor in your life. 

Lynda is intelligent, ambitious, hard-working, honest to the point of being rude. She is also massively flawed, which makes her a wonderful character. She doesn’t have time for people. She doesn’t make friends easily. The people who consider themselves to be her best friends find her incredibly hard work. She is bossy, domineering, she can’t take criticism, she’s harsh with with everyone, even the people she loves the most.

I spent my formative years wanting to be Lynda Day. I still want to be Lynda Day. I love her more than any other female character I’ve ever seen. If I could have half her wit or determination I would be a very lucky person indeed.

4 Days until the US Premiere!

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TOP 20 - 12/3/16
20) Alex Da Kid f/ X Ambassadors, Elle King & Wiz Khalifa - Not Easy (-1)
19) Machine Gun Kelly f/ Camila Cabello - Bad Things [Debut]
18) Hailee Steinfeld & Grey f/ Zedd - Starving (=)
17) Sia f/ Kendrick Lamar - The Greatest (-1)
16) Shawn Mendes - Mercy (+1)
15) Kenny Chesney f/ P!nk - Setting The World On Fire (=)
14) The Weeknd f/ Daft Punk - Starboy (-2)
13) Britney Spears f/ Tinashe - Slumber Party (=)
12) DJ Snake f/ Justin Bieber - Let Me Love You (-3)
11) Becky G - Mangú (=)
10) JoJo f/ Remy Ma - FAB. [Debut]
9) Fifth Harmony - That’s My Girl (-1)
8) Shakira f/ Maluma - Chantaje (+6)
7) Rihanna - Love on the Brain (=)
6) JoJo f/ Wiz Khalifa - Fuck Apologies (-1)
5) Tinashe - Company (-1)
4) X Ambassadors - Unsteady (+2)
3) Ariana Grande f/ Nicki Minaj - Side To Side (-2)
2) Alessia Cara - Scars To Your Beautiful (+1)
Kehlani - Distraction
Noah Cyrus f/ Labrinth - Make Me (Cry)
Niall Horan - This Town