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Time for a March Dino Madness Smear Campaign Post

Hey hey friends

So I know that y’all are filling out that Ornithischia survey for @a-dinosaur-a-day‘s March Madness thing. And I’m learning a disappointing thing.

My two favorite Centrosaurines, Nasutoceratops and Diabloceratops, are losing to Pachyrhinosaurus. Which is unacceptable. (the other unacceptable thing being that you have disappointed Jingshangosaurus by not letting them compete this year)

So, I am here to try and convince you to do the following: open up the Ornithischia survey, go down to Centrosaurines…

And cast your vote (or revote!) for Diabloceratops instead (the genus has a more likely chance of winning than Nasutoceratops.

And, if Diabloceratops gets nominated, I’ll draw one. (The one above I drew on the screencap of another Diabloceratops drawing was with a mousepad, I can draw much better than that).

So, now you’re wondering what the smear campaign is? A vote for Pachyrhinosaurus is a vote for this:

(yeah, remember this? you better, it’s Talking With Dinosaurs)

Now, go vote for the actually great Centrosaurine with a chance. @bruh-i-nevre-seen-a-cooler-dino @palaeofail @palaeontology-official

How to leave a good impression

During a home-brew 5e modified Mines of Madness campaign we ran into a situation where my Blue Dragonborn rogue had been transformed into a Huge creature through a combination of a Ring of Permanent Enlarge Person/Reduce Person, and an unstable potion of Growth. The party, all level three consists of myself, the DM playing a Hexblade Tiefling, and my Wife playing a Tiefling Sorcerer.

I had already activated my ring and was currently classified as a Large Creature, we were fighting skeletal dwarves, there were 6 left.

Me: (OOC) “Fuck, if i take another axe im gonna be in trouble.

DM (OOC) “You are the biggest target in the room, and… Well you can try that potion you found…”

We found this potion in an outhouse on the surface, I’m carrying it but no one really wanted to drink it.

Me: I took a few axes to the chest and was fairly hurt* “I chug the unstable potion.”

DM: rolls a d100*

DM (OOC) Are you still using that ring?

Me, confused OOC “Yeah?”

DM shakes his head and buries his face in his palm, “You grow Bigger.”

Me really confused “But im at lar-”

DM cutting me off, “Nope nope, now your Huge.”

Me OOC “This room isnt big enough…”

Me: “I grow to large size and fill most of the room in the process, crushing two dwarves with my…Tits.”

Group is laughing their collective butts off when the DM screams a profanity and starts rolling dice.

Everyone is silent and then

DM “As the Rogue becomes big enough to crush us all, the floor beneath us crumbles…”

Everyone but me groans and starts rolling saving throws as i say “Well, thats the way the dungeon crumbles!”

D&D Update: in the game I’m playing, not the one I’m DMing, my bard just failed her third Wisdom Save against demon-induced madness of the campaign, so now she’s hallucinating randomly until someone can Greater Restoration her. None of us will get GR for another two levels. She is absolutely convinced the hallucinations are real, and in fact that everyone else is hallucinating because clearly they aren’t seeing what’s real.

(PART 2) - Behind the Scenes: Carlsberg’s ‘The Danish Way’

April 20, 2017 - @Campaign: “We talked to Carlsberg, along with Fold7, about the launch of their new campaign featuring Mads Mikkelsen.”

While the campaign is certainly a shift in tone, Newton denies that the brand is leaving behind its marketing heritage: “We’re still utilising ‘Probably’ as a campaign idea, but we’re trying to substantiate it, give it a reason to believe.

“At the end of the day we’re breathing new life into that campaign.”

With his biggest roles including Le Chiffre in Casino Royale, Kaecilius in Doctor Strange, and the cannibalistic Hannibal Lecter, Mads Mikkelsen is best known to English-speaking audiences for playing villains. It’s a factor that means the TV spot offers up a “very nice juxtaposition” of the broody Mikkelsen riding around, talking about happiness.

Calling Mikkelsen a “Perfect Fit” for the campaign, Fold7’s Ryan Newey said: “We wanted to cast a modern-day Danish philosopher with enough life experience and wisdom to be seen credibly by UK audience. Consumers will see Mads continue to share his observations and knowledge throughout the year as the campaign rolls out.”

The TV spot will be supported by a series of online content films, which further expand Mikkelsen’s character by examining topics such as the Danish approach to communication.