mad boy


Riding dirty

duff is so handsome and such a good man i’m honestly over it at this point i’m a good person i don’t deserve to suffer like this 

like are u fucking kidding me

it’s hard enough to find a sexy bad boy OR a good boy yet here he is being both simultaniously, such a bad ass naturally yet such a goodhearted man since his young years he isn’t real

if someone doesn’t speak up and admit life is a figment of our imagination and gnr is just a glimpse of what’s to come in heaven then i have to leave this fandom before it drags my health down with it

Beta Madness

Hi! I’m EB. I would love to be a BTS beta. I’m willing to look over any pairing and any rating level. The only thing I won’t beta is rape; it’s too triggery for me.

Let’s talk about my strengths and weaknesses: I am an excellent technical beta. If you need someone to double-check grammar and spelling, I’m very good at that. I’m also good with characterization. I’m least strong at story beta. While I can certainly catch plot holes, I’m not very good if you need help with story building.

My style: I’m a wordy beta who explains why I’m making changes (unless you don’t want that, then I can adapt to your preferences). If I don’t know something for sure, I’ll look it up, so I try to be as accurate as I can.

I’ve been out of the beta loop for a while now, so I don’t know which programs are being used, but just tell me what you like and I’ll use that.

Finally, I’m a very good cheerleader, so even if you think your story is good, but you want a first opinion before sending it out into the world, I’m good for that, too!

If you’re interested in me being your beta, just send me an ask or message me here. :)


Why do people not get mad a boys for iding as girl characters like. Iding outside ur race is bad iding outside ur ability is bad etc why is this any different

ah dont mind me im just waiting for the day when namjoon is no longer being blamed for every single thing he does and is actually loved and appreciated