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Never mind. I found your previous bellycannons and other cannons for Soul and Blackstar. But since I saw you delve into muscle cannons, I instead want to ask for you to diverge again. How about Dark-cannons? Black-Blood!Soul and Star-Clan-Madness!Blackstar? AKA: If the heroes went bad headcannons.

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Well if Soul went bad and had the black blood take over, I think he’d turn out a lot like Asura and become a Kishin. He’d be very erratic and probably VERY hungry but be indiscriminate on the souls or people he ate. I could see him just eating people regardless of affinity and either their souls, or just whole. It’s hard though because I could still see Soul a being fairly mellow unless he’s provoked or being very unpredictable. Either way, I think he’d cause a lot of destruction and probably having to be sealed away just like Asura. 

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Black Star would be much more mellow and probably quiet. I’m not sure if he would follow his clan and legit be an assassin for hire or if he’d go down a much darker path and just enjoy killing. I think his skill level would go much higher though, since I think he’d be more quiet and a proper ninja and have much less bragging until he’s done. (He might go to a bar to celebrate afterwards though)

He’d be much deadlier though he might have to have a different weapon because I’m not sure Tsubaki would approve of that lifestyle. If he’s still an eater type, then I think he’s much more likely to eat someone and probably be a little sadistic. But it’s a not over the top loud kind, it would be the more mellow, play with your food type. 

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