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Female characters appreciation, Part 6  Pt. 1 x, Pt. 5 x

“There’s a generation of girls growing up right now where Wonder Woman is their first superhero, Rey is a Jedi, and the Ghostbusters are women.”

  • Kirk: If I told you the walls of my quaters were actually moving in, would you think I was mad?
  • Bones: No, I would ask you to come round and look after my small children.
  • Kirk: Look, if you don’t believe me you can come round and we’ll watch the walls.
  • Spock: Don’t be ridiculous. You’ll be staying in watching the thermometer with me, won’t you Doctor McCoy?
  • Bones: Oh, I dunno, walls, thermometers, it’s an impossible decision. I’ll just have to hope that when I flip the coin it somehow explodes and kills me.
marvel studios, probably
  • marvel: okay, we need some ideas for new movies
  • marvel: well, last year mad max: fury road was mostly driven by its female characters and it went on to earn multiple oscars
  • marvel: and star wars: the force awakens had a female protagonist and two non-white male leads and has been wildly popular with critics, viewers, and longtime fans of the series
  • marvel: and dc is making a wonder woman solo movie and they've received tons of positive feedback and support from fans
  • marvel: and our fans have been begging for a black widow movie and/or more female heroes in movie canon for years
  • marvel: ...
  • marvel: better add more straight white guys to the franchise. the world needs more action movies about straight white men.

I’m very excited for the new season of Doctor Who. I think  Jodie Whittaker is a fantastic actor.
That said I honestly wouldn’t call this progress anymore, I think a POC regardless of gender would have been more radical. For all my woman-pals out there who have been repeatedly excited about the badass female leads out there, keep fighting the good fight. Remember that there are still a lot of us who still can’t see ourselves reflected on screen.
We’ve been in your corner for some time and now that you have so many heroes I hope you don’t become content. I hope you will be in our corner and be push for more representation of everyone.  Support the films like Black Panther and A Wrinkle in Time. When a remake of some classic comes out I hope you will demand and defend a diverse cast whether you see yourself in it or not. When Jodie decides her time as the Doctor is over, I hope you insist they go further.
It would great if all marginalized people could be this excited about the characters being produced this year.
 I’m still waiting for a collection of badass WOC lead action figures instead of my beautiful but lacking collection of tokens.


In 1971, four boys, nervous and excited, found one another in a train cabin, because everywhere else was full. Four boys, each feeling particularly out of place for one reason or another, found comfort and encouragement through someone else who felt the same way they did. They were all sorted into the same house, and they all wound up in the same room together. Today, in 1971, fate stepped in and brought four boys together to change their lives forever.

In 1972, those same four boys, after a summer apart, ran to embrace one another at platform 9 ¾, because three months away from one another was almost too much to handle. Again, in a cabin, just the four of them, they swap stories and chocolate frog cards. They’re on their way back to the place they’d bonded over awful essays and crafty pranks, late-night talks and early mornings. They’re on their way home, because home is where your heart is.

In 1973, the boys grin as they pull each other in, noogies and a bit of shoving about involved because they have to make up for three months away from each other. Loading into their cabin, they talk amongst each other, from soft, secretive whispers to  boisterous belly laughing. The world outside of Hogwarts is scary, but here, they’re safe. Here, they can relax and just be boys. Here, at school, they’re the Marauders.

In 1974, the embraces are longer, more meaningful, because letters had been scarce and rumors had been spreading. Away from one another, things were tough, but here, there were no secrets, no lying, and no worries. Each of them had their own problems, some of which they couldn’t talk about to their parents for one reason or another. That didn’t seem to matter now in that small train compartment. Those troubles all began to drift away as they boarded the train back to school.

In 1975, four boys, aging not so gracefully and hardly maturing, bustle their way onto the train, swapping prank ideas they’d gathered over summer and trying to forget what it was like away from their best mates. They flop down onto the seats of their cabin, sharing sweets and laughing until their sides are sore. Finally, after three whole months of silence and solitude, they can open up and be themselves.

In 1976, the world is at their feet, and they’ve never felt more alive. They’ve never laughed so loud or cried so hard. Four boys had been practicing their hexes and perfecting their jinxes all summer long. Now, it was time to put them to the test. As they load onto the train, pushing one another around and snickering, they leave those itching feelings of concern and uncertainty on the platform. Hogwarts was the safest place on earth for them, and nothing would take that away from them.

In 1977, four young men board the Hogwarts express one last time. This is it, the grand finale. Six years ago, they had met by chance, and their lives had changed so drastically over that seemingly short span of time. More confident, more mature, and braver than they had ever felt, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, and James Potter step onto the train to take them back to where it all began.