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I really feel like Medusa and Marie are Stein’s bad and good sides. Marie represents stability for him and her motherly attitude towards the students is something that reflects on sane Stein in the manga. Medusa, however, holds his same sadistic attitude and tends to act blindly without worrying of consequences like madness Stein. And when stein completely fell off the deep end it was because he thought Marie was dead and fled to Medusa if i remember correctly. She also has his desire to learn at any cost. Personally, I prefer Stein x Marie.

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: why is the top of Soul’s scythe form is a slotted screw? like, is there some hidden meaning there? was his family originally from blue collar background before they discovered they were good at music? is it a parallel with the screw in Stein’s head, meaning that they’re both susceptible to madness? Speaking of Stein, why is there a screw in Stein’s head? Does it have to do with the idiom “he has a loose screw”? Do they even use that idiom -- or a form of that idiom -- in Japan? How much research on the united states and customs and other relgions did Ookubo do in for this manga? because he drew from christinaity, hinduism, and several other religions, as well as various settings and architectural stylings and history from places all around the globe. Why would he put that much effort into it? and why did he set the story in the united states, when there was a strong chance Japanese customs would have slipped into the storyline and character behaviors? Was it okay because there was a large population of Japanese and Japanese-heritage people in Death City? Did the people of nevada ever wonder why there were so many Japanese people in the state? Why aren’t there other shibusens all over the world? Don’t they ever get crowded?