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160 Days of Guilt

“But I guarantee you that a hundred and sixty days’ ride that way…there’s nothing but salt.“

Max knows that there is nothing out there, yet he was planning on letting Furiosa and the others go into the salt, with nothing more than a vague warning about hope being a mistake. The change in tone of the music, the inhuman gleam of reflected light in Max’s eyes…he knows what he is doing is wrong. Knowing there is nothing across the salt but more salt, he was willing to let his companions go to their deaths.

It takes Max some time to force himself to do the right thing and chase them down, with the help of his guilt in the form of a vision of Glory the Child. When Max offers his plan, he does it not as a defacto leader of their group, not as an interloper, not as an expert, but as his own redemption. Though it’s never stated, it is strongly implied that he was planning to ride off on his own and forget those he “could not save” – or perhaps choose not to save.

Consider viewing the movies of the series as a continuum of theme. In the first Mad Max movie, we see a Max choosing to throw away his humanity for revenge and become a beast, chaining Johnny by the ankle to a vehicle rigged to explode. In Road Warrior, we see a Max who eats dog food and chains the Gyro Captain to a dead tree, essentially leaving him for dead. In Thunderdome, we see a Max who is willing to kill a man to get back some stolen camels. And finally, in Fury Road, we see a Max who is literally a beast of a man, chained and faceless until the moment he completes one unselfish act, volunteering to reconnect the gas pod. For Max, choosing to become an amoral beast becomes a hard habit to break and his brief willingness to let his friends die shows that he backslides into his bad habit. Perhaps it is to tell us as the audience that revenge while briefly satisfying, can have long-term consequences that stain us with a burden of guilt that is hard to shed.

Okay but yknow that pic of Luke going around where he looks angry as fuck?? Well it’s literally my shit because I’m teen wolf trash and all I can see is him as the true alpha of his pack and everyone is so surprised he’s the alpha because he’s so precious and cute but then he shows that side of himself and he’s just filled with so much rage and its so hot and imagine going to beacon hills high school and the captain of the lacrosse team Luke hemmings asked you on a date and fuck was it the most amazing thing ever but yknow what shit had to go down at your date and his rival pack showed up and Luke and his pack ( the boys basically ) are ripping these scary ass men up and you’re just shaking and so confused and Luke just runs over to you after and he holds your face and he’s still wolfed out do you flinch a little at his claws and you kinda just try to calm you’re breathing and stare at him and place your hands on his face and run your thumb over his bottom lip and he can feel your hands shake as your fingers graze over his canines and he’s so scared he’s going to scared you away so he keeps whispering things like it’s okay your safe I’m not gonna let anyone hurt you and shit it’s so good and he finally calms down and goes back to normal and you kinda just pull away and say “soooo what about that second date?”