Heartbound is a beautifully written and animated RPG adventure inspired by classics such as Secret of Mana and Mother, in which you play a young boy who has to deal with some very real-world problems (as well as some otherworldly ones) but always has the unwavering love and friendship of his best friend in the whole world – his faithful dog.

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I love my mama, lord knows I does
I love my family, my cousins that’s my blood
I love this music it comes from up above
I love my niggas and I love my bitches , I love everybody that’s listening, if you’re rich or poor so what
I love the whole world we livin’ in, and everythin’ that’s living in it, from the trees all the way down to the bugs
Can’t forget about my plug,
Last but not least
I Love Drugs
—  Ab-soul -D.R.U.G.S

Voltron as their smash bros main AU?
Shiro is Ike, Pidge is Toon Link, Hunk is Charizard, Allura is Rosalina, Coran is Luigi, Keith is Lil’ Mac, and Lance is Samus.
It was a good idea at the time, maybe I’ll do some comics with these guys lol

starpunch-littlemac  asked:

[MG] Little Mac stops near where Madame Grim is, leaning on a bench. He finished a solo jog and was fairly tired after it.

Madame Grim had been sitting leisurely on the bench in Central Park for a while, enjoying a cup of coffee before greeting Little Mac with a bright smile.

“What’s up, Little Mac?” She beamed, quite happy to see a fellow colleague. “Have a seat, you look exhausted,” She insisted, scooting over so Little Mac could sit down.