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jake fans probably had a conniption reading ur 'endless summer characters as teachers' post bc they all headcanon him as like. the "cool" english teacher who wears leather jackets and smokes cigars in class and fucks u on his desk 20 minutes before class starts bc he has a voyeurism kink. he hits u over the head with a poetry book while taking u from behind. everyone calls him "mr mac" but you call him jacob bc you're the only one who truly KNOWS HIM.

wow this is the Best thing i have ever read,,, i truly have nothing to add because it is a perfect post all on its own and i wish to thank u for sharing it with me

Okay, who wants to read a Mac imagine that has taken me MONTHS to finish?. If so, just like this post and I’ll randomly pick someone. I just need you to tell me if it’s worth posting or not.

I little something I did after finishing season 2 of BNHA. If anyone recalls, it’s a little parody of that final scene of the first opening in season 1, but with Smash characters ^^ it’s pretty simple in terms of detail, but I guess it is a big drawing in terms of scale… I think it turned out pretty cool, actually ^^