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Saucy like a chunky meatball dipped in the finest of pureed tomatoes and delectable seasonings, all on a bed of angel hair pasta.
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Just the Three of Us??

Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Single Mother!Reader

Summary: Bucky, out of all the beautiful women in the world, chose you and you can’t manage to wrap your head around it. Therefore, internal and external conflicts emerge.

A/N: A bit sad…cause I was feeling a bit sad…

“Cassie! Macie! Are you ready?!” You called up the stairs. You heard the thumping of tiny feet and your 4 year old twin girls came rushing down the stairs.

“Coming mommy!” They both said in unison. They hopped down on both sides of you immediately holding your hands.

“Look at my girls! So beautiful!” Cassie wore a yellow princess poofy dress and Macie wore a black princess poofy dress, “Now we’re ready for a party!”

“Do you think Bucky’s gonna be there?” Cassie asked as you made your way outside to the car.

You chuckled, “It’s possible,” you tell her. You and Bucky had been dating for a little over six months now. It was an unexpected thing, but you wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Had three different people who were supposed to be my date cancel on me because they said they didn’t want to pay money for the ticket. (In a row, I didn’t ask them all at once.) Decided to look nice and have fun anyway.

First Day of Filming- Cole Fluff

Request:  Hi! Can i ask for a Cole imagine,please? Where YN and Cole have been dating since college and shes a guest star on riverdale and it’s all types of cuteness

Warnings: Mild language, fluff

Notes: sorry it’s so short!! Also, sorry for the shitty title 😕


“Cole, where are my black converse?”, I ask my boyfriend, Cole. 

“At the door, where you put them last night”, he calls back and laughs.

“Fuck off”, I giggle and sit down to put my shoes on. Today, I was guest-staring on Cole’s new project tv show, called ‘Riverdale’. Him and I have been dating since collage and he knew that acting was something that I’ve always wanted to do. Cole, being the best boyfriend ever, convinced the writers to write a part for me. it was small and I was only in it for about two episodes, but it’s better than nothing. I was staying in his trailer with him, while we were filming. 

“You excited for your first ever day of filming?”, Cole asked, extending a hand out for me to grab. He pulled me up and I nodded.

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“Beyond exited. Nervous, but very excited”, I beamed. 

“I can see that”, Cole laughed. He leaned in for a kiss and before our lips could attach, a knock was placed on the door, disturbing us. Cole opened it and Macy, from the wardrobe department stood outside.

“We’re ready for you, darling”, she said to me. I said goodbye to Cole, before leaving with Macy. 

I got dresses and the makeup artists did my hair and makeup. Lili, Camila and I had a really funny conversation, that had us all in tears of laughter. 

— After filming —

“You did amazing, baby. I knew you could do it!”, Cole smiled at me, picking me up and spinning me around.

“Let’s celebrate over dinner”, he announced.

Beacon Hills High School Senior Prom

scenario 1: stiles doesn’t have a date. derek shows up at his house all dressed up to go to prom with him.

scenario 2: The pack is taking pictures together before going to prom. scott asks the photographer to show them the photographs. derek is in the background smiling at them like my kids have all grown up

scenario 3: lydia wants to go to prom with stiles, who has presumably been too nervous to ask her.  as she’s looking for a dress at macys, she remembers the last time she was there. with allison.  she spots stiles, again- for some reason- spraying perfume everywhere and sneezing. he sees her. She smiles at him. Don’t frown lydia, somebody could be falling in love with your smile. Then, she walks  right over to him: “Stiles, will you go to prom with me?”

scenario 4: Theo and Malia go to prom. Malia hates dresses, but she wore one anyway. Theo brought her a pair of jeans and a tshirt just in case she  ripped the dress up out of frustration, which is exactly what happened before they had even arrived. “you look beautiful” he says. “so do you,” she replies bluntly. “thanks,” he laughs and kisses her.

scenario 5: Coach Finstock chaperones and Greenberg spills orange soda on him. He was wearing a black shirt from the dollar store, but he had Greenberg take it to the dry cleaner’s  the next day.

scenario 6: isaac wears a sherlock holmes-esque high-collar coat to show off his jawline

scenario 7: the dj plays the first song stiles and lydia ever danced to at the winter formal.  this time when they dance to it, she’s doesn’t even think about jackson once.

scenario 8: lydia throws an after party at the lake house. floating lights on the lake and inflatable flamingos. stiles gets a little drunk and shows off his dancing skills. scott falls asleep on the inflatable flamingo and in the morning, he’s at the other end of the lake.

scenario 9: derek comes to lydia’s after party. he meets theo. he hates him as much as stiles hates him. they spend 20 minutes together criticizing theo’s perfect face and body. sterek.

scenario 10: greenberg is prom king. coach throws cake at him

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2/12/15 - Zendaya at the American Heart Association Go Red For Women Dress Collection 2015 Presented by Macy’s at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Red Carpet Arrivals.

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oly where do u buy clothes?! u look so fresh in all ur selfies and i feel like ur really striking a balance of fun/professional/comfy that i am strivin for

word!! all my new fave shoes are from designer shoe warehouse… i found the best deals omg. nordstrom rack is where i got that floral skirt that goes with literally everything. i got the black wrap dress at macys and im going to wear that like once a week for the next ten years probably. uniqlo and american apparel are also my classics, and then when i have extra monie i love aritzia and i LOVE cos, my friend just told me about it and im obsessed with every single piece of clothing they sell. also i snag a lot of my moms old clothes 🤓

2/12/15 - Zendaya at the American Heart Association Go Red For Women Dress Collection 2015 Presented by Macy’s at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Runaway.


Part 3 Of Chris and You having a baby

Chris couldn’t stop smiling all thru lunch he was so happy that his little girl was doing fine.
“We should think of a name for her,” Chris said as you both waited for your lunch to get here.
“What do you have in mine.” You said taking a drink.
“I like Macy.” He said as the waitress came to the table with your lunch.
“How about Macy Scarlett Evans.” You said smiling at him.
As soon as you said it. The baby kicked hard enough that both of you saw it.
“I say she likes it. Don’t you Macy?” Chris said rubbing your stomach. “Because daddy loves it.” He said giving you a kiss.
“Well, we love you.” You said kissing him back.
The rest of the lunch was filled with laughter and Chris calling his mom to tell her about her granddaughter Macy.
Paying the bill and walking outside. You both were meet with the paparazzi asking questions about the baby.
“Chris, how’s it going?
“Have you guys picked out a name?
“Y/N’s getting fatter isn’t she?”
The last comment was too much for Chris. You could feel his hand tighten around yours and he was about to lose it.
“Don’t worry about it. Let’s go enjoy our day.” You said squeezing his hand and pulling him to the car.
Chris’s smile still hadn’t returned by the time you got the-the baby store.
He started to get out when you grabbed his arm.
“What?” He said a little bit harsher than he meant to.
By the look on your face, he knew he screwed up.
“I’m sorry babe.” He said.
“Why don’t we go home and we can do this another day or just shop online.” You said not looking at him.
Getting out he walked over to your door and opened it.
“I’m sorry I’m being an ass. I won’t let the paparazzi get to me any more today okay. Besides Macy told me that she wants to look for some new stuff for her room.” He said smiling at you.
“Did she?” You said undoing your seatbelt
“She did. So come on beautiful let’s go get the stuff to have a wonderful nursery.” He said giving you a kiss that lasts a little bit longer than it should have in the parking lot of the baby store.
“Are you okay it’s not a boy.” You asked picking up a little toy truck.
Walking up and putting his arms around you. he said.
“No, because Macy will have a little brother one day.” He said making you blush.
“I love I can still do that?” He said following you to the cribs.
“What’s that?”
“Making you blush.” He said winking at you.
“So how many children are we talking Mr. Evans.”
“As many as we can have.” Holding your hand.

After two hours of shopping. You finally picked out a crib and everything to match. It was going to be delivered by tomorrow morning. You were so surprised but not by much since the ladies at the store all keep flirting with your husband.

Falling asleep in the truck. Chris couldn’t help put sneak peeks at you. The day you said you would marry him he thought was the best day of his life. Then the day you two got married and spending your honeymoon together. He didn’t think he could fall in love with you anymore then he was. Then when you decide to start a family and when it became harder then you guys planned. Then the day you called him crying because you had lost the baby. He had come right home and you were still the strong one. Even when he found you in the kitchen broken not wanting him to see you like that. He feels more in love with you that night. But seeing you with one hand on his leg and the other on your stomach. He was pretty sure he loved you more at this moment than any other time.

“Wake up sleepy head.” He said as he parked the truck in the driveway.
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to fall asleep.” You said still very sleepy.
“Let’s get you to bed.” He said as he helped you out of the truck.
Walking inside you didn’t bother turning on any lights just went right to the bedroom. Walking started to the bathroom you brushed your teeth and put on a t-shirt and crawled into bed.
After Chris finished getting ready for bed he crawled in beside you turning the tv on low.
“I love you.” You said falling straight to sleep.
“I love you too.” He said watching tv he was still upset about TV and how rude people could be, but feeling you move closer to him he was able to relax and fall asleep.

You woke up again to a lonely bed.
“Your daddy really needs to stop getting out of bed without me.” You said talking to Macy.
After getting dressed you walked down stairs to see Chris trying to put together a baby crib. And let’s be honest it wasn’t going that well.
“Having some trouble?” You said walking into the living room.
“Well, I was hoping to surprise you and have this all together.” He said smiling
“Can I help?” You said walking over to read the instructions.
“Be my guess.” He said spreading his arms out to you toward the crib.
“Teamwork babe, ” You said walking past him and giving him a kiss.
With your hel, Chris had the Crib and everything put together by lunch.
“It looks great, but maybe we should have put it together in her room.” You said as you both started laughing.
“I’ll call Scott and he can come help me move it.” He said to you
“Good idea but let’s eat first.” You said walking to the kitchen.